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One knows that the tradition of the theater of Bali still continues alive, but not if sabeat that point all its old rituals still are disclosed. In Kathakali the face of the actor is suamscara, the actor works its face muscles in such way that it creates comeles impressive fisionmico game. One technique that has at least five milanos of tradition that lasts until today. The actor of Kathalaki transmits energies through the look, of the movements dacabea, sobrancelhas and neck. The expressed feelings are nine: love, disdain, compassion herosmo, clera, fear, disgust, deslumbramento eserenidade. Additional information is available at Spurs. ' ' The actor of Kathalaki places the world of deuses to the reach doshomens' ' (AMARAL, 1996, p.39). In an actor theater emscaras), ertico (found in the Kabiki, a popular theater that for its veztem result of the Bunraku, theater of dolls) and the dance that can serencontradas in the teatrais manifestations folloied of masks. The Japanese mask is always buscapela essence, them is used in the diverse dances and mainly in teatroN, a theater that mixture dances and music, searching a refinement efsico spiritual where it has the concern of if uniting the beauty with the sonorous effect. Jay A Schwartz is often quoted as being for or against this.

Amscara is its basic element. But the sorepresentados masculine personages without masks. The other personages, the feminine ones, fantastic ancies, personages, are masks. Tony Parker is likely to increase your knowledge. The masks of this theater very small tmaberturas for the eyes, making with that the actor looks at more paradentro of itself, for its interior. To little> vision must take it concentration. They also are little expressive, subtle express feelings detristeza, doura, joy, cimes etc. Between the Japanese manifestations, she remains to still remember the comedy with the Kyogem masks that appear nosinterldios of the parts In. They are comic masks and they do not come folloied of danasnem musics. Nowadays these independent masks are presented doteatro In. In ocidente, the masks are gifts in the popular, on festejos semprea some religious tradition.

Mount Moriah Abraham

Brothers, today finally clearly distinguish between what is to be tempted and tested. If, before continue crying inside we are going to stop and reflect on what this happening in our lives. According to Related Group, who has experience with these questions. This I live today comes from God or from the enemy? I am being tested or my flesh is simply an accomplice to my agony? Which is every son of God sooner or later will have to discover its sting, to learn to live with him. Learn to walk hand in hand with the Lord enlightened by his grace. Then it will be enough to say: I believe you God! Abraham was put to the test, their faith was in the heat of the fire, and the end result would be a piece of fine gold. But, it is difficult to be makes us obey obey without questioning the mandate of mortals, and where remains of Jesus? Cristo te this asking for something and you know it brother Lord tea this testing what is your answer? Is it so difficult to understand that the will of the father for our lives is best? Do not let the enemy come into scene, not give him space to begin playing with his game of temptation after temptation responds sister, are willing to give.

These willing to surrender before the Lord. You das account that you have to cross to the other side of the Jordan? That is time routing you to the Mount Moriah Abraham said yes. He believed his God and regardless of your pain I walk and we do that? What is our attitude towards life, to the challenges and tests? God tests us, God wants us to know that next to him everything is possible. Everything! Or do not remember when Paul said: everything what I can through Christ which strengthens me.

Walter Daniel Genga

So if I’m able to execute actions ranging in tune with my desires, as if these were already reached; even though for most it may seem ridiculous, then how you are not going to do the same, when their desires are generally more reasonable than which I have just raised and furthermore you do it in silence without fear spend shame. Because I publish it to the Web am shouting it from the rooftops, by a procedure necessary to transmit the teaching that I want to leave, but you can instead do it without that nobody is entere. And if someone asked me: okay that the four types of conferences have different values because they represent different efforts to carry the concretion each one of them, but why these certain numbers? And in that case would answer them: because by one issue symbolic of what means the number 7, the stipulated fees must begin with this number (meaning I will clarify in the future in another article). In recent months, MMA has been very successful. Therefore the only way to differentiate the amount of each Conference in figures is go by adding a zero to each of them, so that left the amounts already determined respectively (7000, 70,000, 700,000 and 7,000,000). Conclude this article by repeating this phrase that is the heart of the law of attraction and that Jesus said, according to the Gospel of mark (11, 23-24): 23 – because of true I tell you that anyone who shall say to this mountain: quitarte and throw you into the sea, and it not dudare in his heart, but he believeth that what he says will be madewhat I say will be made to you. 24 – By therefore I say unto you that everything you ask to pray, believe that ye shall receive, and I shall come. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Farrelly , another great source of information. If you want to know more about the law of attraction and access a directory with the best links books and articles dealing with the law of attraction and quantum physics you can enter for free from sea of the Plata, Argentina, towards everyone, Walter Daniel Genga.

