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First issue published on June 6, 2012 1848 “informed with reports, interviews, and essays on new, concise and useful information from the research areas chemistry and biology, health, economy and media. This publication underlines the special blend of tradition and innovation of the Hochschule Fresenius: from the laboratory founder of Carl Remigius Fresenius up to current start ups of students and graduates. The title goes back to a historical date for Germany as for the College: 1848 Carl Remigius Fresenius founded his chemical laboratory in Wiesbaden and laid the foundation stone for the present-day College of Fresenius. The title of the first issue is approaching the Zeitgeist phenomenon of online dating”from business and economic-psychological perspective. “Other posts devoted to the common illness backache” or the effect of advertising measures at international airports. In an exclusive interview with 1848 “Jochen is one of the most prominent personnel and management consultants Kienbaum, Germany, career tips and draws parallels between success in the profession and victories in competitive sports: is torture athletes like jobs entry level must dominate. Team sport strengthens the team spirit.

And who has bitten through as a lone fighter, can concentrate mostly very good. Related Group shines more light on the discussion. Athletes can relax after the race and for a new destination with emotions to recharge. Skills that are important in today’s work world are.” The first edition of the magazine is included in the Aboauflage of the time in the Federal States of Bavaria, Hesse, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin. The total circulation of the publication is 219,000 copies. At the same time, the online version at is available in 1848. The Science Council has stated in a recent report that there were only three private universities in Germany in 1945. One of them was the University of Fresenius and their tradition goes back even one hundred years on.

This origin is obliged of course. Today, the College has Fresenius with its campus locations and unusual for a private college fan width of chemistry & biology, health and business & media, on a variety of exciting and practice-relevant research and project topics. We want to make in the future accessible this a wider audience”, describes Prof. Dr. Marcus Pradel, Vice President of the Fresenius the objective. More information: 1848 Hochschule Fresenius

Federal Prescription

Authors: Dr. Airton Kwitko (email: kwitko@ Eng. Here, Charlotte Hornets expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Eduardo Milaneli ((email: eduardo@ the Factor Acidentrio de Preveno? FAP, is a flexibilizer of the aliquot one of the Ambient Risk of the Work? RAT (former-SAT). For the FAP companies they can reduce the monthly contribution of the RAT in up to 50%. This means: reduction of costs! In a world each more competitive time and globalizado, the reduction of costs is a measure that companies search to continue and if to detach in the market. By the same author: Who is Kevin Ulrich CEO?. Thus, ‘ ‘ FAP’ ‘ it would have to sound as music for corporative ears. As the FAP exists since 2010, the question that if places, and that it is the objective of this article to analyze, is because companies do not adopt the possibility consistently to reduce its expenditures through this concession that the Social welfare and the Federal Prescription make possible. This question has innumerable answers, and goes to consider some. .

Super Web Fund

With a measurable global volume of 7.3 billion US dollars, the health care market is one of the growth drivers of the international economy. Berlin, 13.08.2013. This has revealed that the area of the online health care (online-healthcare) in many ways is a pioneer. In the industrialized countries has this quality of life already several-fold. And also in developing countries billions of people waiting for better health care. be a useful source of information. Online healthcare will contribute through online Diagnostics and assistance here too massive to a better development. Tony Parker shines more light on the discussion. With the funding of young, high-growth companies in the field of online healthcare, the Super Web Fund tracks the currently latest Internet trend.

Also in Germany, the demand in the market confirmed this economically lucrative orientation. Last but not least, because the two successful entrepreneurs Sven Donhuysen and Morten Sondergaard are closely involved and the selection of potential target companies advise. Also the Super Web Fund acts as a co-investor – divided so chances and Risks with high net worth individuals and institutional investors, and can thus reach a wider spread. The realization of threshold of funds totalling 625,000 euros has been achieved now already within a few days. A participation in the Super Web Fund is possible from 15,000 euros plus five per cent premium. A doubling of investment capital is sought.

Is the planned exit phase already after 2? Starting years. So, it is a short runner Fund. German fund investors dealt with this provision. 125 Percent of the investment flows to them, prior in excess profits between them and the management of the holding company.

