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SPA Skin

In a reductive medical SPA the objective is the reduction of localized in certain areas of the body fat, as well as combat cellulite and reaffirm tissues, technologies like ultrasound or RF are regularly used. Therapeutic ultrasound is a method that stimulates the subcutaneous tissues (the tissues that are just below the surface of the skin), using sound waves of high frequency, this promotes the Elimination of localized fat and improves the appearance of skin. Reductive gel used in the SPA facilitates the action of the sound waves and helps combat cellulite, also reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Of radio waves radiate a high and effective heat energy, activate collagen tissue and enter the deep layers of skin in order to beautify the skin quickly. The radiofrequency stimulates the formation again colagenoen skin and subcutaneous tissue thus generating greater tone and reduce flaccidity, furthermore centimeters are lost by the expulsion of liquids and rupture fat cells. The radio frequency is indicated for: localized fat and corporal reaffirmation reduction reduce cellulite toning the skin reduce the appearance of stretch marks between the multiple benefits of a reductive medical SPA treatment, is reduce centimeters in the treated area, i.e. you can reduce 2 to 4 sizes by area depending on the number of sessions.

Reductive massages medical SPA are the ideal complement for who has a proper diet, exercise and take plenty of fluids, since it helps eliminate fat and toxins. The areas to be treated can be abdomen, legs, arms, calves, buttocks and chest. The results may be seen from the first sessions, and there is no rebound, since fat is removed through urine and sweat. Sessions in a reductive SPA usually are accompanied by music therapy and aromatherapy allows it the patient relax and enjoy of the procedure. Find out more about the reductive massages at this link. Receive a warm greeting.

Spa Days

Spa day or spa plans have been designed to provide the most during your stay, the advantage is the possibility of having different plans to choose and enjoy. They use grandiose body treatments and for the soul, since one of the fundamental precepts of life it is that human well-being is directly linked to the equilibrium or balance that the individual has with itself at the physiological level, in your mind and in your environment. Through direct connection with your senses and the feel of the body is achieved by providing better health. Their plans are specially designed for it, however the therapies you receive are unique since any other urban sites can offer you them in your day spa options, as it is through the connection with the elements of nature and the follow-up of a self-healing process which can be specifically is what you need to improve your physical and mental state. A resort spa, wellness spa or a holistic spa plans adapted to your time and budget Through practical activities that improve your health fully: hydromassage jacuzzi, anti-stress massage, mud therapy and among others for relaxation, is intended to: not curative preventive health management spa live activity days and live with nature are invited to learn to listen to your body when I learn to listen to your body: learn to diagnose, prevent and heal frees the immune system health in the body allowing three pillars: Comprehensive well-being in contact with nature – conscious power conscious breathing conscious breathing = emotions benefits management: tools for everyday life.

Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado

During the last hour hardly was shot due to the rain in Belgium. The McLarens of Button and Hamilton were the third and fourth time. In the first free, Schumacher was the fastest in the Spa circuit. Check the times of the second session of the Grand Prix of Belgium-free. Australian Mark Webber (Red Bull) marked the fastest time in the Formula one Belgium Grand Prix free practice contested this Friday at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, where the Spanish Fernando Alonso was second. Webber was the fastest in the second session, which were the best times of the day and in which almost no was filmed during the last hour because of rain. The Australian covered – at best their twists – Belgian track, 7.004 meters, in one minute, 50 seconds and 321 thousandths, 140 less than double world champion Spaniard.

Britons Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton (both McLaren) marked the third and the fourth best time in a session in which the Mexican Sergio Perez (1: 51. 655) He was seventh and the leader of the World Cup, Germany’s Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), tenth, with a time of 1: 51. 970. The Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado marked the twelfth time (1: 52. 750), while the other Spanish, Jaime Alguersuari (Toro Rosso), achieved the 14th (1: 52. 911). Check the times of the second session of the Grand Prix of Belgium-free.