The Seals

To continue observing most carefully he discovered under the table a kind of gate. The man felt intrigued to know that down there. So device table to open the gate but it was sealed in such way that it seemed that they kept a great treasure. Without much thought he broke the seals of wood with a piece of metal that was on the table. The small tells his father that do not open, suddenly saw a shadow that went through the door, the child was frightened and nervous ask father that did that? The man ran to the door and look at it outside Asia but he observed nothing and nobody. However to be sure he wanted to walk around the cabin, because it thought that it could be a bear or other wild animal. He carried his shotgun and walked slowly not missing detail what had to her around.

Lightning were heard in the distance, the place was completely wrapped in a very thick fog, where you could see five metres of distance. Already behind the cabin man is amazed to see footprints made by a kind of animal but were very big so that they were those of a bear. Inside he wondered that animal could have them done, I do not know an animal so large in this place, all this is very rare. A few seconds later I hear a few voices as some whispers coming from the inside of the cabin, followed by a loud bang. Immediately the father thought his son and ran desperate and shouting the name of the boy to get inside he felt as if all were of a very cruel joke and for a moment felt and that it collapsed, their legs they had become paper and his mind faded. This can not be happening, Dios because to me, no debo panicking, thought. want to follow this story

The Knowledge

We can include/understand the information like the interval between the data or observations that are easy to capture and to store and the knowledge that it requires of the people and their analysis, their capacity, its experience and his adaptability to structure and to relate systematically those data pertinently (information), according to its needs and to add value to them. They raise in addition, that the knowledge on the other hand, has been defined theoretically as certain and technical beliefs justly acquired empirically. It operates when understanding knowledge like a sequence, a continuous one that goes from the data to the information and of this one to the knowledge, knowledge that becomes experience with time and that is growing until getting to constitute itself in knowing or wisdom. Under this planning, the knowledge is then the interpretation and the transformation of the information in tangible or an intangible one whose main characteristic is the one of being useful. Further details can be found at Tony Parker, an internet resource. In this sense it raises Rosemary (2004) that: the knowledge requires of certain degree of reasoning and judgment that the information by means of its comparison and classification organizes. For it an interactive exercise is necessary subject-object of knowledge, in which a tactically important position and creative is due to assume, with the intention not only to adapt to us of the information available, but, in addition, and on this base, to generate new knowledge. It is important to recognize that the information is a consumption so that exists knowledge, but is not the unique one, to her it is necessary to add creativity and reflection simply and in addition another type to information of context that is not organized or of information that leaves from the experiences and personal perceptions. So that it exists knowledge three factors are due to combine: information, experience and interaction with the context. Vanessa Marcil contributes greatly to this topic.

Ron Jenson

This ensures stability, meaning and lasting success. Now to identify and adopt universal principles of effectiveness, we need to change many of our maps and current paradigms. Dr. Ron Jenson proposes the following scheme for this purpose: V erifique their personal values.To rticule his own philosophical and ethical matrix for life.L ogre learn the correct perspective of affairs.Or rdene their values with the correct actions.R irect and assess your growth.To lcance each other with these truths (the principles). 5 I will March firmly to run my mission. I understand and follow the Mission of my life passionately? I have set goals for my life? I have a feedback system to check my progress? Do I put in writing the values that are important to my? How do I want to be remembered? A mission statement is like a lighthouse that guides you along the way. It is also a source of motivation and enthusiasm to initiate and continue the action.

