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Kazakh Children

In particular, the widely known at the present time computer Editor Sibelius, allows a very original, colorful and different picture of music. These notes have children perceive less apprehensive, try to understand them, especially because in the process of musical training connected computer, which is now for today's children are well known and is used even earlier than the time comes to making music. The computer in this process so far is not widely distribution only because the music teachers themselves, without possessing the basic methods of working with him and falling behind in the computer training of the children belong to this kind of work with some apprehension. Today time the author has published several collections of musical notes for children that are different from existing collections of its extraordinary design. Collections are made in the form of electronic books, which, along with a very nice and attractive to children views of music, there is the possibility of audio broadcasts. Collections were completed on the subject – music composers of foreign, classic, music, and the Kazakh national epic composers popular melodies and yard, ensembles, etc. Each collection includes 15-20 very simple to implement, specifically suitable for initial training, works.

All the pieces are collected in tables consisting of title of the play and laugh, rolling "smiley". If you "click" on the name, open the page with color illustrated notes, with "click" on the "emoticons" melody. The program allows you to simultaneously listen to music and follow the notes. Experienced practice of using the proposed benefits demonstrated its absolute efficiency. There has been interest in children's learning very quickly the children themselves actively involved in the learning process complex, with conventional and traditional forms of training, subjects were mastered much faster and deeper, decreased fatigue and distraction of the child, even to the end of the lesson, children are happy to have studied at home by yourself, knowing full well that few parents can help them in this, there is a heightened sense of responsibility at an early stage of musical training. Music collections can be easily "download" on the other the author's website:, which also highlights some other problems of musical education and learning children. In addition, the site presents the author's development of an electronic ear training, as quite a progressive method of musical training, and materials for setting up the piano, which is also one of the activities of the author. Maxim tuner


While the athletes were washed off with a deserved sweat, ate dinner and prepared for the evening entertainment of the festival, the building was in full swing COCs work. Configure equipment for the concert. Celebrity guests, to try to court, looked pretty, but slightly anxious. It was felt that, despite the vast experience to speak to our audience, they had not often … It is difficult to describe words show, still can not pass all of its atmosphere.

So just say: it was cool! AND pops, and singer, and musical, and rap and chanson, and even the Belarusian "Lepreau-Rock – all excellent population lived in the same venue. Nor could it be otherwise, because when people do something from the heart, with sincerity and love that touches stronger than the most presentable and prestigious custom events. The audience appreciated what is happening on the higher scale. Because the music – the only universal language that is not very important head. We only have the heart. And with those in the audience turned out all right! Easy timidity viewers unfamiliar surroundings faded as quickly as melting childish tears at the sight of the gift.

And fire-dancing in the aisles and gallery were taken over the true pleasure. The immediacy of the audience and the applause ringing in uttering the artists want to sing again and again. So the concert was delayed slightly, but that no one noticed, except close to the organizers, in which all must meet the schedule. When the audience rapt crowd poured into the streets for a little intermission (and preparation for the upcoming disco hall), the sun was setting, foreshadowing another attribute of the holiday: fireworks. Another piece of communication, autographs and photos with the stars in the arms have been memorable, because it all finally became friends and inspired with mutual sympathy. Slightly desirable "dating" in the dark tants.zale disco to the accompaniment of these lighting effects seemed very important for those who are having to change physical shape to "evening gowns", refreshed cologne, arrived in the hall to welcome "dance." I even ceased to distinguish guests from the participants! The only pity is that there were almost no girls and the dancers had to settle for fast tracks. But the few female representatives that were at the disco, feel the prom queen. (I think in the future, the organizers should think about increasing the number of delegated representatives at the tournament at the expense of boarding a beautiful female half), however, dancing was fun and sometimes incendiary. And when the loud bursts of fireworks above the stadium lights blossoms ultramarine sky, residents of nearby villages have realized that the hope now "walk in the present." Yes, and let them know! After all, we really took a real holiday! And we have a child raised his rapt face to the sky were really glad all that happened that day, which will now remember the whole year … See you at Seni Cup 2011!