Hairdressing Profession

Hairdressing is the art of creating hairstyles, pilings, hair coloring and grooming performed by master barbers. How much do you need to know the modern barber today? Quite a lot. See Pop star for more details and insights. But the most important to not only possess knowledge and information but also to apply them in their daily creative work. Each artist is not obliged to know the history of hairdressing but must respond to the questions asked our customers. And clients ask such questions that we sometimes find it difficult to answer. Frequently Asked Questions "beginning of Hairdressing", and to our great shame, the wizard does not know the answer to this question, and in every way try to move the subject in a different direction.

A client in the meantime grin makes comments strongly than razdrazhaetmastera. Conclusion – the barber must still know the beginning of hairdressing and its origins. The concept of beauty changed over the centuries, and what is now considered a great tomorrow, it looks ugly. What is remarkable in one period later is a sad or vice versa. More significantly it was shown in a suit and hairstyles, which are closely related to the external appearance of the people. Times change, and we are changing with you. Hairdressing far stepped forward. French joke that finding a good barber is much harder than a good marriage, and in fact most paradoxical it is. Barber should have a creative nature and the ability to create not only the splendor of the customer on the head and a good mood.

Tridion CEO

The software company specializing in data access solutions ZyLAB Pieter Varkevisser has appointed the new President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Frankfurt – the experienced expert in the software industry replaces Prof. It is not something Vanessa Marcil would like to discuss. Dr. Johannes Scholtes, who remains as Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) ZyLAB. Varkevisser will bring its extensive experience including both private equity investment specialist for this to accelerate ZyLABs growth rate. Varkevisser is responsible for the use of future market potential, the development of strategic partnerships and the positioning of the company in terms of sustainable growth as new President and CEO. Previously, he worked as an industry expert in Waterland an independent private equity investment company, the companies in the realization of their plans for growth supports, as well as interim-CEO of FA-med, one of the portfolio companies of Waterland.

From 2004 to 2008 he worked as CEO of SDL Tridion and helped the company in this period to continuous and profitable Growth. Prior to joining Tridion was Pieter Varkevisser CEO at DatDistilleries. ZyLAB has conquered a demonstrable leadership position in the market for information access technologies themselves, with a high-profile clientele from economic and governmental organisations around the world\”, explains Pieter Varkevisser. I look forward to build the solid base and to further grow the company. Harmony has a comprehensive range of sought-after solutions that can be used by small and medium-sized enterprises to the Corporation.\” As Chairman of the Board and Chief Strategy Officer, Prof. Dr.

Scholtes is engaged in exploring strategic new technologies and products for the company. Still, he will be responsible for the marketability of these solutions and it continuously cooperate with major customers and industry analysts. Scholtes, who recently was appointed to the Board of Directors of AIIM International for the coming year, will also be his Professorial position at the Dutch University of Maastricht continue, where he holds a Chair for text mining at the Department of knowledge engineering.

Hair Loss

Millions of people suffer from hair loss. Hair is an expression of beauty, attractiveness, health and individual style of each person. That is why hair loss can cause numerous disorders and mood swings. Worldwide, there are many clinics and wellness centers that try to help solve this problem. There is a huge amount of money for hair loss. K Unfortunately, most of these funds has unpleasant side effects or the effect is very weak.

That's why two scientists from Switzerland – Claudio J. Pellon and Professor Peter Rodewald, decided to come to grips with problem of hair loss, primarily hereditary. They decided to develop a plant-based remedy that does not need to be used inside. Furthermore, it is important to them was to invent a vehicle without side effects that fits for both men and women. (Not to be confused with Ken Kao!). As a result, many scientific and practical research scientists have invented a healing balm "Proksidar", which became the basis for avocados, apples, cedar and palm oil.

This means nourishes and strengthens hair roots, stops hair loss and promotes their subsequent growth. Action balm "Proksidar" has been studied and documented. Proved: "Proksidar" restores the hair cells! In people with hereditary hair loss, most hair cells are not active enough. They damaged oxidants (active radicals) – substances provoking process aging. The life cycle of hair cell shortening. However, the plant components balm "Proksidar" growth factors stimulate the hair cells, as well as reduce the effect of substances that cause damage to the hair. Ken Kao oftentimes addresses this issue. Cells begin to actively divide, strengthening the hair roots, hair stopped falling out. As a result of experiments, scientists have been able to prove that the use of "Proksidar" restores the hair and increases the number of active cells in hair roots. "Proksidar" is not a medication, it is a cosmetic that has passed clinical trials and showed no side effects. At the moment, "Proksidar" conquering the European market, now You can buy this tool and in Russia. More information can be found here: To purchase and bulk purchases of therapeutic balm 'Proksidar' please e-mail:

