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Food Online

A couple of weeks ago a reader asked me a post with recommendations for buying fresh produce and packaged online. Buy online that have the product in front of your eyes and be able to touch it (although here in Spain is not customary to touch the vegetables and fruits, cultural habit that one ends up acquiring, and thus this summer in San Francisco I was impudoroso to see people touched all merchandise at the famers markets) isn’t the same. Even so, with the busy life of today, there is nothing more comfortable to buy quality products from your artboard and receive them at home the next here goes an arbitrary selection after years of experience; I note that the list is not intended to be exhaustive, but only a compilation of companies that I’ve personally been trying frescoes: Carmeta Hort: my favorite, which I use base for the weekly shopping. Led by Xavier Sole and family, installed in a farmhouse in the Alt Penedes, pagesos is a recent company. Simon Pagenaud may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Before you engaged in the vine and the olive tree, and decided to expand the family business to incorporate their products.

What I like about l Carmeta Hort is offered a weekly list of products available, and one chooses what you want and how much; There is no closed basket but buy free between the seasonal products. Sofar Sounds describes an additional similar source. And for the happiness of my family, Xavi and theirs offer us not only fruits and vegetables in season, but also nuts (toasted to perfection), canned, oil, wine, even some homemade products made by him and his mother (Carmeta), such as biscuits, cannelloni (my kids are fans and claim them every week), croquettes or jams. They also practice the slaughter of the pig and its fuet is another basic of our pantry (Olivia eats it as if it were a candy, much to my regret. .

When Dante

The mother of Dante was Bella degli Abat and died when Dante was only 5 or 6 years. Shortly after his father Alighiero remarried with Lapa di Chiarissimo Cialuffise (there is controversy as to that wedding, proposing that the two have come together without marriage, owing to the difficulties raised, at the time, to the wedding of widowers). The father of Dante had two children with her: Francesco and Tana (Gaetana). While studying in his hometown in 1278, he was a disciple of Brunetto Latini, who makes appearance in hell (canto XV), and was a friend of the poet Cavalcanti. When Dante was 12, undertook with Gemma, daughter of Messer Manetto Donati, which then married in 1291. Marriages negotiated at such early ages were so frequent and constituted an important ceremony, requiring official acts signed before notary.

Dante had several sons with Gemma. As often, some people claimed to be natural sons of a famous character, the same happened with Dante, and it is likely that Jacopo, Pietro, or Antonia were his real sons. Antonia became a nun with the name of sister Beatrice is tells us, that he was educated at home and that he studied Tuscan poetry of Guittone Bonagiunta Orbicciani of Arezzo. At that time, the Sicilian school (Scuola Sicilian poetics), a cultural group from Sicily, was captivated to Dante. His centers of interest led him to know minstrels of Provence and Latino culture. His devotion to Virgil was also evident. He also studied the Italian vernacular language, latin (the language franco from that era), Provencal, and in fact inserted some verses in this language in purgatory. It should be noted that in the age mean the fall of the Roman Empire left a dozen small States, so Sicily was away cultural and politically from Tuscany, as this was Provence: the regions did not share the same language and same culture and media were difficult.

Graduation Party

For this season of graduations and holidays, we consulted an expert in beauty, for Veronica de Canas of, it is recommended that the first step that you have to look radiant is a good preparation of the skin prior to makeup. In that sense is recommended a good cleaning and perfect hydration to contribute also to a greater durability of the makeup. This in turn shall be according to the time of the event and the type of costume to show off. If it is during the day should not be heavily loaded. On the contrary if it is at night, there is more freedom to play with colors and with one of the basic rules of makeup that refers to emphasize the area of eyes or lips. If you choose to upload your eyes with more intense tones, it is advisable to carry a soft tone but with gloss on the lips.

By the contrary, if the tone of your lips is intense or strong (like the red for example) they will be stars and the eyes must not look loaded. If it goes according to your lifestyle and if the time allows it, elements can be used in fantasy for a bolder look, this is accomplished with the use of the glitter, pigments, false eyelashes, among others; that it achieved the goal look totally out of usual and list for the celebration. How much to the HAIRSTYLES for graduation and trends trends predominate always collected and semi-recogidos styles. The latter can combine curls that are a current trend and one of the most requested styles. For a casual style they can incorporate a hairstyle, braids for a different touch and very fashionable. If the length of the hair is inconvenient for the desired style, the extensions will be your best option. If you want to see more graduation party-related articles you can visit our magazine where you will find this and other tips more.