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Sesquicentenria party! It believes to be wanted! Therefore it is, my people, it has one hundred more necessarily and cinquenta and seven years, we will commemorate in day 28 of February the beginning of the famous carnival of street. I found a reminder that speaks on this date: 28 of February of 1854, in a leaf that detaches the commemorative dates and I decided to comment on the subject. I am not studious on carnival but I found a beauty! As we are ignorant on subjects that would have to even appear in the media constantly! I am to imagine as she was pretty the first time that they had paraded in the street having commemorated the carnival! How penalty! I do not have nor a magazine of the time. It will be that it had space to edit a magazine that registered such event? Many, especially, the puritanos had to close the eyes finding a great aberration, as many people sambando in the way of the street! It will be that they had been taxed of insane people? Not achismo taste, but I go to find that it was not a tresloucada party! Many people giving beginning to an ostentation, if showing in quaint way as the ones that if they showed in the beach. Only it can be! Those cueces, those very quaint shimstocks, but all sambando without badness, me the intention, demonstrating that a body dress can please, not having necessity to be almost naked! We go to imagine as they were the clothes has a century and way more than! Corpetes, the long skirts, the stockings until the half of the leg, skirts of scaffolding under the normal skirt in the bufantes height of the ankle, to leave twirled it more, those sleeves! It cuts off it to E! What cuts off? He was one cuts off that badly it still passed the head and superficially an opening with many buttons, therefore was not said in zper! the band? marchinhas? I am not having time at the moment but I go to search to know at the time on this party because of now we know until excessively! It is not legal to search to compare the attitudes of the people, especially, of the women? With certainty, I will make aluso if to find in net something on the subject. I promise that I go to search! I was curious and being thus I want to take off the doubts! But he is well-known that of beginning already I know that exactly some was had me the intention was camouflaged therefore was very pudicas people and to never give what to secretely say in that machista society where the man already could everything and the coitada one of the woman could not nothing, not to be to give birth many children and to the times with a man who it felt nauseas. The times had moved, had not moved? ' '

Colonial Anthropology

Despite the fact that Cuba has always been considered an island of communism, the country continues to attract tourists from all over the world. This is not surprising – the climate in Cuba is great! And the emerald sea, colorful locals an abundance of festivals and carnivals complete the picture. Besides, who would not try the famous Cuban rum and cigars Many news sites offer information on the subject, just as often about Cuba can be heard from news releases, but still want more time to talk about Cuba, because Cuba is an island of freedom. The pearl of the island is considered to Varadero on the island Ikakos. These wonderful white sand beaches and clear sea must still look for it! But not only by beaches (which, incidentally, are the three best in the world) is famous Varadero. Attractions at the resort enough. Tourists are invited to visit the Dolphinarium, which is located at within a large lake.

Would be very interesting to visit the cave Ambrosio with its ancient rock paintings, as well as the famous National Park, Varadero. Fans of outdoor activities also should not miss: their services as much, – Twenty-three diving center. The capital of Cuba Havana is famous for its museums and Colonial Anthropology. There is even a museum to combat illiteracy. A few years living in Cuba writer Ernest Hemingway, his home estate Vigia and today receives visitors. In the Cuban capital for many years now operates a bar Bodeguita del Medio “, in which the walls of famous personalities of the 20th century, visitors to schools, they left their autographs. The largest park in the Cuban capital is named after VI Lenin and his must-visit. Be interesting to visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (mid-17th century), Monastery of Santa Clara (17th century), the zoo and the capital Havana Botanical garden.

