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When Dante

The mother of Dante was Bella degli Abat and died when Dante was only 5 or 6 years. Shortly after his father Alighiero remarried with Lapa di Chiarissimo Cialuffise (there is controversy as to that wedding, proposing that the two have come together without marriage, owing to the difficulties raised, at the time, to the wedding of widowers). The father of Dante had two children with her: Francesco and Tana (Gaetana). While studying in his hometown in 1278, he was a disciple of Brunetto Latini, who makes appearance in hell (canto XV), and was a friend of the poet Cavalcanti. When Dante was 12, undertook with Gemma, daughter of Messer Manetto Donati, which then married in 1291. Marriages negotiated at such early ages were so frequent and constituted an important ceremony, requiring official acts signed before notary.

Dante had several sons with Gemma. As often, some people claimed to be natural sons of a famous character, the same happened with Dante, and it is likely that Jacopo, Pietro, or Antonia were his real sons. Antonia became a nun with the name of sister Beatrice is tells us, that he was educated at home and that he studied Tuscan poetry of Guittone Bonagiunta Orbicciani of Arezzo. At that time, the Sicilian school (Scuola Sicilian poetics), a cultural group from Sicily, was captivated to Dante. His centers of interest led him to know minstrels of Provence and Latino culture. His devotion to Virgil was also evident. He also studied the Italian vernacular language, latin (the language franco from that era), Provencal, and in fact inserted some verses in this language in purgatory. It should be noted that in the age mean the fall of the Roman Empire left a dozen small States, so Sicily was away cultural and politically from Tuscany, as this was Provence: the regions did not share the same language and same culture and media were difficult.

Superstar Relationships

They have released a statement: we are No longer together. It is very difficult and very personal, so we hope that our privacy is respected. The couple was seen for the first time in public at the Mostra of 2009. American actor George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis Italian television presenter have ended their romantic relationship, as they have confirmed sources of the Agency’s representation of her in Milan after making public a release of the couple. The text, which Clooney and Canalis have disclosed by mutual agreement, reads as follows: we are No longer together. It is very difficult and very personal, so we hope that our privacy is respected. In the two years that has lasted the romance, the couple has attended numerous public events; in fact, it was at the international Venice Film Festival in September 2009 where is left to see for the first time on the occasion of the presentation of the film the men that they stare at goats. Source: Tony Parker. This public demonstration came after a summer of continuous speculation, to the that publication has contributed in August, in the Italian magazine Chi, some photos of the two kissing at the exit of a golf club near the mansion of Clooney on Lake Como. The breakdown of the relationship between Clooney and Canalis comes little more than two months that the American present, at the next Venice Film Festival, his last work as an actor and director, The Ides of March, which will open the official section in competition. Source of the news: George Clooney and Elisabetta Canalis announce their breakup after two years of relationship

Barcelona Art

It’s one of the most touristic cities of Spain, its monuments, its beach, its multiculturalism, make it more chosen from around the country by foreign tourism site. But what hidden Barcelona to be so popular? One of the reasons that have led him to be what he is, are the architectural beauties which have their streets, so on this occasion, will be in focus. Hostels in Barcelona more recommended are Equity Point Centric, located in Passeig de Gracia in a modernist building, Barcelona Urbany Hostel, close to the Sagrada Familia, and Barcelona Sound Be Hostels, a few meters from Las Ramblas. So it left the suitcases in unbeatable locations, we’re ready to start the artistic beauties of the city of Barcelona. Mila House, known as la Pedrera, is a building designed by the catalan architect Antoni Gaudi, that not only is a clear example of its architecture but it also boasts incredible views of the city.

The Batllo House, by the same author, You will be surprised by its richness in colors and originality, for any information regarding views and schedules official pages account with all kinds of information. But we can not forget the Guell Park, this garden of imagination that supposed an interesting green lung in the heart of Barcelona. Strolling through this framework is like being in a fairy tale. And to continue with Art Noveu from the hand of another artist, the palau de la Musica catalana and the hospital de Sant Pau, are two works of the architect Lluis domenech i Montaner transgressive in style and execution. Modernism can be seen in La Casa de les Punzes of Josep Puig i Cadafalch, while the Arc de Triomphe reminds us of previous periods. As in the case of the military parish of the Citadel and the columns of the Temple of Augustus, remains of the old temple Roman dedicated to Caesar Augustus which is located in the courtyard of a Renaissance building. The Sagrada Familia is one of the great emblems of the capital of Catalonia.

