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Road Inspections

On our website in a series of review articles, we told you how to conduct inspection in other countries, particularly in Germany. Because our legislators are trying to copy exactly the German experience. Of course, if we compare the situation with safety standards in Russia with the way the inspection is performed in other countries, we can find a lot of difference is not in our favor. In this article I would like to raise a very important issue for every motorist: a technical inspection to us want and need if any? I have to say, is needed! And I say this not as an interested person who has direct relevance for the inspection, but because watching this need almost every day! On Russian roads are often found vehicles that include machine and can stretch to more suitable metaphor for 'a bucket of nuts'. And all this is trying to move on the roads, and even transport people. All used to watch 'over the hill': 'But there, they …'. But, unfortunately, and, perhaps fortunately, we were born and you do not live there, but here and now.

Roads abroad – not the direction, as we do, and the roads in the full sense of the word. They produced cars to suit every taste and purse, not 'Lego for adults. " They rarely meet a car on the roads over 7 years, and even then, most likely – it lost tourists from the former Socialist. camp. All vehicles older than 7 years crisscrossing vast expanses of our country: from the east right-handed Japanese and Koreans, in the west – the Europeans and Americans.

Moscow Special

Any company, at some point in their work, may have to perform a variety of building and excavation work. Replacement of communication (in territory belonging to the enterprise), the need creation of a platform for new construction, demolition of old buildings or the creation of asphalt road to the office. Agree that the performance of these works is not possible without special equipment. It is clear that buy expensive technique for a single execution of works, is simply meaningless. In this case, therefore, the best option for you will – rent special equipment. Besides equipment available for rent along with a highly specialist, so you do not have to worry for the quality of work for no timeline for its implementation. A wide range of leasing machinery would have to expend energy to find all the necessary equipment.

In Nowadays it is difficult to imagine a sphere of activity, which would not have been involved special machinery: transportation, utilities, construction, and more. The choice of mechanism depends on tasks and working conditions determine the requirements for the characteristics of a particular type of machinery. Rental of machinery in Moscow is good not only for short-term, but for permanent use. AND as a pattern, the cost of renting machinery depends on the period of use. Special equipment for rent and still benefit from its wide choice when you can freely pick up the necessary installations, especially for those works to produce. Professionals are always easier to identify the need for some form of construction machinery, to give it out and connect to work. Mobile crane – hoisting machine designed to work on lifting and lowering, and moving on short distances of various cargoes.

With the help of cranes are usually carried cargo loading and unloading, assembly and dismantling. Backhoe Loader allows you to immediately like digging and loading operations. This substantially reduces the cost of funds for special equipment in the most busy period. Bulldozers this technique is being used for carrying out serious Works on the movement of non-uniform mass, as well as to align the construction sites. Haulers are required not only for construction but also in providing services in the transportation of loose soil and backfilling of trenches, as well as the export of construction and household garbage, snow removal and leaf. Excavators Need for heavy or bulk operations. For example: the digging of trenches in a swampy, clay soil or digging ditches under the foundation of the building. Rental of special equipment – is a constant update provides the equipment, regular maintenance, fast and optimal replacement of rented units in a sudden breakdown in the process. This is an absolute benefit during specific operations, which require intervention of specialized machines. Consider the advantages of renting machinery: Exceptions to the costs associated with the need for maintenance repair shop inventory of parts and complex instruments. Release of capital for more profitable use than investing in expensive equipment. Fixed price allows precise control over their spending. Opportunity necessary to use at the moment the equipment that the company can not afford to buy. Lease contract helps to significantly reduce the cost of the work, because the cost of rent in ten times less than the cost of the equipment.

Recovery Functionality

Testing and repair of Toyota – it is an activity that must be taken with all otvetstvennoytyu and professionally. Service of Japanese cars to the service station is carried out on the highest level. Given that Toyota for service pre-repair testing uses specialized tools, which include systemic reader with which you are computer diagnostics powertrain sitemy management. For a complete diagnosis of the suspension tehnicheksy center has the ability to produce an electronic diagnosis of the suspension. Prior to the exercise rehabilitation of technical tools necessary to accurately define the problem. To do this at our disposal the same diagnostic equipment as a licensed provider.

These devices, as well as the expertise of a large center will assist in finding problems in electronics. Diagnostic host of technical resources required for the acquisition of vehicles supported: for having information about what faults there are in a car that you sell, you will probably know the amount of minor investments or, in finding the capital issues, and does not agree to purchase a particular car. So during the body repair, we use the most reliable in Stacker equipment worldwide companies 'Autorobot', and in addition a system of selection of paint to cover the surface, which provides an excellent match colors of paint and covered the old items when painting a car. C ryado the latest car models of the designers Tayota perform work on the design of the car citing the decline in the value of their professional service. Together with an increase in reliability elements, Japanese engineers are introducing the concept of allowing use of spare parts that do not need to change. These innovations significantly reduce the cost of repairing the vehicle for various Toyota lineup. Recovery technical resources required in the case for quite a long operation of transport. With the aging of the car body in part, in any case there will be damage as you use devormatsii. Besides other things, no new car parts you can see the sagging door loses effectiveness antikoroziynogo layer of substance that can correct the high-quality body of work.