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Wine Culture

The world of gastronomy and, more specifically, the wine culture of our country has gained positions in recent years. It is no longer reserved to a few but that increasingly attracts a large number of people from all kinds of condition. Understand its manufacturing process, the realization of tastings, wine or wine therapy is the order of the day. This prized drink – for which the Greeks attributed to Dionysus the God category and also the Romans did with Bacus-, is regarded as one of the better elixirs of life. Without a doubt, the wine is part of the history of Spain, which boasts important wineries and designations of origin of proven solvency scattered throughout the Spanish geography. Examples include designations of La Rioja, Ribera del Duero, Penedes, Somontano, and as no, Malvasia Canary, crop introduced at the beginning of the 16th century in the North of Tenerife and La Palma, from where it was exported to much of Europe, mainly to England, Subsequently, it took him to their colonies and whose grape origin is Greek, though controversy persists about its exact problem situation, given that the word ‘malvasia’ is of Italian origin. Many of these varieties can already find in restaurants around the world, reaching a great recognition and quality.

WHITES, ROSeS and reds there that know certain essential rules to the PAIRINGS gastronomy boom time has made that wine acquires great importance in restaurants and leisure centers. So it is that the majority of establishments have an important letter of wines and some have with the figure of the sommelier, that advises and choose wines that marry better with dishes that offers each local. In addition, the figure of the sommelier advised and explains Diners properties and textures that presents each wine. That is why that the pairings are fashionable. There are thousands of combinations, but broadly speaking we can say that white wines (more fresh and young) are ideal to accompany appetizers, seafood and all sorts of fish.


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