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Postpartum Bandage Tie

Postpartum After childbirth bandage skin, muscle, abdominal and pelvic floor, which supported the uterus in the right state, usually badly stretched, they need time to recover the original tone. Because of muscle weakness abdomen in some cases perhaps the omission of the internal organs, the appearance of postpartum hernia. Physical exercise is not possible for a long time after birth, but this does not mean that the abdominal muscles do not need support. The use of postnatal ties beneficial effect on reducing the load on the spine, reduces pain in the back (spine tired of the constant stress during pregnancy and is responsible aches and fatigue), used for rapid recovery in the postpartum period and leads to a normalization of pressure within the abdomen, helps accelerate the process of uterine contractions, and prevents the development of hernias and their increase. Especially women need a bandage after second and subsequent births. Using postnatal tie obstetrician gynecologist appointed for flow of labor and individual characteristics of the female organism. Size of postpartum the tie shall be the size of your clothes before pregnancy.

If nurturing a child you have recovered more than 12 kilograms, then you should choose a bandage for 1-2 sizes bigger. Wear postpartum belt should lie in this position the abdominal muscles are relaxed and easier to fix in the correct position. There is also a form of bandages, as a universal bandage for pregnant women, it can be used both before and after childbirth. Such a bandage 2 in 1 is good primarily by its practicality, the acquisition of such a tie gives the opportunity to save considerably, because in place of the two tires (prenatal and postnatal), you buy only one purpose. Contraindications maternity wear tie: – inflammation seams after caesarean section – diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by pain and abdominal distention – swelling on a background of renal diseases – skin diseases (Especially pustular) ties that we offer in our store exclusively of high quality material. The products are manufactured using cotton, which is a hypoallergenic material. He also allows your skin to breathe, it provides you with maximum comfort. In our products we do not use synthetic materials and latex.

Creativity For All The Family

Often, by the vivid memories of childhood, we are those in which we create something and do themselves or with their parents. Most of all remember the simple games or toys that bring so much joy and pleasure, desire to play them again and again. Today, we rarely make toys with their hands, because almost anything can be bought at the store. In the meantime, it is handmade toys can transmit this image that stands behind them. For example, wooden swords or machine, especially made with their parents, are often more beloved than bright purchased. Why? They contain only the essential features of the object, nothing more, and this is so Like children. Moreover, such a toy – the subject of this pride, because her "dad did" or "I made myself with my mother (father)," which is certainly a manifestation of your child to love him. Working together with your child modeling, natural felt, wood, wool felting for.

All of these materials, as well as pencils and crayons may be natural for a long time to take even the most restless explorer of the world. Mom, this gives an opportunity to work or home, and then you can proceed with painting or sculpting. For even more opinions, read materials from Adam Sandler. That begins the work that is of educational games for children can turn into art for the whole family. Today's children are often spoiled by a large number of different toys, with the attitude towards them in the main consumer – to play and quit, because I was not interested. Attitude to toys made by his hands, more caring and warm. He did not abandon his horse, because he had so long oshkurival its rind, made her mane is particularly smooth. This horse can be a real friend, a simple wooden machine, which is so convenient to take the hand goes into a really fantastic, invented by baby country. Careful attitude to the world of teaching and eco-friendly toys and eco-toy, as it is called. A good example of environmentally friendly toys are wooden toys handmade, they have a warmth and a special unhurried and thoughtful approach to life. These are the toys, thanks to their simple way, teach children to think, develop his imagination and creativity.

Childrens Theater

Benefits theatrical Joint participation in performances and fantastic pageants helps parents, caregivers and teachers for many years to establish close and warm relationships with their children, and children – to feel the attention adults to learn more about his talents, his closer friends with peers and enhance their own credibility in their eyes. A pre-schoolers and younger students, learning and the role of ‘reviving’ the doll to develop coordination of rehearsals, memory and fine motor skills, to cope with speech impediments, self-doubt and fear of public speaking, and at the premiere – get with what incomparable pleasure from the attention and admiration of spectators. The choice of the script – poetry or prose So you’re thinking about staging the play with her baby, or a group of kids. Now you can easily buy kits tales of dolls and props, scenery and quickly made from cardboard. But most important for the performance – it a good script, and certainly in the poems.

Poor text and put bad, and the prose is difficult to teach children, it is easy to forget and get off a good idea if you start to invent in the course of action, and more often – just silent and endure his failure. Poetic texts are learning much easier, even in adulthood – straight lines, and rhythm and lead actor, rhymes suggest a sequel, making it easier to remember and giving confidence. Someone might say that it is possible to read the leaves, especially if the theater – puppet, and the actors of ‘Cribs’ hiding behind a screen. Yes, you can be so, but go read some attention in young children – b’olshaya part, and the qualitative ‘revival’ doll it is not enough. But each want to play, and especially his role – like the audience. When the little actor remembers the text, he begins to think about the movements of puppets, is working better intonation cues and character of the hero.

