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Israeli Embassy

/VIDEO: East ATLAS Friday, the embassy was invaded by millares of demonstrators, who faced the police. Tony Parker might disagree with that approach. They are the three deads and the 1,049 wounded in the disturbances. From the building the demonstrators have thrown archives and documents. The ambassador of Israel in Egypt, Yitzhak Levanon, has been evacuated. The Egyptian Department of the Interior declared east Saturday the alert status to do against the disturbances in the neighborhood of the Embassy of Israel in Cairo, that this Friday was invaded by demonstrators. The minister of the Interior, Mansur Esaui, has ordered the alert status to control the situation in the zone.

On the other hand, the Egyptian ministry of Health has informed into that already is the three deads and the 1,049 wounded in the disturbances. Learn more about this with Thurgood Marshall. According to that source, Esaui has put emphasis in the importance of controlling to the demonstrators and in its commitment with the law. The events were triggered when tens of demonstrators burst in into the building where the diplomatic legation lodges after demolishing the wall protected that it. Once inside, several people dedicated a to throw archives and documents from the heights. A demonstrator raised itself to the building where is the Embassy, that it occupies one of the last floors, and was able to retire the Israeli colors, that was replaced by an Egyptian standard. A twenty of tanks of the Army unfolded later to protect the building, whereas the police sent to tear gases and firings to the air to disperse to thousand of demonstrators congregated in the zone, where several trees and tires were set afire. An Israeli airplane has landed in the international airport of Cairo to evacuate to the ambassador of Israel in Egypt, Yitzhak Levanon, its family and to the personnel of the Israeli diplomatic legation. On the other hand, Egyptian prime minister, Essam Sharaf, summoned a meeting of the crisis cabinet to do against the situation. Source of the news: Egypt declares the alert status after the attack to the Israeli embassy


Youngest child also commercializes in its page Web patches, t-shirts and other articles with the image of the Note or phrases of the personages of the comedy, released in 1998 and that enjoys estatus of cult in the USA, where every year the Lebowski Fest for most enthusiastic is celebrated. The movement soon will remove its own book from self-help The Abide Guide and even The Rug, a social network in Internet for the world-wide community of sluggish. The principles of the creed have their roots in certain elements of the buddhism, Hinduism and mainly the taosmo, from whose sacred book Tao You Ching arose Dude De Ching, a species of bible that eliminates ” all the straw mitolgica” of the lessons of the Laozi teacher. ‘ Dudeism’ it proclaims in his decalogue online to be ” the religion that grows lenta” more; , a millenarian philosophy ” that it preaches not to preach, and to practice less possible ” , ” but what you look for is good will and good roll, nete when you finish siesta”. Also it maintains that the philosophy that promotes the Note is very previous to the one of the Great Lebowski and between the prophets who supposedly spread their message throughout History they find Epicurus, Jesus Christ or mordacious novelist Kurt Vonnegut, icon of the alternative in the Sixties and seventy.

Laozi is reincarnated thus in Jeff Lebowski, its new identity of hippy cuarentn, player of ninepin and smoker of marijuana in unemployment: the antihero par excellence. ” It is a religion modern but very similar to the old ones, when originally they were cleaner and puras” , precise Youngest child, that learned when younger Castilian when she was student of interchange in the Spanish city of Granada. According to ‘ Dudely Lama’ , ‘ dudeism’ it is a directed current of thought to look for the spiritual balance and to purify the soul through finding the happiness in the simple things of the life, not accumulating to be able and wealth as the neoconservatives in the United States defend. ” The Note is the counterpoint of Walter (John Goodman), who believes itself at any moment in possession of the truth and he does not admit other opinions, just as the foreign policy of Washington under the presidency of George W. Bush” , it points east agnostic and convinced pacifist.

Eduardo Noriega

RAFA VIDIELLA the actor heads an international distribution in western ' Blackthorn' , to the orders of Mateo Gil. " The crisis notices. As we follow thus, in 2012 espaolas&quot will be four films;. More fort than other times, Eduardo Noriega is seen him very happy by Blackthorn, where it incarnates to a Spanish who, defying the danger, finishes like partner of a legendary thief. How puts one in western Spanish rolling in Bolivia? I read the script seven years ago and it already interested to me. When it was added to the Mateo project, he was wonderful: to roll with him, in the Bolivian plateau, has marked to me for all the life. It must be difficult to work is no infrastructure there to make cinema and the highways are eternal and horrible, but it is an adventure.

