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Oriental Room

For example, for a room, which we will be treated according to the Oriental style or classical style, it is best to choose the kind, 'caramel' color. If your choice was close to the style of the Hi-Tech and minimalism, it is best to choose cool colors that will emphasize the simplicity of minimalism and an unearthly chill style Hi-Tech. Interior country-style, on the contrary, characterized by light and warm tones. But in modern dance your choice can stop almost any color you like, as long as it combined with all other parts of interior design apartments. Before opt for any particular color, you have to imagine how you feel in this room. For example, to ensure that your room was a 'live' and stimulate your activity, feel free to select the brightest color. But we should not paint them all the room, just add enough for you the number of 'bright spots'.

At the same time MirSovetov recommends not loading the room, using virtually the entire interior design palette, nothing good will come of it. If you are trying to rest and leisure, vivid color you choose is still not worth it, and the red and completely contraindicated. Your best bet is to choose a very muted colors, with some 'milk productivity' in its structure. Accessories add to the interior design neulyuvimuyu zest and charm do not forget to pay attention to your personal characteristics. For example, if you're a creative person, using a design of purple and yellow spots will contribute to your creative activity, and is particularly beneficial to their appropriateness combination.

Dark tones that adds room gloom, MirSovetov not advise anyone to use, because for a long time in this room, you can not be located. And one more important detail – the accessories. Do not be afraid to put in their rooms large vases, the most unexpected forms, do not be afraid to decorate the walls of the different 'is not entirely clear "hanging panels. Remember craziness and originality can fit into even the most 'soft and home' area of your apartment, completely disrupting harmony. On the contrary, accessories are often added to the room that very elusive 'raisin' and charm. Finally, I would say that almost never meet the 'pure' style, without any extraneous elements. For clarity, we offer you to watch stuff that shows examples of designs in different rooms styles. But if you feel that you have the power to independently create an interesting and beautiful interior design in her own apartment, feel free to experiment!

Tenerife Experience General Extrasensory

Travel to the Canaries never the same if you have not visited the island of Tenerife, a place that has many routes in which fun, beaches, bars and nightclubs. But the entertainment does not end in places full of people, the very nature of the place can make you feel connected or connected with the world. Every step you take on this island will be a step toward a sense of completeness with your own being. a When making a trip to Tenerife is necessary to visit the beach, an artificial beach of golden sand. If however the beach itself is not the only attraction as the Carnivals in Tenerife provide a great show and the celebration of Corpus Christi and the Feast. a Also, music events such as the Music Festival of the Canary Islands and the opera season are activities that add beauty to your trip to the island of Tenerife.

Also, the folklore of the island will give an overview of the cultural richness of the place, their pilgrimages such as San Isidro, in the Orotava, San Benito, La Laguna, and San Roque in Garachico give a picture of a people devoted to the sky very festive and hospitable. a On the other hand, if we want a moment of peace, away from the tumult to behold the beauty of the island and be in communion with it the best place is the National Park, a place where you can walk hours Bravo Telesforo the path in the Pico del Teide from the top and admire God’s creation that both respect the locals. a But for cities one of the nicest is La Laguna, former capital of the island declared a World Heritage Site for its history and conservation of its main architectural works, among which a Cathedral of Our Lady of Remedies, the Mother Church of the Conception and the Holy Shrine of Christ Real in the lagoon. All these works, the city filled with mysticism, but at night, the university area can be of great interest to those who want to enjoy a drink and why not, a good party, as it is a wide area pubs.a concentration of bars and another of the biggest attractions is imperative to visit when traveling to Tenerife Martianez Lake, an artificial lake surrounded by bars and restaurants that will surely satiated their thirst for new experiences of the tourist. a At this point, the reader or reader must be wondering how to get to the island Tenerife, as the best option is to take a flight to Tenerife because the island has two airports: south airport Reina Sofia and North Airport Los Rodeos. It is estimated that the peak traffic on Friday, is concentrated in the south airport from which flights to all destinations in Spain. And flights to Tenerife are very common from various parts of Spain.

Childrens Theater

Benefits theatrical Joint participation in performances and fantastic pageants helps parents, caregivers and teachers for many years to establish close and warm relationships with their children, and children – to feel the attention adults to learn more about his talents, his closer friends with peers and enhance their own credibility in their eyes. A pre-schoolers and younger students, learning and the role of ‘reviving’ the doll to develop coordination of rehearsals, memory and fine motor skills, to cope with speech impediments, self-doubt and fear of public speaking, and at the premiere – get with what incomparable pleasure from the attention and admiration of spectators. The choice of the script – poetry or prose So you’re thinking about staging the play with her baby, or a group of kids. Now you can easily buy kits tales of dolls and props, scenery and quickly made from cardboard. But most important for the performance – it a good script, and certainly in the poems.

