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The Sovereign

Regarding the associates, they take the people name collectively, and are called in particular citizens, as participant of the sovereign authority, and vassals, as submitted to the laws of the State. ' ' (ROUSSEAU. 2004, P. 32) Rousseau says that the associates to the body politician, the ones that form this body, are called ' ' povo' ' , ' ' cidados' ' ' ' vassalos' '. For this optics the partner of the ambiguous State has definition, however people for is related to the organization with common interest, however citizen that has the civil lawful possession and politicians established for the State, however vassal that he is subject to the dependence of one gentleman, as was the case of the feudal vassals and you. But, vassal seems a pejorativa classification in our century, if not a term in disuse because of the rights acquired and kept for the State its partners. However, this term (vassal) in them leads the semifreedom condition where the partner is inserted, for its action is duly warned law and subject to punishment in accordance with the judgment of its behaviors, but, also, leads in them to another optics that is of subjection. Ademais, interests us another term that in the cited Rousseau does not define that he is ' ' eleitor' '.

The politician, writer and philosopher Charles-Louis de Secondat, or Charles de Montesquieu, woollen Mr. Brde or only baron of Montesquieu (1689 – 1755), in its book ' ' The spirit of leis' ' it says that ' ' (…) it agrees that, in each main place, the inhabitants choose a representative for si' ' , that is, the people cannot if he governs by itself, but that agreement is necessary in common to opt to a member of its society so that governs for all and for all. ' ' All the citizens, in the diverse districts, must have the right to choose its representative; except that they are in such state of baseness, that if considers that it does not have will prpria' ' (MONTESQUIEU.


It bequeathed of Comte the practical one systemize the field of sciences; of Spencer it used to advantage the thesis of the conciliation between natural sciences and human beings, since as much the nature how much society would be conducted by the same evolution principle? therefore this consists of the increase of the differentiation (increasing heterogeneidade) of the natural and social organisms; of Le Play, the monographic method, what, without embargo, it allowed it to study a series of aspects to influence directly and indirectly in the conformation or transformation of a social phenomenon. In middle of century XIX, more necessarily in 21 of April of 1851, Slvio Romero in the sergipana city of Lizard was born, one of the intellectuals more notables of the last quarter of century XIX, whose lasting influence was seen in generations of intellectuals very moved away from its time. Critic, ensasta, folclorista, professor, politician and historian of Brazilian literature, were, with penalty in fist, a militant thinker. Its disappearance in 1914 would have been only the half one to make it to be silent, without preventing that, per all century XX and until the current days, its ideas reverberated in the seio of sciences human beings.

Population Project

Which its estimate for the value of the schedule charged for the exhibition of an advertising during this program? The money collected for the commercial ones normally is the sufficient to not only cover all the expenses with equipment, as, also it is the sufficient to have a small edge of profit. If not forgetting the almost worthy image of canonization that in charge sender project starts it to have for the eyes of the children who help and that is helped, these that, in turn, teaches and educates its friends and, later its children, to believe the same, becoming everything a vicious cycle. astros of the cinema and television in charge presenting and making quaint pictures pra to attract the attention I publish of it? I publish together with it, the donations? also they do not help as they could. Opposite to use its enormous one influences on the masses to acquire knowledge the population of ' ' why ' ' of the devoid people to continue devoid. Not, you say them to all that they leave the mouth of these said ' ' celebridades' ' they have the intention of alavancar the project ' ' beneficente' ' produced for the sender whom it withholds of its working contracts.

By hours and hours, people are shown who had been and that they go to be helped by the project, celebrities making madnesses to call the attention and sponsors spending ' ' grandes' ' amounts with intention to help criancinhas? e, some times, to make one merchandise? , but nor an only minute is dedicated to remember the population of that they only are there, at that accurate moment, donating, spending more money beyond what he is paid in taxes, why the representative I publish that the proper contributor, giver, fool and etc. placed in the power are incapable to take care of of all the population. why they would have to make this after all? The population if feels useful, people if they feel happy donating; the responsible sender gains hearing, humanitarian fame e, some times, ones changed; politicians have its reduced administrative obligations; all the money that is collected in taxes, whose destination would have to be a project I publish of development and social assistance goes to stop in some place. Moral of history: devoid children with the eyes shining asking for aid are better in collecting money that somebody saying the truth.

Social Inequality

The way as the society all sees and perceives the social classrooms assists to understand which is they and because of the social inaquality, as well as of the picture politician of this society and its cultural dimension, a time that the culture is creative, changeable inventiveness and. Currently, the modern societies are considered mass society, therefore in them the institutions exist dominant. This society requires communication mechanisms that transmit messages to the society all of fast and clear form. These mechanisms of communication, that are mainly the radio, the television, the Internet, the press and the cinema, impose a world vision that goes beyond the social classrooms and facilitates the control of the masses. This is a characteristic of the modern societies, where the medias are basic elements of the social organization and are on to the exercise of the power.

These elements, beyond transmitting information, also spread out forms of behavior and styles of life. Although the exercise of control and power exerted for the medias of mass are very strong, it he is not absolute, and also in it conflicts, since the population, even so many induced times, it continues having its proper perception and idea of world, and this exist differ a modern society from another one, and make with that each society continues having its proper culture and allows that this if propagates for history. Culture can be summarized as a content of what it is understood for nation, and its transformation if of mainly for fights of social classrooms. As the nations they are units politics, and as the culture is part of the dimension of the social process, can be thought about national culture. It results of a historical process and social fights, and is the common culture of a national society that assists to understand the international relations, in accordance with a valorativa definition. IV.CULTURA AND RELATIONS OF BEING ABLE To understand and to know what it is culture in them allow to understand the modern societies and its relations, without ignoring the relations of being able there existing.

The culture concerns had been born entailed to the relations of being able, and as culture is party to suit and social dimension, finda for registering historical conflicts and transformations social politics and. It is with the progress of the society that appears the concerns with culture and also the relations of being able as new forms of domination, that already are part of the proper social organization. The way of if understanding what it is culture are associated with the way to see the social relations of being able, taking itself in account that if cannot relativize the culture therefore in such a way is not possible to create a value judgment. The culture possesss only characteristics that are the creativity, the capacity of change and the perfectioning and transformation of values. The misunderstanding must be prevented in the form to deal with the culture, without distinguishing it and valuing its social relations, as well as its medias mass. Exactly the culture being part of all a society, its control and domain belongs to the one only specific and dominadora social classroom, since the social relations are marked by social inaqualities, and as resulted, the proper culture finda for containing inaquality traces. In this scope, the social fights for the end of inaquality and of the domination primam for universalizar the benefits of the culture and searchs a transformation cultural, since it is necessary to leave it as legacy for the future generations, therefore culture is an inheritance for all the humanity.