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Amaral, Safe Santiago Numerous Artists Is Added To The Protests Of 15-M

Many have approached, for a reason or purpose individual, to the concentrations that are celebrated in the Spanish cities. Eva Hache, Safe Santiago, the components of Amaral or Nacho Fertile valleys are some. Others, express their support in the social networks. Unlike the manifestation against the war of Iraq where you represent of the Culture were united to raise its voices, the well-known faces that have seconded these days the movement 15-M to cause one " exit to the crisis social" there are prrido to add itself to the protests for a reason or purpose individual. First in doing it publicly he has been Safe the Santiago film director, that it accompanied to the concentrates Tuesday in the Place by Catalonia by Barcelona. " I only love capable and honest managers for my pas" , it later explained to his followers (following) in its profile of Twitter, where also it showed its displeasure with the present Government.

Thursday, the components of Amaral visited the encamped one in the Door of the Sun of Madrid. In order to demonstrate it, they put record in Internet: " Today (for Thursday) in Sun more people than yesterday. This no it has done more than empezar" , they explained. " Total support to @acampadasol " , they added. Also the Nacho singer Fertile valleys made there a shutdown before beginning his action in the Rockdelux celebration.

And, days before, Willy interpreters Toledo, Yellow Alberto or the singer of the musical project the Dear Good had been camouflaged with the assistants to the Madrilenian appointment. Some of them, like Eva It hews with an axe, became spontaneous reporters than it happened there: " I finish being in Sun: calm, fights, information, resistance. And fatigue. We do not leave of apoyar" , it indicated east Friday in its profile of Twitter. Support in the Network the social networks have been for musicians, actors and other artists the main tool to indicate their opinions. The Very old band Morla digitally announced its adhesion to " cacerolada of SOL" , although " from distancia" , the past Thursday. The components of the Red Room also animated actively from Facebook to that the citizens were the Madrilenian place: " It seems that they are cutting the accesses on foot, but it is possible to be gone in meter, and you appear right in the middle of Sun! We animated to you to go ALREADY! #todosasol #nonosvamos" , Wednesday wrote. Others, like Penlope Cross, little accustomed Internet, expressed Wednesday their solidarity with the encamped ones during a press conference in the capital: " It breaks the heart to see so many young lads and very preparations that look for work and do not find exit. Spain lives the hardest situation, it is clear, and I only hope that the things improve &quot as rapidly as possible;. Source of the news: Amaral, Safe Santiago numerous artists is added to the protests of 15-M

Recovery Functionality

Testing and repair of Toyota – it is an activity that must be taken with all otvetstvennoytyu and professionally. Service of Japanese cars to the service station is carried out on the highest level. Given that Toyota for service pre-repair testing uses specialized tools, which include systemic reader with which you are computer diagnostics powertrain sitemy management. For a complete diagnosis of the suspension tehnicheksy center has the ability to produce an electronic diagnosis of the suspension. Prior to the exercise rehabilitation of technical tools necessary to accurately define the problem. To do this at our disposal the same diagnostic equipment as a licensed provider.

These devices, as well as the expertise of a large center will assist in finding problems in electronics. Diagnostic host of technical resources required for the acquisition of vehicles supported: for having information about what faults there are in a car that you sell, you will probably know the amount of minor investments or, in finding the capital issues, and does not agree to purchase a particular car. So during the body repair, we use the most reliable in Stacker equipment worldwide companies 'Autorobot', and in addition a system of selection of paint to cover the surface, which provides an excellent match colors of paint and covered the old items when painting a car. C ryado the latest car models of the designers Tayota perform work on the design of the car citing the decline in the value of their professional service. Together with an increase in reliability elements, Japanese engineers are introducing the concept of allowing use of spare parts that do not need to change. These innovations significantly reduce the cost of repairing the vehicle for various Toyota lineup. Recovery technical resources required in the case for quite a long operation of transport. With the aging of the car body in part, in any case there will be damage as you use devormatsii. Besides other things, no new car parts you can see the sagging door loses effectiveness antikoroziynogo layer of substance that can correct the high-quality body of work.

New Year Celebration

Last September the New Year was celebrated in 1698. Having ascended to the throne, Peter the Great changed the calendar, and a way of celebrating the New Year, referring to European nations. Beginning in 1700 and the present, chronology starts from the birth of Christ, and not from time immemorial. But if the old Russian calendar was still in force, we would now celebrate the new year 7510. In Russia at the beginning of the century on New Year's baked dough pets: horses, cows and bulls. And when the house came kolyadovat, guest gifts to these figures, various sweets and nuts. Also felt that the new year must meet a new dress, shoes – and then go to the full year new dress. Typically, before the New Year gave all debts, forgive all wrongs, those who were at loggerheads, have been obliged to make peace, so ask forgiveness of each other.

Italy New Year begins the sixth of January. All the Italian kids from looking forward to a good Fairy Befanu. It flies at night on a magic broom, opens the door a little golden key, and went into a room where children sleep, filled with gifts for children socks, especially hanging from the fireplace. The one who poorly studied or naughty, Befana leaves a pinch of ashes or coals. It's a shame, but because he earned it! Italy is considered that the new year should start by getting rid of everything old. Therefore, in the New Year's Eve passed throw from the windows old things.