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Philipp Sommer

In just 6 months: 330 winners with prizes worth 11.630 euro Mannheim, 01.08.2011. Since the beginning of this year, King is a term cookie for many Internet users. The young winning gaming platform from Mannheim is committed to the task, to offer new daily prize draws for visitors. “Themed game, fun and saying” find their new owners on the social network Facebook discount vouchers and other prizes in the 24-hour cycle. More than 330 participants could bag the Grand Prize. There is every day becoming something else and you learn every day new shops,”reported Steffi at Chemnitz, who himself must classified in the winner’s circle. The 50-year-old has already won a colour laser printer from Dell. Everyone has the opportunity to win something.

Who doesn’t, is their own fault! “, is the conclusion of the winner. The Mannheim startup come not only companies that start a raffle for advertising purposes, but also users from all over Germany fully at their own expense: from Kiel to Passau everywhere there are people the every Day going happily on his nerves”. While all ages are addressed. Also who is still not allowed to count among the main winners, yet have fun at King Biscuit. Not only the daily tension and the hopes are that long-term cookie bind the visitors to King. “Rather the user already received for their participation in a discount voucher: this reward not only made the 29-year old Susan become the loyal biscuit friend: King Biscuit is innovative and just fun”, describes the employees from Lower Saxony the profit game portal. Also the 48 year old Gunther from Kiel remains enthusiastic despite the missing Grand Prize: I am indeed an unlucky guy, in there but only because the fun and joy. Sometime you win what.

There you must stay tuned easily.” King Biscuit is simple that makes it so popular among users! Any Facebook user can participate free of charge in the draw. It appreciates also the learned clerk Sandra from Darmstadt. It of easy to join and costs just a click on the day.” The ‘ 44-year old Martina from Brandenburg white especially the fortune cookie sayings to appreciate right shared with other visitors after taking part in the Internet via Facebook: I find the Proverbs of the day so great, that will help me throughout the day “. About King Biscuit: the Mannheim startup was launched of Suleyman Acar and Philipp Sommer in January 2011. Themed game, fun and saying connects King Biscuit intelligent and motivational fortune cookie sayings with attractive prizes. Every day there are to win prizes as well as exclusive discount vouchers with a fortune cookie saying that each participant receives. The participation is free of charge and without registration. Anyone who has a Facebook account, can cookie Facebook application about the King simply and quickly take part in the daily draws.


Zen came to permeate almost all aspects of life in Japan. In terms of artistic expression, the work of zen art, was never created to be exposed is not a decorative art. It is beyond aesthetics. Sally Rooney is likely to agree. If we want to communicate and to understand a work of zen art, we have to abandon the idea of whether we like or not like us because it was not created to appeal. The artist has to be what that represents, becoming his own work, and that work is a part of himself. As for the viewer of the work, only you will understand it really when he himself is also transformed into the work and feels that observed outside is to discern inside since it expresses a part of himself. Then, regardless of the aesthetic beauty and technical employee, the viewer enters the deep sense and what he finds in this search is no longer something external that your eyes see, but a State inside that lies in the depths of his psyche.

Zen art and again repeats the same prototypes aesthetic, subjects that, if we cannot go further, will become monotonous and repetitive in the eyes of our physical eyes. The work was made not to create aesthetic impressions in the Viewer, but to lead you to a State beyond the senses physical, to serve as a connection to his own inner world and express it. To achieve this, is important the internal state of the artist at the time of the creation because through zen art expresses it is. Goes not to the intellect, feelings or the artistic sensibility of the spectator. The zen artist uses intuition and goes to the intuitive sphere who contemplates it. For this reason can not capture the meaning of the work if we abandon not the flow of thought and put us in a State of inner emotional peace and mental serenity.