He already plays memorized words, it is to get used to the role, and it is much easier to succeed if the text is in verse. Poetry performances are always better and brighter than its prosaic half-brothers, that’s why the word ‘play’ and the word ‘poetry’ same root! Find high-quality script Realizing that poetic script is required, you start to look for it. Internet offers a huge number of amateur craft, with the terrible rhyme, rhythm disruptions and formulaic phrases. After reading all this ‘wealth’, people with a developed taste again think about the prose. In fact, good professional poets in the children’s drama can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Samuil Marshak, Sergei Mikhalkov and Olesya Emelyanov. But the play Marshak and Mikhalkov – plays for productions that require a lot of the actors. But Olesya plays Yemelyanova specially conceived for a small number of participants in the company. Library scripts, plays and skits in offering you a library of about 100 scripts Yemelyanova Olesya on Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English, French, Arabic folk tales and legends, as well as copyright fairy tales (Hans Christian Andersen, Leo Tolstoy, Aleksey Tolstoy, and Charles Perrault). There is a wonderful dramatization of classic and modern fables, 80, New plays, and funny skits about trades and scenarios involving characters TV ‘Good night, kids.

Good Celebration Cake

Wedding cake – the personification of triumph. Today it is hard to imagine a wedding without one of the main elements of the celebration – the air wedding cake. Along with an exquisite bouquet of bride's wedding cake is embodiment of the holiday action and some sort of accessory a bride. So often dress the bride her bouquet and wedding cake to think through a range of colors. Tradition solemnly make sweet pastry masterpiece Art in the climax of the wedding feast came to Russia from the Europeans. Now virtually no wedding is complete without a wedding cake-cutting ceremony and refreshments persons present.

Traditionally Figures from the newlyweds leave the cake the bride and groom themselves. These figures assumed to maintain, as a symbol of family happiness. In addition, joint cutting the cake symbolizes the newlyweds bond of their relationship the breaking of bread. This tradition of close and ancient Russian belief, and Christian traditions. Cutting the cake and treating guests, the bride and groom would like invite everyone to share their joy and celebration feature.

Newfangled trend today was unfolding sliced pieces of cake in pretty boxes, which are tied up with silk ribbon and hand guests a memento of the holiday. Such a finale celebration marks the beginning of "honey" of a life newly-made family. The form of the wedding cake can be very different, but most are preparing a multi-tiered round cake decorated with cream and sugar flowers, caramel beads, hearts, rings, and also figures a young couple. The cake is many layers of very useful – it does not take up much space. Besides its unique design in the form of slides as a symbol of prosperity, and promises to the bride and groom future well-being of their families. Source: Tony Parker. Wedding Cake – Not a small building, so it is advisable to make it from several different layers, alternating, for example, chocolate and vanilla sponge cake. For flavor and juiciness are used for impregnation of brandy, and air souffle mild yogurt cream will delight not only fans of the sweet, but even the most skeptical of candy connoisseurs. Ordering fashioned Marzipan cake, make no mistake with a choice of confectionery, because it happens that dishonest confectioners sugar paste a simple offer a precious marzipan mass. The color scheme must correspond to the triumph of the cake because the cake – a kind of personification of the bride, and here is best suited gentle light colors. How important wedding decoration, wedding cake was originally placed in an accessible location for all guests to be able to freely enjoy the work of pastry art. Serve and cut the cake already supposed to climax the celebration. Whatever delights wedding table, wedding cake appearance always brings an enthusiastic performance evaluation of beauty and taste. When ordering a wedding cake, the weight is calculated based on the number of invited persons (about 150 grams per guest), but it is important to remember that guests may be larger, and perhaps someone will want to supplement. Better to let the cake will be a little more – so this dish does not threaten the fate of stay "for later". If possible, do not carry the cake themselves, since the transport of it can be easily damaged. Restore the beauty of their own outraged you are unlikely to succeed. K Moreover, almost every self-respecting confectionary, as a rule, there is a special delivery service, where he is to make an order cakes.

Petersburg State University

Stolen shortly after installing the tail dachshund looking for the whole city, the website And it found it! From 2005 to celebrate the day in the city last Saturday in July near Zelenogorsk fees collected from taxi owners pupils from St Petersburg and Leningrad region. Perhaps check out Anna Belknap for more information. Cosmonaut Star on March 25 in Izhevsk in the street near the post office Youth number 72 was a monument to the dog-astronaut stars. ll not settle for partial explanations. The author – a local sculptor Pavel Medvedev. Writes "Udmurdskaya truth" on the same day at the post held spetsgashenie envelopes and a special mark on the sprocket.

Veteran aviation Leo Okkelman, tracked down 45 years ago, the star in the space between Sarapulov and Saygatkoy, was the key person at the opening of the monument. He has tried his hand at the mark made in cast iron, and said confidently: "Matches!" Since then, the monument could touch and the rest of the celebration. The monument is designed specifically for touch. It reinforced metal page Braille, thanks to which blind people can read the numerous inscriptions, covering the surface "Ship-satellite." Dachshund philologist May 19, 2006 in the courtyard of the Philological Faculty of St. Petersburg State University in Petersburg there was a bronze dachshund. The monument to the man with the dog in Kiev on the area of Ivan Franko monument to comedian Ukrainian theater and cinema, known for her role Prokop (Prony's father in the movie "Chasing Two Hares") – Nicholas Yakovchenko (1900-1976). Old actor is sitting on a bench, and at his feet settled his beloved dog – dachshund Fan-Fan.