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There is so much to learn from failure, just given the opportunity. .. Failure teaches us, makes us wiser, stronger and more resilient. More important still: is probably through the failure that we understand a little about the nature of what is happening. Hear other arguments on the topic with Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The failure has different effects according to the different personalities.

For some failure is something that must be supported. These people consider that only supporting it, they will be prepared for the future challenges of life. For others, the failure is the end. Gina Bonati has much experience in this field. Close them, and leaves them less able, with lower self confidence, with fewer resources to manage in life and much less to cope with adversities or to re – start on any matter is this plane working, loving, studies, etc. However, unlike what is believed, the biggest benefit that the failure can bring is not the tune a spirit or build a temperament. Even this is valid for a learning process.

The failure can become the single part, the Magic and the most powerful in someone’s life. Failure contains success seeds said a wise voice. This happens when we allow that the substantial part of failure becomes blessing in hinge that opens that door unnoticed. Failure contains valuable information. Properly used, derived from failure records have the power to define the closure and end of a long-standing event. Seen from this perspective, it is not surprising that the failure results in many stories of struggle and experimentacio n, that essential element that brought unexpected fruits and pleasant surprises never imagined. Explore the history of any area of human interest: Verify that this dreaded Monster called failure ended many times becoming the best ally of a success not covered previously. When we slip in something, we feel sad, broken, hopeless. What requires courage, determination, force is for many people enough reason to avoid. Otherwise, it must be held stoically.


It is essential to launch ourselves by the Presidency of our countries through the internet party, the obamauniversity and the million followers in each country. because and as? The ideal model of the perfect campaign of Barack Obama to comseguir the Presidency of the United States can play in all the world presents the ideal opportunity in Spain and mexico for 2012 for that with a million followers to verify that the model in the USA can be used in any other country by what our proposal for our countries is a worldwide.Also complement the proposed initial internet and web2.0 communities with other proposals like the obamauniversity through which we will certify a million webmasters online so that they are the party’s internet advanced and the taking of the Presidency in the 200 countries that exist in the world. We have organized study circles and communities in all possible internet forums to generate mass criticism from followers that the party already support the initiative and have 3 years to prepare for the campaign and candidates. In mexico I have presented my candidature in all forums of blogs so I can see in wordpress, livejournal, in bloglines, enunblog, on over-blog, xanga, as presidenteobama and in all places that may be social communities and business with the same proposal in all forums and of course that is the initiator of the proposal of the party building on the day of the internet world here present the world and party nominations mia and Spain first as first actions specific implications of the phenomenon obama it will be in 3 years the mocelo to sweep the archaic structures of Government in todoeel world. Of course we are in contact with President barack obama at which we send you the proposals in all their communities, facebook, linkedin, twitter, vimeo and started to get answers. Because and as?. here.