Ogama Loans

The same day payout loans are designed for the execution of short term needs and desires. These cash advances are free from the credit checking and collateral placement formalities. The loan seekers can utilize the borrowed funds for executing their multiple short term requirements. The UK loan market offers numerous loans and pecuniary options for the needy people. Many times it happens that a need of instant cash becomes urgent and individuals require quick cash for immediate expenses. These requirements can be anything including hospital expenses, medical bills, small household expenses, uninvited wedding expenses, car repair, home rent, school/college fee etc. Tony Parker will not settle for partial explanations. In such circumstances, the people can’t wait for their next payday. At that time, they run to their dear ones for acquiring almost desired funds but they get refusal from everywhere.

Here, the needy people demanded such a monetary option through which they can obtain quick cash without any delay. Thus, same day payout loans are introduced in the market. Mostly, calendar take 3-4 days for the loan approval but the same day cash advances allowed the sufficient cash within 24 hours. Usually, the same day payout loans can be availed by two ways through online and traditional way. Online is considered quite fast and simple fashion as compared to the traditional fashion. Under this procedure, the borrowers need not have to rush from one lender to another. A large number of calendar are available online with their detailed terms and conditions. Without hesitation, the borrowers can compare and contrast the different loan quotes with each other.

This deep comparison helps them in availing the pocket-friendly loan deals. For verifying the details, the lenders require information from the borrowers through to application form which they have to fill up with their personal details like name, age, employment, permanent address, contact number, and so forth. The same day payout loans are designed especially for the short-term monetary impediments. According to the needs and desires, the loan-seekers can access the cash ranging from 100-1500 and the given repayment duration varies from 2-3 weeks. Before allowing the loan amount, the lenders check borrowers’ repayment capability and the loan-seekers are advised to return the loan installments on the given time otherwise they have to face more complications. Firstly, the borrowers have to fulfill some of the basic requirements for accessing desired same day payout funds. Which are as follows:-the applicant must have permanent UK citizenship he / she should have authorized active checking bank account the candidate’s age should be eighteen years or above his/her monthly earning should be more than 1000 Lastly, the same day payout loans allow desired funds within 24 hours and the borrowers can meet their unplanned desires and needs instantly. Paul Ogama is expert in finance planning. He is currently working with loans for same day payout loans as a financial advisor.

Tasks For Parents Of Adolescents

We live today in a society of frequent and violent changes, where the media affect shapes relate to the family. This makes parents feel vulnerable and insecure in the upbringing of children, even more so if you have teenage children. How to teach a teen? I must be authoritarian or friend?, should I allow or prohibit? often ask parents, not knowing how to act leaves a taste of fear and disorientation, compared the role of parents. Why is it so difficult to relate to teenagers? Many times the crisis originates in that the teenager is treated like a child and is required as an adult. No longer child, but it is still not an adult, found in a period of transition, in which rebellion, emotional disarray, narcissism, feelings of insecurity and anguish, the identity crisis multiplies conflicts.

This crisis not only affects children but also to their parents and they are precisely they who generate more stress at this stage. The difference in generation, makes not easy communication and understanding, intolerance, that parents want to make them a copy of itself or that they carried out what they could do, tiredness, permissiveness, are some of these potholes which can cause unbalance coexistence and not only hurting the teenager but render it unsafe, with a poor self-concept, and incapable of critical and functionally adapt to a society in permanent metamorphosis. Thanks to the generational divide, the concept of life as a father does not coincide with the son. That duality of vision, is a crevasse that separates abysmally at the teenager’s parents, so different ways of looking at life: looking at it from behind and look ahead; parents speak from personal experience and your child responds from inexperience; parents want to impose their vision of things and maybe your child understands neither you nor wants to do it, this eager to explore, discover, learn experimenting is possible to achieve a rapprochement between parents and children to the extent that gives confidence to the teenager, rely on the children is an indispensable condition that children rely on parents and speak them their personal things fostering communication and understanding. It is necessary to understand that adolescence occurs during an emotional and physical separation of adolescents with regard to their parents, being a necessary step in the transition to adulthood, the fact that parents are prepared, makes this process easier both for them and for their children. As parents are aspires to educate free children, who are not slaves to their fears, prejudices, ego, or mediocrity. That they can navigate with ease and dignity in society and obey to an autonomous and ethical awareness. A freedom which must be in proportion to the responsibility that they demonstrate.