It began to be built in 1882 and has not yet been completed. Initiated by the architect Francisco de Paula del Villar and continued later by Gaudi, has passed through various hands and has not yet been achieved completion, perhaps its charm lies in it. And there are many more monuments to see, the Town Hall, the Palace of the viceroys, la casa de la Vila, the source of Canalete, the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia doubts about if Barcelona deserves so much tourism is non-existent, but there is no one single reason why visit this city, their night, their Beach, cosmopolitan people, bike rides are some of the causes of so much assistance, but above all the innumerable artistic works that can be enjoyed with just a short walk. Without a doubt Barcelona needs time so that is is us more odor than sea.

Graduation Party

For this season of graduations and holidays, we consulted an expert in beauty, for Veronica de Canas of, it is recommended that the first step that you have to look radiant is a good preparation of the skin prior to makeup. In that sense is recommended a good cleaning and perfect hydration to contribute also to a greater durability of the makeup. This in turn shall be according to the time of the event and the type of costume to show off. If it is during the day should not be heavily loaded. On the contrary if it is at night, there is more freedom to play with colors and with one of the basic rules of makeup that refers to emphasize the area of eyes or lips. If you choose to upload your eyes with more intense tones, it is advisable to carry a soft tone but with gloss on the lips.

By the contrary, if the tone of your lips is intense or strong (like the red for example) they will be stars and the eyes must not look loaded. If it goes according to your lifestyle and if the time allows it, elements can be used in fantasy for a bolder look, this is accomplished with the use of the glitter, pigments, false eyelashes, among others; that it achieved the goal look totally out of usual and list for the celebration. How much to the HAIRSTYLES for graduation and trends trends predominate always collected and semi-recogidos styles. The latter can combine curls that are a current trend and one of the most requested styles. For a casual style they can incorporate a hairstyle, braids for a different touch and very fashionable. If the length of the hair is inconvenient for the desired style, the extensions will be your best option. If you want to see more graduation party-related articles you can visit our magazine where you will find this and other tips more.

Lawyer Vacation

To who doesn’t like to enjoy a long and well deserved vacation? After making a working day for a period of time the individual must enjoy a few free days which will employ for the enjoyment, relaxation, entertainment and other chores with relatives and friends; and this is subject in the legal bases of all country and in Spain also carry out these laws and benefits that the worker, employee or worker may request within a time to exercise their functions in the company or factory which works. Depending on the time that the person to come play in your work area they are a few days to enjoy their holiday and if your employer still has not granted them is, you do not know exactly how many days compete you and how must be paid the same. You should simply seek legal advice on the part of a good lawyer, who is fully identified and specialized in the work area to explain everything about your holiday. In a law firm, a lawyer labour law, you will have at your disposal a series of topics which will look familiar and you will see the importance of having this professional for each case that arises in the passing of her life and especially with regard to their work, working hours, vacation and other benefits of which are not yet enjoying by ignoring laws that offered a number of rights in one way or another. See a lawyer causes or possible causes that you believe by those not already assigned him his vacation, because we would be talking about a time in which you have duty to leave their employment without leaving perceive their remuneration or salary indicated from the outset by signing their employment contract, you would be curtailing a right to rest which deserves and that perhaps by the lack of this you can be presenting some kind of disinterest, stress or other conditions during their journey.

These causes can be clarified by your legal advisor who can reach while you are analyzing your case and the business reasons to determine in full use of constitutional and labor laws that govern such condition in the country, an abuse of power towards his person and to request some kind of compensation due to complications of his health by excessive work within the established time for your vacation. A labor lawyer shall carry out an analysis of your situation in such a way that in the shortest possible time you will be enjoying your vacation or to reach agreement working with your employer so that someone else covers his position during his absence. To visit the content of also you’ll discover that if you not have economic resources to hire the services of a private lawyer, you have the possibility to talk and ask for the legal representation of the lawyer who takes the reins of the Department of human resources or personnel of your company. Since they coupled with ensuring the legal functioning of the establishment have the duty and professionalism brought by each of the employees comprising the payroll of the company in question. In the site you will find the professional of law which solves the situations within the workplace that arise in their day to day.