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The most popular resort in the world – is no doubt turkey. Each season, from around the world thousands of tourists come here to soak in the beautiful sea and relax from everyday problems. However, let’s talk about this country.Goryaschie tours to Turkey today are among the best in the world. Hotels in Turkey – are elegant and comfortable. Virtually all the system of all-inclusive, which makes holidays in Turkey even more enjoyable and convenient. Sela Ward often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Hotels in Turkey vary in price and quality, so virtually anyone can afford a tour of sights in turtsiyu.Ogromnoe collected in Turkey and talk about them can be very long, why single out the main. Troy – on the spot where it was located, had been found more than 10 settlements of various periods.

Visiting this town can make your holiday in Turkey a fantastic and rich of interesting and useful information. Turkey will need to bargain. So you can bring down the price at times in half. Recently Robbie Lawler sought to clarify these questions. And of course, make it the best in Istanbul at the legendary great bazare.Samye famous resorts of Turkey – it is certainly as Antalya, Marmaris, Side, Belek, Alanya, Izmir. In the mountains near this resort has many waterfalls and karst waters, its beaches are very clean. A wandering the streets of the towns of Antalya you can find many great shops and cozy restaurants.

Lovers of the same ski priydutsya to taste and Palandoken Uludag. Resting here, you can find a route in Turkey today, as well as year-round, pamper visitors. Tony Parker is a great source of information. The warm, azure sea always warms with gentle sunshine luchami.Imenno so turkey is considered a country of various recreation. You can explore the culture of this country, see attractions, you can simply lie on the beautiful beaches, and you can do sport. A ski holiday in Turkey will appeal to all. If you decide to relax, watch historical monuments, lie on the the beach or go skiing, then the rest of Turkey is that you need.

The North

I realized that this would happen all day long. AND our chances are slim. So I decide to help "guest." Ercise dome Andrew vstegnutsya help and urging, "releasing" him in heaven and I am glad the Pamirs. Naschelkav its flight, starting vstegivatsya himself. Five minutes passed after the landing, it started to rain, immediately turns into hail. I was broody, and only managed to crumple wings and cover them, listening as the hail pounding on the helmet and envious of the "white" Andrew. He also "fed" his camera hailstones and just in time, that thrust him into the tent. And he began to watch me from the wing stalls.

Grad ended after about twenty minutes, soaking the earth and grass. I decided not to surrender, as was blowing a steady south-east. My hope was that this wind dry land, and I can start. And so it happened, but I laid out the dome a little earlier than the dried herb and earth. Hence the rise of the dome has become a torment and an impossible task, the wind was blowing about 7-9m / s.

Vydohnuvshis finally, decided to rest, down the ridge and to realize the flight of a spoon to the end of this spur, but pre-dry the dome. Sushil dome on the same meadow, several sections with each console at a time. Dried and rested, the wind not subsided. Coming in contact with Andrew, passed I would try to raise the canopy here, and if it does not – I will try to the north.

Colonial Anthropology

Despite the fact that Cuba has always been considered an island of communism, the country continues to attract tourists from all over the world. This is not surprising – the climate in Cuba is great! And the emerald sea, colorful locals an abundance of festivals and carnivals complete the picture. Besides, who would not try the famous Cuban rum and cigars Many news sites offer information on the subject, just as often about Cuba can be heard from news releases, but still want more time to talk about Cuba, because Cuba is an island of freedom. The pearl of the island is considered to Varadero on the island Ikakos. These wonderful white sand beaches and clear sea must still look for it! But not only by beaches (which, incidentally, are the three best in the world) is famous Varadero. Attractions at the resort enough. Tourists are invited to visit the Dolphinarium, which is located at within a large lake.

Would be very interesting to visit the cave Ambrosio with its ancient rock paintings, as well as the famous National Park, Varadero. Fans of outdoor activities also should not miss: their services as much, – Twenty-three diving center. The capital of Cuba Havana is famous for its museums and Colonial Anthropology. There is even a museum to combat illiteracy. A few years living in Cuba writer Ernest Hemingway, his home estate Vigia and today receives visitors. In the Cuban capital for many years now operates a bar Bodeguita del Medio “, in which the walls of famous personalities of the 20th century, visitors to schools, they left their autographs. The largest park in the Cuban capital is named after VI Lenin and his must-visit. Be interesting to visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (mid-17th century), Monastery of Santa Clara (17th century), the zoo and the capital Havana Botanical garden.

Not far from the fortress of La Cabana is a majestic monument sculpture Havana Christ, as much as 18 m in height! Every night in the fortress is the pompous ceremony of cannon, – try to get it. In times of the colony cannon shot signaled the closing of the gate to stop the movement of travelers and vehicles between the fortresses of La Punta and El Moro. Today, the cannon in the evenings it’s just a tribute tradition, and yet another tourist attraction, marking the onset of daring Havana Nights. Most tour operators offer holidays in Cuba with the already included air travel from Moscow to Havana, stay in a hotel with a selected type of food, Russian-speaking guide services. Cost of the tour for two – about $ 4,500. But the memories will last for a lifetime! At least once in your life to change the cold Russian winter for sun-drenched beaches of Varadero, visit home of Cuban rum and cigars, or even meet in Cuba New Year – believe me, it’s worth it! When using any article direct active link to the source must be mentioned newsadd.