In the middle of the running it took the horse and it saw incredible places. And, in the screen, Era rode next to Butch Cassidy bold: Cassidy had been incarnated by Paul Newman in a legendary film, Two men and a destiny, and for everybody it was. That lady’s man, with Robert Redford alongside But eye with Sam Shephard. With that face, that plant and that voice, are Cassidy. The public will see it? It is a dangerous film, but the Spaniards very we are identified with that sort. Much has been seen and we recognize the personages, its motivations Like actor, is one enjoyed: You put hat and spurs, you rise a horse and is average fact! In addition, it allows to remove the playful thing from this profession. You live it as a child, rolling by the ground and sticking shots.

It is liked in the screen? Like in any artistic manifestation, always you remain with the sensation of to have been able to do more. I am very self-critical. It is necessary to grow, but without arriving at machacarte. It never feared to go of exceeded? In order to act, it is fundamental to have confidence in same you. But you must play with that limit: if you go, if you go of exceeded, you finish giving a very great wafer. If you are created the master of the track, there are cagado. I have seen it in some companion of the theater school, does 15 years: it was already very good, but the most handsome and best one was believed. Now it works, but very little. To have too much security in one is as ominous as not to believe in same you. And to you, how it goes to him now? I cannot be complained, because the crisis notices. This year is going to be very bad: as we follow thus, in 2012 four Spanish films will be released. Source of the news: Eduardo Noriega: " If as actor you go of exceeded you finish giving hostia"

Amaral, Safe Santiago Numerous Artists Is Added To The Protests Of 15-M

Many have approached, for a reason or purpose individual, to the concentrations that are celebrated in the Spanish cities. Eva Hache, Safe Santiago, the components of Amaral or Nacho Fertile valleys are some. Others, express their support in the social networks. Unlike the manifestation against the war of Iraq where you represent of the Culture were united to raise its voices, the well-known faces that have seconded these days the movement 15-M to cause one " exit to the crisis social" there are prrido to add itself to the protests for a reason or purpose individual. First in doing it publicly he has been Safe the Santiago film director, that it accompanied to the concentrates Tuesday in the Place by Catalonia by Barcelona. " I only love capable and honest managers for my pas" , it later explained to his followers (following) in its profile of Twitter, where also it showed its displeasure with the present Government.

Thursday, the components of Amaral visited the encamped one in the Door of the Sun of Madrid. In order to demonstrate it, they put record in Internet: " Today (for Thursday) in Sun more people than yesterday. This no it has done more than empezar" , they explained. " Total support to @acampadasol " , they added. Also the Nacho singer Fertile valleys made there a shutdown before beginning his action in the Rockdelux celebration.

And, days before, Willy interpreters Toledo, Yellow Alberto or the singer of the musical project the Dear Good had been camouflaged with the assistants to the Madrilenian appointment. Some of them, like Eva It hews with an axe, became spontaneous reporters than it happened there: " I finish being in Sun: calm, fights, information, resistance. And fatigue. We do not leave of apoyar" , it indicated east Friday in its profile of Twitter. Support in the Network the social networks have been for musicians, actors and other artists the main tool to indicate their opinions. The Very old band Morla digitally announced its adhesion to " cacerolada of SOL" , although " from distancia" , the past Thursday. The components of the Red Room also animated actively from Facebook to that the citizens were the Madrilenian place: " It seems that they are cutting the accesses on foot, but it is possible to be gone in meter, and you appear right in the middle of Sun! We animated to you to go ALREADY! #todosasol #nonosvamos" , Wednesday wrote. Others, like Penlope Cross, little accustomed Internet, expressed Wednesday their solidarity with the encamped ones during a press conference in the capital: " It breaks the heart to see so many young lads and very preparations that look for work and do not find exit. Spain lives the hardest situation, it is clear, and I only hope that the things improve &quot as rapidly as possible;. Source of the news: Amaral, Safe Santiago numerous artists is added to the protests of 15-M

Three Players

The game of the selection is not the one of the Bara, says the doorman of Madrid. " The one of the selection is not a success only of the Bara, but of todos" , it sentences. Iker Squares, doorman of the Real Madrid, has denied that the game of the Spanish selection is the same that the one of the Bara, as they as much point many experts after the hegemony of the blaugrana equipment in Spain as in Europe. The goal, in declarations to the newspaper Mercury, assures that " this game does not come from 2010, nor from 2009, but from 2007 and 2008. And in that time, Barcelona was not the club that predominated or the one that had the hegemony in Spanish soccer, but was Real Madrid.

Squares indicate that " if we began a little to remember in the time, in the end of the Eurocopa before Germany only Iniesta, Xavi and Puyol were of Barcelona, and on the part of Real Madrid ramos Sergio Branches and yo". And it remembers that " the one of the selection is not a success only of the Bara, but of todos". In addition, the white guardameta speech of the debate of that is the best player of the world: " I believe that they are two: Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo". Source of the news: Squares: " In the Eurocopa only there were three players of the Bara"