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October Military

And later became famous generals, such as KK Rokossovsky Meretskov, AV Gorbatov other, even before the war had been arrested, and therefore denied the opportunity to stay abreast of the latest achievements of the military art. Only by a happy coincidence, they escaped death. Those who remained at large, had a constant moral pressure, in the event of failure they expect terrible reprisals. For example, Marshal Konev during the war proved to be one of the most talented Soviet military leaders, but the experience came to him immediately. In October 1941 the Western Front, which he commanded, he was surrounded. Stalin intended to give Konev under court martial, but opposed to this decision, Zhukov, who Stalin said that "such actions do not correct and did not revive. Click Sela Ward for additional related pages.

And it's only make a bad impression in the army. Reminded him that here was shot at the beginning of the war the commander of the Western Front, Pavlova, and that this is the result? Yielded nothing. It was well known in advance, what a Pavlov that he ceiling division commander. Everybody knew it. Nevertheless, he commanded the front and did not cope with that with which he could not cope.

A Konev – it is not Pavlov, this is a clever man. It still is useful. Please visit Hedvig Hricak if you seek more information. " Only the intercession of Zhukov Konev saved from imminent execution. And how the military was shot and killed in the camps and prisons … Indicators and a second example. At the beginning of World War II, Voroshilov has held positions of responsibility – a member of the GHQ, a member of the SCG.

Ship Business

Second, a significant savings can be obtained at the expense of simplicity and cheapness of the process necessary tool. Axes and saws are not expensive and durable. Third, tangible benefits will reduce the huge number of engineers and others, completely unnecessary servants, whose salaries are spent significant amounts of the budget. (Freed bureaucratic hands can also be used in the galleys). The content and maintenance of the ship in readiness so is not very expensive.

Once a year, it must be daubed. Due to the fact that the ship is equipped with, besides oars and a sail, the additional development will be those sectors of the economy, which is practically not developed. Agriculture economy to revive a crop of flax and hemp, light and textile industries will receive orders for fabric and sewing the sails. Rope production will receive additional orders. Just need the wax and resin. Due to increased demand in wax beekeeping industry will gain a strong incentive to revive the economy bee, which, in turn, would increase the production of bee products (pollen, bee venom, royal jelly, propolis, honey) for the production of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industry. Increased consumption of high quality timber will force the state to pay attention to the preservation and update of the forest fund, which, in turn, apart from the expected economic benefits, improve and ecological situation in the country. Wood processing industry will get an incentive to produce quality goods and implementation of its domestic market instead of exporting logs abroad.

Duarte School

In the year of 1924, the law of I number 94 of 06 of June, determines that the expirations of the municipal professors were composed of value of commanded and the gratuity, to put the temporary professors, in vacation or of license they would not have right the incorporation of the gratuities. In the year of 1925 we have the creation of the first mixing school of great Mountain range, was an elementary school, law of I number 115 of 28 of August of 1925? In 1930 it had a school kept for the fishing, destined to the children of the same ones, mainly the ones that liveed in Tento, typical quarter of Valena where they inhabit fishing and marisqueira, has the Fishing colony there. This school of years 30 was kept for the fishing Association. 1936 cite Duarte that studied in a Called school Siqueira Fields (Verbal Story of Mr., Duarte in Galvo, 1999)? Another characterization of the educative history of the city has to see with the formations of the armies of lay professors enlisted by the governments with the objective to all educate the children of the domestic territory as foreseen by the National plan of Education of 1937 and the interests of the New state (citation of Mr. Clovis Duarte in Galvo, 1999, P. 86)? In the decade of 1940 the sprouting of the Advising College Zacarias, at this time already functioned the Parochial school and the school of Fabrica Ours Lady of the Support in the Village for the basic education in the series 1, 2 and 3 degree? In the decade of 50, a teacher called Maria Lourdes Chagas, wife of the Dr. Adenoel Chagas, judge of Valena, establishes the School Garden of Infancy, with preschool and elementary education of the first letters. It is the first experience of the school whose methodology includes the works manual, the ballet, the theater, together with the alfabetizao.

New Year Celebration

Last September the New Year was celebrated in 1698. Having ascended to the throne, Peter the Great changed the calendar, and a way of celebrating the New Year, referring to European nations. Beginning in 1700 and the present, chronology starts from the birth of Christ, and not from time immemorial. But if the old Russian calendar was still in force, we would now celebrate the new year 7510. In Russia at the beginning of the century on New Year's baked dough pets: horses, cows and bulls. And when the house came kolyadovat, guest gifts to these figures, various sweets and nuts. Also felt that the new year must meet a new dress, shoes – and then go to the full year new dress. Typically, before the New Year gave all debts, forgive all wrongs, those who were at loggerheads, have been obliged to make peace, so ask forgiveness of each other.

Italy New Year begins the sixth of January. All the Italian kids from looking forward to a good Fairy Befanu. It flies at night on a magic broom, opens the door a little golden key, and went into a room where children sleep, filled with gifts for children socks, especially hanging from the fireplace. The one who poorly studied or naughty, Befana leaves a pinch of ashes or coals. It's a shame, but because he earned it! Italy is considered that the new year should start by getting rid of everything old. Therefore, in the New Year's Eve passed throw from the windows old things.

Old Republic

The difficulty of classroom organization, of the formation of representative associations and parties made of the authoritarian solution an attraction constante' '. 12 What dumb from the New State it is that the authoritarianism of Vargas, is not the authoritarianism of colonels of the Old Republic. We can say that it follows the aspects of the ideologies of the European totalitarismos. He has broken myself of the idea that the State would have to organize the society, or the society would have to be organized from the State, therefore it imagined that the society did not have conditions of if organizing without a strong State. ' ' The authoritarian chain did not bet in the party and yes in the Estado' '. 13 Even so the authoritarianism and the totalitarianism possessed distinct aspects, Vargas, as well as in regimes totalitarian knew to use itself the propaganda, as much to organize the coup d etat, how much to support it as to be able in the years that if had followed. As well as the fascism and nazism, the State of Vargas was a propagandist State. In Italy, according to Perry: ' ' The propaganda fascist inculcou habits of disciplines and obedience: ' Mussolini always has razo'.

' It believes! It obeys! It fights! '. The press, the cinema and the radio idealized the life under the fascism, leaving implicit that it eradicates the crime, the poverty, and the tensions sociais' '. 14 Regarding the propaganda, it in the government Vargas it served for ' ' glorificar' ' the figure of the president, as the proper State and the cult to the leader, this also was a mark of Vargas. On the social crimes and tensions, this in many times is silenced by the proper machine of the State. Social tensions are calmed, unions control the masses, that have many of its taken care of claims.