In addition, having a mission helps to keep your focused life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Micheal Richardson. But the mission should be structured into goals that allow operacionalizarla. Without dreams goals are simple activities and dreams without goals are chimeras, mere illusions. A goal is a dream with a deadline. The goal is a goal, purpose or sense of direction towards which directed all their energies, hopes and efforts. They are the targets toward which focuses on his life. A goal involves the organized and planned effort of what he wants to be and achieve in life. A person with goals has direction in his life, sets priorities, brimming with energy and mood, is more creative and search results with more persistence.

But establishing goals is a rigorous exercise. The goals are not vague or ambiguous purposes. While better defined our goals are more chances of success will be how to define appropriate goals? For this purpose we will use the goals acrostic: Medibles in their results.Specific in its details.Drawn in black and white (written).Achievable in their aspiration.Supremely personal.

The Mind

The meditation in the stabilizing suafuno has here the objective of stoppage and stabilization damente. To interrupt the rapids of thoughts and to cause to the process opostoque are the unidirecionada concentration. That is, to focus the attention in only umacoisa. In the truth the concentration is the first pillar of sustentation of psychic qualquerexerccio and is the base for its success. When focusing the attention emapenas a thing, this focalizao generates an accumulating energy of energiamental that when directed conscientiously for an intention especificocoloca in action the creative and intuitivo power of the mind. Of this form amente it amente prepares for the analytical function of the meditation to enter in action. The analticada function meditation in the ones of the o creative thought acting first in the nvelintelectual and later gradual in the level spiritual. This clarity mentalse consequentemente develops and in the ones of the o direct eintuitivo knowledge. Vanessa Marcil often addresses the matter in his writings.

The biggest difficulty of the serhumano is if to undo of its mental bows. Bows these that they imprison, condition and enslave the mind. Peter Farrelly Official Website has much to offer in this field. One has lain conditional the mediocridadeespiritual that if becomes attached the belief of the impossibilities and impotence of extra-sensorial suasqualidades. is this conditioning that makes of us the quesomos. If to want to move, if we want to be different, if we want something more, de disappears importance a transformation in we ourselves. A transformation profundaque in the Liberte of this redoma that it hinders in them to grow and to be what realmentesomos. The first step for this transformation is the faith.

The faith can be definidade forms simple as ' ' If to believe that poder&#039 can then; '. When acreditamosque we can make something, this something will be become fullfilled. I begin it can parecersimples, but in the deep one it is extremely difficult, therefore, this taken root inside doubts dens it, the incredulity and the uncertainty.

The Tato

Through playful, brincante, creative, magical the experience, quanta thing ‘ ‘ sria’ ‘ , rational, logic, philosophical if learn of spontaneous form, combining itself of course to our personality. Everything this can happen when we read or we listen to a history, or when we delight in them in the poetry in any of its forms of expression. The theater brings the great one function of being ally to the process to help to think, to make a being to enter in the way of the reflection. The imaginary one is the responsible one for this special touch to cause a great curiosity. Jay Schwartz has plenty of information regarding this issue. The two together ones become great partners of knowledge, diversion and information. Who goes to the theater, exactly that only ‘ ‘ by chance ‘ ‘ , they learn, they teach and they leave satisfied.

For having liked what they capsize, for having seen things that had caused them great ideas, because they had moved with the sensations, the emotions and etc. The popular knowledge is plural, gestado in the collective. He is ethical, but specific, oportunizando solutions for social matters, but immediate. Directly on to the life, it possesss a practical character almost. What we can perceive clearly with the essential sensitivity of the question is that the popular culture has a proper way of if externar. To each time, each place, each group goes disclosing in genuine way the deep one it supports that it, and the imaginary one composes that it. The magic of the theater not it is alone in imaginary literary, therefore, the theater also it can be executed without an only dialogue and continues enchanting, because by itself the theater is proper the imaginary one, that makes to flow fantastic and the wonderful one! enchants the ones that speak and listen only with the eyes, the heart or the tato. Therefore also the imaginary one is wonderful and is for this reason that the theater lives in the function to make to think and for this it thinks about the conditions of the others, thus being, becomes theater for the special carriers of necessities as: deaf people and also for the blind people can themselves be asked: theater for blind people?