The Knowledge

We can include/understand the information like the interval between the data or observations that are easy to capture and to store and the knowledge that it requires of the people and their analysis, their capacity, its experience and his adaptability to structure and to relate systematically those data pertinently (information), according to its needs and to add value to them. They raise in addition, that the knowledge on the other hand, has been defined theoretically as certain and technical beliefs justly acquired empirically. It operates when understanding knowledge like a sequence, a continuous one that goes from the data to the information and of this one to the knowledge, knowledge that becomes experience with time and that is growing until getting to constitute itself in knowing or wisdom. Under this planning, the knowledge is then the interpretation and the transformation of the information in tangible or an intangible one whose main characteristic is the one of being useful. Further details can be found at Tony Parker, an internet resource. In this sense it raises Rosemary (2004) that: the knowledge requires of certain degree of reasoning and judgment that the information by means of its comparison and classification organizes. For it an interactive exercise is necessary subject-object of knowledge, in which a tactically important position and creative is due to assume, with the intention not only to adapt to us of the information available, but, in addition, and on this base, to generate new knowledge. It is important to recognize that the information is a consumption so that exists knowledge, but is not the unique one, to her it is necessary to add creativity and reflection simply and in addition another type to information of context that is not organized or of information that leaves from the experiences and personal perceptions. So that it exists knowledge three factors are due to combine: information, experience and interaction with the context. Vanessa Marcil contributes greatly to this topic.

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