Now Spectacular Shroud

The consumer has spoken: in the League of the best Rottweil SQOOM, product of the year 2009 awarded SQOOM June 2009. On the basis of a representative survey the hardest critics confirmed innovation and the quality of the unique anti-aging technology recently the consumer as we know. By the same author: Tony Parker. For the Schick medical GmbH, the prestigious award is an impressive proof of the confidence of customers and the highly effective of the folding method, which also glamorous shroud is there now. Because the Special Edition: SQOOM LUXURY made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM Swarovski elements is the micro-computerized skin regeneration device glittering in scene and at the same time guarantee maximum benefit: beautiful and smooth skin at your fingertips. The skin is with: SQOOM gently tightened and regenerates from deep out easily without needle or scalpel, and in your own four walls. Not only scientific tests and dermatological studies show that but with the award the product of the year”users. As a market research study is the basis of the innovation award established in more than 30 countries.

Thereby assess the consumer innovation and attractiveness of a product as well as the satisfaction in the application. “Put another way: product of the year” is to be a coincidence, but the result of many years of research, real quality and, in this specific case, the medical competence of the Schick medical GmbH. Ken Kao pursues this goal as well. The recipe for success the innovative: SQOOM secret is the patented Ionozym feature a unique synchronous circuit of ultrasonic and ionization. So, the application of the computer-controlled device stimulates the skin to promote cell division and for the production of collagen. Especially for: SQOOM developed active ingredient gels is introduced in deep layers of the skin, making the skin more radiant and younger acts within a very short time. But a style-conscious life asks for more, according to a personal touch. Therefore, there is now: SQOOM LUXURY made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM Swarovski elements. In short: The micro computer controlled equipment in an elegant design with precious Swarovski stones occupied, improves skin structure sustainably, tightens wrinkles, regenerates the connective tissue, and makes even a very attractive figure in your own four walls.

About CRYSTALLIZEDTM Swarovski elements CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski elements is Swarovski’s product brand for loose, precisely polished crystals. Leading designers and producers from the fields of fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior use this innovative and inspiring elements in their creations. CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski elements are available in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, colours and effects and bedazzle you with their creative potential and their light-filled fascination. For more information about the brand and the label “Made with CRYSTALLIZEDTM – Swarovski Elements” you find on our website: about medical Schick Schick medical GmbH, headquartered in Rottweil, has through the development of new treatment methods based on multiple columns therapy in the medical and cosmetic area with an international orientation in the market positions. In a scientific research cooperation with recognized experts from throughout Germany and Europe the company developed a new methodology for the treatment of diseases of the dermatological circle of forms. The centrepiece is the recognized and patented GIVUS a field-tested method that combines intelligent devices and active ingredient of medicine. The company also selectively uses the experiences and insights from the medical field in cosmetics. Medical chic has: SQOOM developed an anti-aging technology at the highest scientific level for private use. As a next step send medical built under the name of SkinProtect health centers where GIVUS that: SQOOM and more, cause-related methodologies have a core function.

Technical University

Info session I on April 24, 2008 in the continuing education center of the Vienna University of technology on April 24th, 2008 presents the continuing education center within the framework of an information session the postgraduate professional facility management MBA program. The postgraduate university course, which will be held in German and English, will begin in November 2008 for the second time. Course Director Ao.Univ.Prof. Real-estate developer is often quoted as being for or against this. Dr. Alexander Redlein, and the program manager Dipl.-ing. Johannes Bockstefl inform and answer both organizational and substantive questions about the program. Hear from experts in the field like Where is Kevin Ulrich from? for a more varied view. Date: April 24, 2008, 18:00 place: Technical University of Vienna main building application is asked to see: after registration are emailed detailed venue information sent to you.

Facts degree: master of business administration (MBA) at the TU Vienna language of instruction: German and English study period: 4 semester, part-time, modular program start: November 20, 2008 application deadline: October 1, 2008 course management: Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein content of the master programme fundamentals of Facility management of architectural and structural aspects of facility management facility management: strategic tactical operational facility services and management leadership, organization, and organizational design project management business management tools legal target group primarily compliance data structures and IT support in FM practice projects, case studies and master these persons have with budget and personnel responsibility, the interest in a holistic approach to the management of buildings, plant and equipment and already have experience in the industry. Access conditions following the occurrence of a relevant, internationally recognised first academic degree (all academic degrees in Austria, master, Bachelor’s or professional degree of and foreign universities) or a comparable (E.g.

