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Blu Perfect

From April 5, Paramount Home Entertainment released a colourful mix of Oscar winners for everyone on Blu-ray – disc Hamburg, 15.03.2012 / INPROMO / / it is spring blue in your living room. From 05 April, Paramount Pictures released home entertainment popular Oscar awarded films for the first time on Blu-ray. Not only the Easter classic, ‘The ten commandments’ offers sharp images, even drama fans come fully at their own expense, when on April 19, “A beautiful Mind”, “American Beauty” and “Chinatown” follow. “The ten commandments”: MOSES leading the people ISRAEL from Egypt under the direction of Cecil B. DeMille plays Charlton Heston role of Moses, who freed his people from Egypt.

An intrigue grew up as a favorite of the emperor at the Court of the Pharaoh, makes known the true identity of the young foundling: he is a descendant of the enslaved Israelites. The film released in 1958 was shot for four years and rewarded at the end with the special-effects Oscar for the Division of the Red Sea. You may want to visit Jeff Feig to increase your knowledge. “The ten commandments” with great colours and a star-studded cast appears on 5 April paramount home entertainment on Blu-ray. GENIUS and madness in “A beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crowe convincingly plays the brilliant mathematician John Nash. Shortly before the international breakthrough of his career, he is entangled in a mysterious conspiracy. Only the love of his wife can help him now. A moving story about the blurred reality of a genius. The film excellent with four Oscars appears razor sharp on Blu-ray on April 19.

IDYLLIC lies in “American beauty” Lester and Carolyn Burnham are a married couple, such as picture-book. The perfect House in a new, perfect neighborhood in a seemingly perfect world. But Lester (Kevin Spacey) is located in a midlife crisis and fell head over in his daughter’s teen girlfriend… The most discussed film of 1999 is still intelligent, challenging and incredibly funny.

Creative Commons: Free Media offer streaming and download of Creative Commons licensed works, digital rights management, pirates are criminals, losses in the billions in the film and music industry you are to believe the media, so a whole sector is faced with the Apocalypse. The efforts are to prevent illegal downloads and the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted works. This is then usually at the expense of the honest buyer, because the usability kopiergeschutzer CDs and downloads to be often leaves. Creative Commons shows that there is another way. The licenses are very popular not only among bloggers, but offer the opportunity to provide their works to a large audience and also creative films and music makers in the first place without excessive profit. The licensed works it is mostly free music and free movies of young artists who want to promote their awareness.

The quality of the offered pieces leaves yet no wish unfulfilled. Real Koriphaen have Creative Commons discovered for themselves. So the nine’s last two albums have been made inch nails free download available. is the German-language portal around the topic of Creative Commons. More info: San Antonio Spurs. Young artists can publish their works on the platform and promote awareness of own. The music-loving users provides the opportunity to listen to the songs for free and then download.

In the Forum, supporters of Creative Commons can exchange idea and those who want to be there. The cinema section rounds off the offering of the entertainment portal. Find the latest movie trailers and news at a glance. So don’t hesitate – register and join. We are happy about every contribution to the Creative Commons 🙂 thoughts.

Bollywood Cinema

It has only a life for all his dreams my heart calls for love – DIL BOLE HADIPPA! A film by Anurag Singh India 2009, 148 min. from 17 September at the cinema (with German subtitles) the confident and cheeky Veera (Rani Mukerji) lives in an Indian village. She works in a small theater, but her biggest dream is quite different: you would like to be professionelleCricket player. For that she must dress up naturally, and the sweet Veera is the ingenious players veer on the rural cricket ground! Veeras Lebenschlagartig changes as Rohan (Shahid Kapoor) from England nachIndien returns to become the captain of a team. As Veer, it finds its way into Rohan team as Veera the way into his heart. From the creators of a divine pair of RAB NE BANA DI JODI comes this romantic comedy, which carries the viewer in the colourful India and a wonderful confusion game of full of dreams, love and offers passions. The dream duo Rani Mukerji (KABHI ALVIDA NAA KEHNA, VEER &) ZAARA) and Shahid Kapoor (JAB WE MET, VIVAH) is brought together in this film for the first time. official website for the film: microsites/dbh/dbhwebsite.html and REM from now on facebook and twitter: pages/MEIN-H…A/128719483214 the cinema dates will be announced soon at source: rapid eye movies Kerstin Bergelt (

Flirt Pub Gives Tips For Cinema Fans

Mamma Mia against Batman in the flirt pub podcast Mamma Mia! What a start: the Batman movie “the Dark Knight” breaks all records with the late Heath Ledger in the United States. In Germany, the superhero of the ABBA musical film adaptation, is launched in us in the cinema is subject to. Also at the flirt pub podcast there is a battle of the superheroes against the music legends: ABBA and the bat as a high-flyer in the Kultpodcast. Flirt pub cult leader Michael disguises himself as Batman and the ABBA quirk of his co-anchor Marika tried to exorcise. After the cinema, the subject of flirting becomes the current premiere at Batman and Mamma Mia to the dispute between action-fan and musical lover. All in original costumes and with much wit and charm, as one the of the the popular flirt pub crew is accustomed. Flirt pub ( provides as a serious Web domain aligned to flirt interesting and directly: the flirtation platform.

And there are long podcasts that are self-made movies to the Internet: and then everyone for example on youtube or myvideo click and can watch free: for example the latest at under flirt pub podcast episode 30. Because it is nice if the whole is still visually and with moving images to be. And: that brings guaranteed more flirt partners! Therefore also includes the popular flirt pub podcast regular tips you can see directly on the flirt pub Web site and receives information about the flirting in a funny way: E.g. ideas and suggestions on how you can inspire a woman / a man for himself or but funny skits and conversations about flirting. The current flirt pub podcast is all about the cinema premiere of Batman and Mamma Mia: Michael has but ate his popcorn in about two minutes.

Affiliated explains Marika their hasty colleagues and viewers, what means a quickie: there is action against romance. How is this going to just, and how can the Superman against the female schmaltz attack defend themselves? A funny video with ABBA-karaoke and crazed bat at the end give a possible answer. And who wants to go to the cinema alone, flirt pub helps the further the flirting and Anbandeln: flirt pub offers the largest selection. The dating Portal is how it works: anonymous login and fill out profile. On the site select the candidates,, to flirt. Bosner online service GmbH Managing Director: Nicole Kleinhenz, quiet valley 18 / 86609 Donauworth press contact / Agency: PR contact: Martina Wagner for flirt pub Staakener str. 19 / 13581 Berlin phone 030 35134885, fax 030 35134887 E-Mail: are PR pilot around tailor-made communication: we help you with: building a press Distributor and shipment to the main press agencies and portals write send the info on about 10,000 editors (print press releases and texts, TV, radio, online, and subject-specific distribution), target: publications in print media set the PR information in the most important German-speaking press portals and Agencies