Tenerife Experience General Extrasensory

Travel to the Canaries never the same if you have not visited the island of Tenerife, a place that has many routes in which fun, beaches, bars and nightclubs. But the entertainment does not end in places full of people, the very nature of the place can make you feel connected or connected with the world. Every step you take on this island will be a step toward a sense of completeness with your own being. a When making a trip to Tenerife is necessary to visit the beach, an artificial beach of golden sand. If however the beach itself is not the only attraction as the Carnivals in Tenerife provide a great show and the celebration of Corpus Christi and the Feast. a Also, music events such as the Music Festival of the Canary Islands and the opera season are activities that add beauty to your trip to the island of Tenerife.

Also, the folklore of the island will give an overview of the cultural richness of the place, their pilgrimages such as San Isidro, in the Orotava, San Benito, La Laguna, and San Roque in Garachico give a picture of a people devoted to the sky very festive and hospitable. a On the other hand, if we want a moment of peace, away from the tumult to behold the beauty of the island and be in communion with it the best place is the National Park, a place where you can walk hours Bravo Telesforo the path in the Pico del Teide from the top and admire God’s creation that both respect the locals. a But for cities one of the nicest is La Laguna, former capital of the island declared a World Heritage Site for its history and conservation of its main architectural works, among which a Cathedral of Our Lady of Remedies, the Mother Church of the Conception and the Holy Shrine of Christ Real in the lagoon. All these works, the city filled with mysticism, but at night, the university area can be of great interest to those who want to enjoy a drink and why not, a good party, as it is a wide area pubs.a concentration of bars and another of the biggest attractions is imperative to visit when traveling to Tenerife Martianez Lake, an artificial lake surrounded by bars and restaurants that will surely satiated their thirst for new experiences of the tourist. a At this point, the reader or reader must be wondering how to get to the island Tenerife, as the best option is to take a flight to Tenerife because the island has two airports: south airport Reina Sofia and North Airport Los Rodeos. It is estimated that the peak traffic on Friday, is concentrated in the south airport from which flights to all destinations in Spain. And flights to Tenerife are very common from various parts of Spain.

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