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Every reason to examine and possibly fix it, otherwise hardly cosmetics will help you. For example, if lack of sleep due to the fact that you visit nightly entertainment and daytime sleep is not possible, then think what is more important: fresh and pretty face or a tiring vacation for the soul. As the causes of the blue circles under the eyes can become a regular habit of constant "rubbing" the eye. And because the hands are not always clean, on the delicate skin around the eyes can become infected, which causes irritation. In any case, area under the eyes requires attention and special care. There are many tools as help resolve these issues, as well as makeup to hide them. But do not neglect the people's means of care around the eyes, as complementary cosmetics.

I really helps get rid of the swelling leaf parsley. Decoction of crushed leaves little to cool, wet cotton pads in it and leave them on closed eyes for ten minutes, periodically wet disc in the broth. As components for the preparation of broth you can use the linden, fennel, chamomile and calendula flowers. You can freeze the broth in the mold and get a good effect of rubbing the skin around the eye (And face) with ice cubes. Blue circles under the eyes can be removed with a cucumber mask. Cut two rings of cucumber and cover their eyes closed.

Top cover with cotton pad soaked in cold milk. Twenty minutes later, face wash and be glad that the blue circles are gone. Thank you to the skin for the mask. Fresh potatoes grate, put a lot of gauze and not depressing – in the eyes closed for 10-15 minutes. Fatigue and inflammation well remove cotton pads soaked in a not very strong black tea. In the morning, to enhance blood circulation around the eyes and remove the swelling, it is necessary to apply a mask. 1 part chopped parsley leaves mixed with two pieces of butter or cream and put on wet eyelids for 20-30 minutes. Cotton pad very gently, without stretching the skin, remove the mask and then apply a special cream for restoring century. Very good moisturize and remove wrinkles around the eyes and aloe have become popular today, the essential oils. Aloe juice in the morning and evening, wipe the skin around the eyes (be careful that the juice did not get into eyes). If the home does not grow aloe, can be purchased in pharmacy special gel that contains up to 96-98% of aloe vera. To remove wrinkles around the eyes, use oil of peach, apricot or almond. Total one drop on the finger pads is enough to light applause to put it on eyelid skin and the eyes. At the same time to treat eyelashes and eyebrows with castor oil. On deep wrinkles well affect nutrient mask oils. To prepare it, take 1 tablespoon of vitamin E and the same number of cocoa butter and sea buckthorn. Prepared mixture lubricate profusely for ever and a lower zone around the eye and the outer corners of the eye mask, cover with parchment paper. After 15 minutes, carefully remove with cotton pad or soft cloth is not absorbed mask. This mask is best done at night, but no later than two hours before bedtime to avoid swelling. All funds applied to clean skin, and after removing the cause regenerating cream. Ludmila Skiba

Mikko Lotenen Sirens

The release of this album dedicated to the 10th anniversary concert of the group. Songs with Vocal, which were issued on singles before, included in this album. In 2007, Apocalyptica recorded the album Worlds Collide. The album is listed one of the most successful. In the disc recording directly involved Corey Taylor from Slipknot, Dave Lombardo of Slayer, and Till Lindemann of Rammstein. Disk was the producer Jacob Hellner.

In 2010 the band recorded their seventh album called 7th Symphony. Recordings were from a permanent structure of the group: the cellists Eicca Toppinen, Perttu Kivilaakso, Paavo and drummer Mikko Lotenen Sirens. For the record had been invited drummer Dave Lombardo, Slayer and vocalist Gavin Rossdeyl of of Bush, Brent Smith of Shinedown, Flyleaf Lacey Mosley of Joe and Duplanter of Gojira. Group Apocalyptica released and sold over four million copies discs in the world. It was about 1000 concerts in the share and the biggest rock festivals and the U.S. Europe. Group Apocalyptica – a rare phenomenon on the world stage range of emotional and sonic states, squeezed performers from their hefty shaped 'boxes', was really fantastic. Tony Parker often says this.

