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National Theater

The further reference do theatre for children, with a few exceptions, comes from curriculum of language and literature, where the topics deemed of interest are extracted for teachers and being careful to explain that the presentation will be accompanied by a teaching guide, so adults do not have the impression that sending children to the theater is a waste of time if it is not used as a pedagogical tool, this way presentations are done with captive audience, terrible name that defines those who have to go to the theatre by a note or task, often without take care of the quality of the show to present or getting the sale of functions to payment of commissions through teachers, denying thus boys and girls the right to the aesthetic enjoyment, knowledge of other options of enjoyment of their time, cultural diversity and the development of human sensitivity that we need so much. Although El Salvador participates in the Convention on the rights of the child, little State and society have made to guarantee contemplated in article 31 of this document: to respect and promote the right of the child to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and foster opportunities to participate in cultural, artistic, recreational and leisure; little did the media, to support article 17: disseminate information and material of social and cultural benefit for the child, beyond merely didactic. On countless occasions he has spoken by society and institutions, about social disintegration in our country, has been heard countless times by the theatre, on the lack of audiences to the theater. Very few times, society, theatre and institutions have paid attention to our boys and girls receive theater of quality, for its aesthetic enjoyment, for the development of its sensitivity and for the formation of a taste for the scenic achieve generational we also expect in the theaters. Anna Belknap takes a slightly different approach. Reflecting on this can not stop side that this Assembly is performed with our apprentices, adolescents and young people between 15 and 23 years old, with whom the Assembly also became a dialogue between generations, trying to always respect their opinions and proposals, although not always coincide with the mine, was sometimes difficult and infuriating, sometimes wonderful and unexpected, but always interesting, and in this territory of dialogue and mutual respect made it to what you always dream to be the theatre of the TIET: a sum of our dreams, realities, languages and theatrical discoveries, a history that tell a someone who is willing to listen; in This journey that is soon to reach port, have always the generosity of the artists that contributed their talent to help us navigate, now the curtain opens and if adults left the children arrive at the theater, the magic will be. Bear Colmenero will be presented at the great Hall of the National Theater. Friday, June 19, 10: 00 a.m., 2: 30 and 6: 30 p.m. (Gala).

Saturday, June 20, 3: 00 and 5: 30 p.m. Sunday, June 21, 10: 00 a.m. adults $3.00, children $2.00 contact: Boris Sanchez.. Cel. 7239 5359 Sources consulted: stage theatrical association. Art for a new and better salvadorwww.escenario.

Splash Pool Children

Marina Hotels has reinvented his concept of Majorca hotels for families in a bid by specialization and improvement of service years ago offered to its guests. Mallorcan hotel chain have booked their hotels in Mallorca 4 for families seeking fun and tranquility beside the sea, and in this 2012 finally premieres its modern Family Hotels. Rooms specially designed to accommodate families with children, all inclusive service, exclusive facilities for children, a full programme of daily child animation and a privileged location on first line of beach these are the 5 pillars on which Marina Hotels has built its new concept of hotels for families in Mallorca. Marina Hotels opted for areas with more services and an environment more familiar Palmanova, Mallorca, Puerto de Alcudia and Cala d Or, aware that the vacations with children are demanding: families need above all a comfortable and well located accommodation to avoid having to do tedious displacement in car but without renouncing to enjoy your chosen destination. All these exclusive Family Hotels have family rooms, which will allow rest to children and adults in a comfortable, spacious environment with the best services of a hotel with all inclusive in Mallorca.

The family hotels of Marina Hotels found in first-line of beach, in quiet areas and with all the services to enjoy the Sun without missing anything. They are also very close to the water parks, one of the attractions preferred by families who spend their holidays in Majorca. But what really makes these Family Hotels, in unique are their services for children: swimming pools with water slides and fun water games Splash Pool, outdoor recreational areas, the areas of games in the interior of the hotel and the full daily children entertainment programme that will amaze children and older. The aim of Marina Hotels with this new model of hotels for families in Mallorca is offering at a price only a service adapted to every guest, making its offer, its facilities and ensuring quality and careful personal attention..

Hospitalized Children

Introduction the justification of this work is based on the fact of that the professionals of the health generally are prepared to deal with the illness, but for the daily consuming and the collection come back toward the vision of profits, they focam in the necessity to cure the illnesses of a patient, however to promote health of quality and above all with not adopted humanizao and as integrant part of the process of hospital internment. Hospitalization in infancy can be configured in a traumatic experience, it moves away the child from its daily life, making it precociously to arise guilt feelings, punishment and fear of the death. The concept of ' ' hospitals-hotis' ' it is current and real trend, the hospital manager must have the capacity to correlate the financial, administrative necessities without forgetting the be-human being who primordial in this process. The hospital manager can then use of this playful technique to develop a work of quality without losing the essence of the medicine. The field of the health comes if redesigning from different subjective identities, then if make necessary to go of meeting to the groups beneficiary of its action. In the attention ace children they necessarily pass for the interpretation cultural partner of the characteristic demands of the being child. Although without direct contact with the patient he fits to the managers not to leave that for standard the patient leaves of being an individual and pass to be only one ' ' caso' ' or one ' ' nmero' ' for the institution, she is necessary to understand the child as a whole, in the attendance is necessary to incorporate playful as the form auxiliary of treatment being thus aimed at to diminish trauma to be hospitalized, creating a direct canal with the universe of the child. Flexibilizar the rules for this promotion can be seen as a great challenge for the professionals of health who if veem in half many times, to a rigid hospital hierarquizao.