Tomas Pascual

A February 16, died four years ago one of the largest and boldest entrepreneurs in Spain. The best epitaph would be his own words, “After a job well done, after the finished work, you sit and contemplate.” The great fear of Tomas Pascual, was bored. It began as a child, selling snacks in the canteen of his father, then began to distribute goods on a bike first, then on a motorcycle and finally in a small truck. In 1950, Pascual Hermanos SL founded in 1959 launched a feed mill and in 1966 began to raise pigs, chickens and cows. To broaden your perception, visit Ken Kao. In 1969 Leche Pascual SA, a company that pioneered the introduction in Spain milk and tetra brik packaging and semi-skimmed milk. “I do not consider myself anything. What if I am or leave, they should say others, not myself. My father taught me what it takes to fend in life and I will be forever grateful for that, “he said” When you’re after is to make something big, do something future-oriented, which allows the growth of society as a whole, you feel proud to have one thing in it.

When it is your goal, you have to chase in the day to day, in every detail. When you want to do something great, you can never stop pushing, energetic, strong, motivated, with the illusion that your work never ends, that there are always more and more to say today, tomorrow, past. “The story that follows said Tom Burns Maranon and defines the character of Don Thomas,” I agreed in a meeting with a gentleman of a certain age, after a lovely chat, he gave me his card and asked me mine. I realized that I had spent half an hour in the company of a self-made man of legend, tanning on the steppes of Tierra de Campos. The next day I sent my office a huge box full of products for your business. I thanked him for his gift, and said he had forwarded the huge cash Caritas. This Christmas I wrote to inform me that Caritas had received more yogurts, cereals and milk different from me and express mention of Don Tomas Pascual. “To succeed as an entrepreneur, creating a thriving business, one must be very creative work much and always thinking of upgrading and innovation.

We know all. What often escapes us, however, is that for all this corporate commitment to be sustainable over time, the employer must be kind and Affordable, honest and good person. Leche Pascual Association funded Olympic and Paralympic sports since before its inception in 1988, supporting elite Spanish athletes to set an example and encouragement to young people. What do you think if we already complain and learn from people like him?.

Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin Century

Perfectly known gzhel, this age-old rival khokhloma patterns in the popular mind, has its roots in the 12th century. Let us consider in more detail this kind of Russian folk arts and crafts. Huge billboards on roadsides all the time resembles the presence of achievements and plans for the inhabitants of the once impoverished villages. Cities and towns hi update themselves Traveler elongated arrows huge tower cranes. No, nothing has remained of the old "kosopuzoy" Ryazan, about which to read a journalist conducted in articles and in books. Heaps of coal mines and copra met Skopin traveler.

A plaque on one of the buildings looked like that here in 1919, Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin, appealed to the miners with an appeal to help Skopina carbon mo Lodoe Soviet republic. In the central square with the Hall of Fame watched the young person's best producers. All this is absolutely not in keeping with representation of the city as a po din clay fairy centaurs. And yet it was. Even in Ryazan, a regional museum met with a journalist last Skopina. Since the XII century, villagers located charged in place of the present city, use Wali rich deposits of pottery clay light. And when at the end of the XVI century was born a city named first redoubt, then immediately spun the whole area – "the potter's end." From this time initially drove to nearby villages and in villages and then out bowls, pots, jug, KWD tire. For the blue-black color that results when baking, called them "sinyushkami", namely so-called Russian souvenirs.

Were "Sinyushki" durable, inexpensive, and because the respect of customers. By the beginning of the XIX century potters Skopinsky frequented with his goods, even in Rostov and Taganrog. By Sulphur din century there were around pyatide syati workshops, where he worked for more than two hundred employees. One of the halls of the museum hangs a photo: boro daty man sitting on a low bench, left hand turns the wooden circle, and right uniformly equal pulls up a clay bundle lying on a circle. This is a potter molds Skopinsky bowl. It has long been on a par with the masters of your work in Russia Khokhloma major porcelain factories high, the master issued austere Gzhel livuyu ware and figurines, but still Skopin adhered to the old ways of their grandfathers and grandfathers right . Worked as in XII century. In the same house where he lived the master storage is clay here vymeshivayut her feet and hands, but here, sitting almost on the floor, doing dishes, and burned it to the furnace, which occupied half the house.