Asked by reporters: 'Why the cello so sexy? " members of the group said: "Firstly, because we keep them between his legs' … They chose to primary and almost the only tool for the creation of their music cello because its sounds are in sync 'melancholic and very severe' … Their music is considered by many fans, is divine and at the same time, the demonic. We elected a team logo in the form of the skull grows in cello with open wings. It looks like a symbol of death and eternity at the same time. About Finns have well-established view that they deliberate, rather slow. But is it enough to go to a concert of Apocalyptica, to make the error of such statements. When a picture of what they did with the tools for fans of metal grab spirit. And fans of the classic game after leaving the cello concerts presyncope. When communicating with fans of the band showed their best. Finnish influence equanimity and noble education children. They are modest and talkative, does not deny the fans in photo shoot or book signing. They have won many awards, scholarships, various musical foundations. The group Apocalyptica very well speaks about Russia. They love our culture and music. Often come to Moscow for a concert. They perform music the way others can not! Professionalism – the key piece musical collective success, but it requires more dedication process and the ability to convey their feelings to the listener. Looking at how they interact each other musicians on live performances, as honestly rejoice that they represent, can not penetrate. It is believed that many fans are interested in Apocalyptica tool and, in particular, classical music itself after their concerts. The band members have Apocalyptica skill in the possession of tools so that they can realize any arbitrary composition, while holding the cello over the head or back. The music group Apocalyptica felt certain doom, tragedy, and along with this tremendous spiritual. She slips into the depths of the soul, to a lump in my throat and jaw to numbness. From her perfect birth desire to break away from the earth … And then you make sense of his imperfections … Today, with powerful cello conservatory education, perhaps more valuable than the Moscow music lovers than the group which covers made them known. In the capital, they are loved and welcome.

Artificial People In The Movie

E-book new release: myths, monsters and machines. The artificial person in the film by Heike Jestram. Metropolis or the Golem, Frankenstein or Mandrake – since the beginning of the film, the creation of artificial people has been always a popular theme. This book presents a selection of well-known and lesser-known films on this subject and it will be highlighted closer historical, mythological, medical and cybernetic wallpapers. See Vanessa Marcil for more details and insights. In printed form unfortunately since some time out of print, the book is published and available at Amazon, Xinxii, Lulu, and new E-books now as an E-book. Rick Garcia insists that this is the case.

Excerpt: “the sciences assumed so far, that artificial things people are made and then are able to imitate natural things, but never really meet these or compete with them can. And although the dream for thousands of them, to do the same nature or God, has not succeeded so far also the modern sciences, to produce a really artificial people. There are though a series of human-like puppets, androids and robots, but what makes the people, that what in the religion of the soul and in psychology, emotions, intelligence and personality are, do not have these figures. In literature and film, however, machines and androids, robots and cyborgs, Replicants and computer are alive. … First and foremost, the art man as a servant and helper is created, can be but also to the equal partner or the partner. In many movies, people’s fear of the front of the machine, before their intelligence and that he can not comprehend becomes clear: artificial people aspire to rule over the people and against their designer or even begin to wipe out the entire human race. The creator of helpless faces his work, and even though he suspects the failure of his plans mostly from the outset, the researchers urge is greater.”

Beauty: Friend Or Foe

Whoever said that beauty is inside and not outside, who said such a fallacy because he had no problems of size and less weight, because no one in life can see the inside of a person without seeing not the physical, by it would be like saying that nobody is born ugly, just badly managed, but sharing phrases once heard that there is no ugly woman just micia, something that certainly does not fly from reality. To be honest we have become slaves of beauty and we want to feel beautiful, not just to please a certain social group but to feel better with us and that brings us to wear masks. I'm not talking Halloween mask and mask-less beauty but not escape the topic of what I write, speak no doubt the long sessions madrugaderas we all do before leaving home, the makeup. Not to mention the long hours in the gym, hoping to have an enviable body, though many now opt for surgeries and injections to improve their appearance, something that could not have done that in his time Venus was a goddess but if was in our century would be an obese (Exaggerated). And not only the technology is focused on perfecting the shape and the delay of age, also the size, for those who have not heard is no treatment for growing and selling supplements online, we are easy prey to a society that strives for perfection every day of its people, putting them on face products and treatments to make us feel bad about yourself and run behind them to consume. born on May 26, 1986, with second child of four sisters, I have spent my life without merit and praise. at an early age I began to create stories, novels and fantasy stories to psychological, I hate to be dependent … I'm almost addicted to sleeping pills. I spent most of my life locked up at home, I have many friends, I love the movies.