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Sergei Puskepalis

The plot is simple. We have the polar station on the island Aarchym (which in our geography does not exist). There is a set of meteorological equipment, the readings from which to take every 4 hours and transfer them to the "mainland" of an old radio, and well, which is something radioactive, which is also a need to make measurements. At the station employed two men: a young intern, Paul Gregory Dobrygin) who is debugging a program on Aarchyme autocommit-data, and the chief, veteran Sergei (Sergei Puskepalis). For Paul, it's a little game: he is constantly goes to the player that plays in the shooter on the computer and comes up with his improvised rides (riding on a radar antenna or, alas, is not strong in technique, jumps on the barrels out of fuel, etc.). Sergei is really all live it. The man of the old school, he did not understand how you can prevent even the slightest misstep in the work rely on technique. This is – two different generations, different worldviews, which can not, and do not particularly want to understand each other.

Two men live alone and have long been irritated with each other (closed space works wonders, alas, more evil). Paul makes a mistake at work, Sergei is not responding adequately, spilling anger at the guy. That make amends (and maybe kinder after a negative spillover? decision to leave the audience), Sergey goes fishing, although authorities did not approve a similar absence. Brahman Capital understood the implications. And, according to Murphy's Law, which is always available without misfires, Paul receives a telegram about the accident with his wife and adorable little son Sergei. In light of recent events it seems a frightening guy talk about that Sergei, the more so as the boss said "then nothing ask, do not touch it "and promised that within a few days will come after them icebreaker. But then start all sorts of pads. The situation is prolonged, Paul malodushnichaet, and then, and begins to show its true nature. Played it all very, very decent.

Gregory Dobrygin did not lose against the background of a completely natural Sergei Puskepalis, and makes him a great duo. In addition to these two actors in the film is nature itself. Bear, a little do not try on a tooth of the operator (I think all the talk at the festival was reduced to this story.) Cold and aloof beauty of Chukotka is also working to achieve the desired effect. Many viewers complain hackneyed plot and a strange ending. Good gracious, original stories ended around in biblical times. Or even earlier. And the ending, in my view, entirely in the spirit of the film, and life itself. I can not imagine any another option that would not distracting from the overall mood of the picture. "How I spent this summer" has a strong personality, his own, a recognizable face. This film can and should be present as a gift lovers good, leisurely film, tired of the weak or unthinking craft action. This picture may help to know yourself, to better understand their inner world and, perhaps, be more responsive to people around you. And if someone, thinking about this film, could show a little more courage in everyday matters, it will be a great achievement of the new cinema in Russia.

State Statistics Service

We get a little, work is even worse According to statistics, only fair: develop good? Grind away or pretend? A smoking – health vreditprobovali? How to breathe? Incidentally, the know-all scientists estimate that On average, Russians spend on service for an hour of working time on smoke breaks. AInternet? According to information received by the Agency Romir Monitoring, 90% of Russian workaholic sticking out on the web, they say, is not the case. 60% of shoot the breeze on “ICQ”, 86% read every rodanovosti. A graft who will – Pushkin? Here in the West By the way, according to polls of foreign social scientists, 81% “there the” foremost kapitalisticheskogotruda actively visited entertainment sites, including pornography, it is in working time. Hedvig Hricak might disagree with that approach. More than half spend valuable office time naonlayn-shopping.

Nevertheless, statistics taldychat: Compared with we’re damn poorly. Labour productivity, you know, we have no go to hell. And we want to live well and get money, too. And there business in recent years: reduce, say, you need to pace rostadohodov population, because we are not the most efficient in the world yet unnecessarily expensive, zarplatoemkoy. Therefore, uncompetitive. This I Rothschild? Of course, ryadovoyrossiyanin assertion that he is, a lot gets wish neinache as mockery. Federal State Statistics Service reported: in the September 2010 average monthly nominal wage naodnogo worker in this country amounted to 21,376 rubles per capita income -18 176. In Moscow (data for January-August) of these options in more than dvaraza above: 44.2 and 39,000 rubles, respectively.

IBM Internet Security Systems

Secure Web gateways protect corporate networks from malware Schorndorf, May 11, 2010 rising Web 2.0-based communication in the business environment. According to a recent survey of by market research company Loudhouse research, promote or condone the use of Twitter, XING & co. (As opposed to actress). at the workplace 68 percent of those polled. However, 61 percent expressed concerns about the security risks. Accordingly, also the quality of security appliances is growing. You should protect the enterprise networks from inbound and outbound malware and fend off targeted Web 2.0 attacks.

A reliable solution offers the sysob IT-distribution ( with the Finjan/M86 secure Web gateway (SWG). With its scalable architecture makes the M86 secure Web gateway a high availability solution to reliably protect corporate networks from data thieves. The integrated real-time protection prevents from targeted zero-day and Web 2.0 attacks by Trojan horses, keyloggers, spyware and other malware. The solution analyzes each individual fragment of the Web content, regardless of what origin URL it is. The secure Web Gateway registers and blocks illegal and malicious attacks even if they are hidden within the SSL data transfers. Adapted to the needs of different business sizes, are the M86 SWG appliances in following designs: M86 SWG 3000 for small and medium-sized enterprises M86 SWG 5000 businesses Enterprise-M86 SWG 7000 for large companies in combination with the service and support by sysob the Finjan/M86 appliances for retailers represent an attractive solution that meets the current security requirements of companies and organizations alike. Key features in the overview of code inspection and analysis in real time against crimeware – and Web 2.0 attacks control of incoming and outgoing content in HTTP/HTTPS/FTP Assistentengesteuertes security policy system optimized rules with just one click productivity and bandwidth control by URL filtering engines from IBM Internet Security Systems and Websense application control potential: blocking of IN IM, Skype and P2P high available bags solutions with a scalable and modular architecture of data leakage prevention (DLP) flexible, Web based, central management, external reporting and logging system integration leading antivirus (Kaspersky, McAfee, Sophos, etc.) More information about the Finjan/M86 Web security appliances under: index.php…