Poor text and put bad, and the prose is difficult to teach children, it is easy to forget and get off a good idea if you start to invent in the course of action, and more often – just silent and endure his failure. Poetic texts are learning much easier, even in adulthood – straight lines, and rhythm and lead actor, rhymes suggest a sequel, making it easier to remember and giving confidence. Someone might say that it is possible to read the leaves, especially if the theater – puppet, and the actors of ‘Cribs’ hiding behind a screen. Yes, you can be so, but go read some attention in young children – b’olshaya part, and the qualitative ‘revival’ doll it is not enough. But each want to play, and especially his role – like the audience. When the little actor remembers the text, he begins to think about the movements of puppets, is working better intonation cues and character of the hero.

He already plays memorized words, it is to get used to the role, and it is much easier to succeed if the text is in verse. Poetry performances are always better and brighter than its prosaic half-brothers, that’s why the word ‘play’ and the word ‘poetry’ same root! Find high-quality script Realizing that poetic script is required, you start to look for it. Internet offers a huge number of amateur craft, with the terrible rhyme, rhythm disruptions and formulaic phrases. After reading all this ‘wealth’, people with a developed taste again think about the prose. In fact, good professional poets in the children’s drama can be counted on the fingers of one hand: Samuil Marshak, Sergei Mikhalkov and Olesya Emelyanov. But the play Marshak and Mikhalkov – plays for productions that require a lot of the actors. But Olesya plays Yemelyanova specially conceived for a small number of participants in the company. Library scripts, plays and skits in offering you a library of about 100 scripts Yemelyanova Olesya on Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, English, French, Arabic folk tales and legends, as well as copyright fairy tales (Hans Christian Andersen, Leo Tolstoy, Aleksey Tolstoy, and Charles Perrault). There is a wonderful dramatization of classic and modern fables, 80, New plays, and funny skits about trades and scenarios involving characters TV ‘Good night, kids.


It is essential to launch ourselves by the Presidency of our countries through the internet party, the obamauniversity and the million followers in each country. because and as? The ideal model of the perfect campaign of Barack Obama to comseguir the Presidency of the United States can play in all the world presents the ideal opportunity in Spain and mexico for 2012 for that with a million followers to verify that the model in the USA can be used in any other country by what our proposal for our countries is a worldwide.Also complement the proposed initial internet and web2.0 communities with other proposals like the obamauniversity through which we will certify a million webmasters online so that they are the party’s internet advanced and the taking of the Presidency in the 200 countries that exist in the world. We have organized study circles and communities in all possible internet forums to generate mass criticism from followers that the party already support the initiative and have 3 years to prepare for the campaign and candidates. In mexico I have presented my candidature in all forums of blogs so I can see in wordpress, livejournal, in bloglines, enunblog, on over-blog, xanga, as presidenteobama and in all places that may be social communities and business with the same proposal in all forums and of course that is the initiator of the proposal of the party building on the day of the internet world here present the world and party nominations mia and Spain first as first actions specific implications of the phenomenon obama it will be in 3 years the mocelo to sweep the archaic structures of Government in todoeel world. Of course we are in contact with President barack obama at which we send you the proposals in all their communities, facebook, linkedin, twitter, vimeo and started to get answers. Because and as?. here.

Egypt Hotel

What does the number of stars, which is assigned to the hotel? It is logical to assume that it says about the level of the hotel or the hotel, the degree of their proposed comfort and variety of services. The more stars, the higher level of service, comfortable rooms and a correspondingly large range of services. Not exactly. Actually, not everywhere. The fact that different countries have different classification system of hotels, and in each country adopted their national standards. For example, in Greece, are using letters (A, B, C, D), in the uk – the "crown", etc. System of stars, assuming five categories of hotels – the most common, it used in Russia, Italy, France, Austria, Turkey, Egypt, etc. But even a system of classification does not guarantee travelers the same level of service and comfortable hotel rooms in the same category, but located in different countries.

Why is this happening? Why is starting, for example, in some warm Arab country, you can suddenly find that your room in five-star hotel is like a student dormitory, and the best local hotels belong to 9 +? The fact is that in different countries – different ways of assigning stars hotels and hotels. In some countries the hotel owners themselves, at its discretion assign a category hotel. For example, in the , as in most Arab countries, the number of 'stars' of the hotel is limited imagination of its owner, and operate here on the principle of 'more is better'. .

Time Management And Administration

There are many excuses, complaints say management leaders, managers, upon which time they can not afford to play their roles to enable them to carry out their plans and achieve its objectives, all causes them stress, tension and is often projected organizational behavior trachea has led to a negative organizational climate. Neighbor Joseph tells us, to bear in mind, for time itself is not manageable, is a category of knowledge as E. says Kant, and its structure is the same for all, years, months, weeks, days, hours, etc. .. so that all have the same resource under the same conditions, the difference is in how we organize ourselves to make the most and the best results, the actions we take in that time from analyzing this reality, it happens that the great Most managers do not know how to administer, manage their time, neglecting the trachea Sergio Valdivia reminds us when to forget refierea aspects considered significant, as slab to five that we know brings a: a 1A to have a clear determination towards the goal: a To achieve greater efficiency need of a great purpose. That goal revives all the processes we perform. Perhaps there are two great days in the life: day one is born and the day we discover why he was born.

Discovering our mission in life, there is the passion to do it, focus efforts and commitments to it are defined. The result is a more efficient time management. people who use time wisely spend it on activities that lead to his overall purpose in life.