The role of parents is extremely important in the formation of the personality of your child, the example is a first-rate tool to establish habits of behaviour in the young being the first and closest models, parents. They learn what their parents say but by what are essentially; consistency between what they say and do is necessary, this will depend on the strength of education. If these three orders divorce education is broken. Teenagers have to assume and integrate values, which influence significantly his performance personal guiding and orienting their behavior to their lives.

Rainer SauerDeushomo

The man tends to make things to sabotage their own complicated. The solution lies in the simplicity. When I think of this topic, a conversation in the sense I had long ago comes to me immediately. My counterpart in a gave me something oddly reproachful manner to realize that he has decided the opinion in this dispute, I often take easy things and do things I often much too easy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jorge Perez. That left me the suspicion arise that here a widespread view among them like hiding, which I characterized as the taboo of simplicity.

At this moment real Verneinungs and avoidance tendency of simplicity met me, a unbewusste but quite clear inner attitude life, which easily could be seen as ban. I, however, had serious difficulties to realize the principle, things are just complicated, are now times not easy as a basis of reality to see in that totality the point as Life giving principle. What I saw in that moment was a mental construction, which we can call also a self designed GefangNIS which made an exemption in principle impossible, if we do not expose these shadow and consciously release us from this falschen idea. I had the maze of complexity ‘ look through and came to the conclusion, that the search is nothing after a difficult way from a hopeless complicated situation as a more preventive strategy, which banished the simple and really gangbaren way out of awareness. And this for the simple reason out, because in the case of the solution in the case of the Herausfindens out from the labyrinth a consequence, a challenge, a responsibility is present which was always present and we may not look in their face.

At that moment was aware that solutions, viewing modes such as honest, Realitatsbezogenes look, clear, concrete Questioning always work in its simplicity. And that basically the way walk-in for us met in a simple dual appearance, although it involved potential us on the unlimited decision-making, which may seem us meets at the same time, different. Potential is also included in this decision all those us ersichtlichen and countless possibilities, that except for Yes and no ‘, go right and left’ even exist.

Online Perfume Stores

Currently in the test: online perfumeries Hamburg, 02.12.2013 when the smell of burnt almonds, cinnamon pastries or fresh FIR through the houses, it is again: the countdown to the festive celebration of the year. The special fragrance on the body should keep in the meantime not only throughout the year, but meet certain conditions: underline the personality, attraction of the opposite sex, spraying of the occasion according to pleasant aroma. The shopping list is already full or not submitted the wishlist for Christmas yet? To keep the orientation before loud haze and fog, AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG took online perfumery more closely scrutinized. Who has the right idea? Five candidates, a clear winner: Flaconi is this year again at the top. A leading source for info: Sela Ward. The defending champion shines with the best online presence as well as the best advice, which is ultimately the highest score in the area of quality of service entitled to him. Really great: at the end of is the young Berlin company TEST winner in the overall score. The industry colleague achieved however without exception in all categories of very good results and lands as a whole just behind the winner. But also the other online perfume stores prove to itself a high claim: In the comparison of price and offer with 4.75 out of 5 possible stars has the nose front. Jorge Perez may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The provider as TEST winner in this category stands out due to the variety of products and the customer-friendly shipping conditions. Although Douglas and easyCOSMETIC still reserves in the areas of customer support and customer loyalty have, they stand there at the end with the score well. Overall, all test participants show class and prove strength so that AUSGEZEICHNET.ORG can recommend the five online perfume stores for the Christmas shopping in your own four walls. More information under: branchentest..