Not far from the fortress of La Cabana is a majestic monument sculpture Havana Christ, as much as 18 m in height! Every night in the fortress is the pompous ceremony of cannon, – try to get it. In times of the colony cannon shot signaled the closing of the gate to stop the movement of travelers and vehicles between the fortresses of La Punta and El Moro. Today, the cannon in the evenings it’s just a tribute tradition, and yet another tourist attraction, marking the onset of daring Havana Nights. Most tour operators offer holidays in Cuba with the already included air travel from Moscow to Havana, stay in a hotel with a selected type of food, Russian-speaking guide services. Cost of the tour for two – about $ 4,500. But the memories will last for a lifetime! At least once in your life to change the cold Russian winter for sun-drenched beaches of Varadero, visit home of Cuban rum and cigars, or even meet in Cuba New Year – believe me, it’s worth it! When using any article direct active link to the source must be mentioned newsadd.

Abel Konig

In the heart of the German city of Koln, we find the cosmetic surgery clinic Abel Konig, one of the main hospitals of medical tourism in this populous European town. One of the many things that we are trying to coerce to not make us any cosmetic surgery operation to be able to like us better, reaching a share of Nice beauty for us, is the social pressure. Therefore in this clinic before you start talking about treatments would you make yourself, doctors discuss Contigo real motivation that leads to this clinic aesthetic treatments, to know whether your aspirations will be fulfilled with health tourism operations or on the contrary recommended you treatments that do not involve surgery, but with that you will get similar results. Apart from the enormous and experience that this clinic doctors harvested, there is also a great relationship with local universities to its most distinguished students, endowed with greater capacity for the cosmetic surgery, collaborate in its hospitals, providing us with a better service and a cosmetic tourism of higher quality, always at the forefront of the sector, with recent scientific advances. Its operations include virtually all demand of plastic surgery seeking in today patients, like a rhinoplasty, liposuction to let a sculpted body or a few breast implants to enhance our figure. In November comes one of the most fun times to this locality, with the arrival of the Carnival. Parties in the streets, squares, and all the pubs and restaurants in the area, make this Carnival have nothing to envy to the Brazilians. Aesthetic treatments that we were looking for with the best party to entertain us during our stay in Koln. Original author and source of the article

WEB Virtual

WEB 3.0 allows you to work safely on virtual machine environments on the Internet. It is a new standard. WEB 3.0 is, discussed for some time, new standard in the Internet, which includes also the possibilities of use of virtualized environments online. For the first time a Bavarian company provides such a platform now specifically online. It has its own operating system, in this particular case it is SuSE LINUX as an open source system and a large number of pre-installed applications already available in the free trial – access available.

Registered users get own space, the possibility of data exchange with your local computer and can put their data online with the help of this platform. Because it is this WEB 3.0 – platform to a virtual machine, the possibilities that arise for the user are virtually unlimited. A constraint is only for the printing of the documents and the use of multimedia – content available online, but easily using Data exchange functions are zuganglch to the local computer. The highlight of the matter is the independence of the computer model and operating system of the computer used for access. It requires only a Java – enabled browser, which exists today almost on every system. Using the adjustment features, which are available on the virtual platform, the user can customize his desktop, as well as its file system its individual requirements. This individual platform is the user and everyone he granted access in the same manner around the world available, where I would be also on the subject of security. It encrypts data transmitted from the input from the user to the virtual platform online, according to the latest standard.

The user sees on his screen the graphical image of his online – workplace. These data are transmitted as graphical content and not in the form of readable content, such as text or other code and are encrypted. For the application of the WEB 3.0 – workplace under a wide spectrum arises due to its flexibility. Office – applications, graphics software, DTP, CAD, school and tutorials, online – applications, on which more specifically let me, communication extends the spectrum to tools for the programming and testing of applications. As regards the online – applications, to offer a security against viruses and other malicious programs from the fact out that the data transmitted on the local computer of the user as a purely graphical content, so images may contain malicious code no. Browsing with virtual platform installed browser is as well as retrieving emails with potentially dangerous attachments, safe. The system, WEB 3.0 to reason is, prevents infection, also the virtual work environment, since most will affect users in almost all cases of WINDOWS – malicious programs that are transmitted through careless Internet use on individual computer.