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The Festival

Some couples celebrate theme weddings. The motto is always previously announced on the invitations. This is a beautiful set and help. Direct you know in which direction your dress choice to go. Should go the theme in a direction which is very much as a Western wedding, you can borrow a dress in the costume rental too. Colors for the wedding guests? If there is a predominant color on the wedding then you should orient yourself with his outfit it.

Thus they harmoniously into the overall picture of the Festival. It is but not a must. You don’t have to be out of politeness to a color changing rooms not available or do not like. As a general rule but that the colours white and ivory, cream, etc. are the colors of the wedding. If you want to wear a white dress so it should necessarily be loosened with coloured accessories.

So that no one is in danger for the bride to hold. Similar to it’s black with the color, which applies to us as the color of mourning. You dress so if possible not in black. Spice you black dresses with colored accessories on. Choose for example coloured shoes and a matching bag. This a pretty necklace and a contrasting stole and already a little black dress is not more drab. Bright and cheerful colors like rose, sky blue, mint green and lilac are welcome. Especially when one Summer wedding are the very appropriate and gladly selected colors. What style should my dress have? This is basically just a question of taste. You know best what is available and like it. However, keep in mind some things. Very short mini-dresses or dresses with a plunging neckline you should refrain from. You are invited to a wedding and this is always a very festive occasion. Just avoid dresses that are too sexy. Classically elegant or playful here definitely is the better choice. Rather, to get noticed, we recommend clothes with great catchers such as a collar or a train hint of. So you can contact scene without attracting negative attention. And the most important should be always for you: you need to feel comfortable. Only if you feel good in your dress you can enjoy the day and spread a good mood. We would like to invite you to search our online boutique for your dream dress and would be happy to welcome you as a customer.