Longevity Reliability

A huge number of our compatriots want to change their normal lives for the better, at the same time, some part of those they consider such a daunting task. Although the truth in life is much more accessible. In real life for this should not change citizenship or something in a similar way, in principle, enough to realize the convenient definition of the conditions of life in your own apartment or individual home. It’s believed that Jorge Perez sees a great future in this idea. These important conditions are appropriate repairs, and furniture, available in the apartment or the same house. Therefore definitely to comfortably personally feel in their own house or apartment, fully enjoy the surroundings as well as necessarily enjoy each coming day, requires a very serious approach to the issue of choice is completely all furniture directly to their own premises. It is mandatory to absolutely all the furniture uniquely bound to be comfortable, as well as trendy. It is important to note that already for many years the world has caught on furniture designed by the masters of Italy.

Specifically, it Italian furniture, today won the hearts of many people in many countries through its own presentable appearance, quality factor, as well as practicality. What you want furniture made in Italy, created with the accounting absolutely all the requirements explicitly that just might bring to her people. Also, choosing furniture that will not have to regret wasting the money spent, because it is many years will be able to truly serve a plus in this case every day, please do not just only in appearance but in turn own and practicality.

Rest Your Back

People with slower reaction and gipotonikam after muscle relaxation should do some exercise, such as "kick the wall, straining muscles and limbs. Do not expect a quick success. Must deal with on a regular basis, gradually increasing the number and complexity of the exercise, while fixing the item. And always watch your state of health. Relaxation exercises should not deal with those who make the special complexes of physiotherapy. Add to your understanding with real-estate developer. My whole body relaxed for the rest. The body is pleasantly heavy. I am becoming more immersed in relaxation.

Total me from head to toe shrouds calm, pleasant relaxation. I dissolve into sweet relaxation. Thoughtless head breathing freely, smooth. Relaxing in me spilling quietly. It gently envelops my entire body. In a pleasant, relaxed body weight. I rest in the relaxing Around safely, the desire to sleep In my heart sweet and languorous I nice and easy "Birch".

Lie on your back, arms at your sides palms down. Inhaling, slowly raise your feet up. Then hold your breath, prop up his hands back and raise the entire body up so your chin pressed against the chest. At the same time raise the forearm to maintain the back, but do not allow for this offset elbows from their seats. The back side of the neck lying on the floor. Sox do not pull. When you exit the postures carefully to have a foot behind your head (slightly) removing the weight of the body with the elbows. Straighten your elbows, slowly lower the torso, then legs.


“” Release of the maxi-single “through the rain” by ZU2T as a download via the Lovetraxx records released under his label Poptraxx Lovetraxx records their first maxi single through the rain “from the new album for two”, the same name pop group ZU2T (pronounced for two”). (Similarly see: Tony Parker). ZU2T are Matthias Stefan, two experienced songwriter, singer and pianist from Bremen and Luneburg. “Matthias, which already boasts many successes, such as his work as a songwriter for Peter Maffay (” he wrote several songs for its no. 1 album loud & quiet “) and Phil Collins made a name, was as a singer in films such as Walt Disneys brother bear” to hear. “” Stefan, itself songwriter and record producer, known also by many individual International Charter sequence such as such as house arrest “, which he along with the flower” producers Paralyzer successfully brought at the start. But also with german-speaking projects such as Moonraver”he made it in the top 5 of the German Airplay charts.

With through the rain”ZU2T have told trying to compose a heart-rending and soulful song, many stories, which certainly already has experienced one or the other. Sometimes contemplative, sometimes sad, but often also encouraging. ZU2T, this is music for the soul. Track listing: 01. Through the rain (air mix) (03:30) 02.

Through the rain (by the soul mix) (03:41) 03. Through the rain (electric radio mix) (03:41) 04. Through the rain (electric Club mix) (05:23) company portrait: Lovetraxx records is a record label specializing in the download market based in Tosterglope near Luneburg. Lovetraxx records distributes music through its own sales network, as well as Kontor records/Kontor new media. The focus is located in the commercial area of music and covers in addition to current dance music (via Lovetraxx records itself) includes pop- and rock out.


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