WEB Virtual

WEB 3.0 allows you to work safely on virtual machine environments on the Internet. It is a new standard. WEB 3.0 is, discussed for some time, new standard in the Internet, which includes also the possibilities of use of virtualized environments online. For the first time a Bavarian company provides such a platform now specifically online. It has its own operating system, in this particular case it is SuSE LINUX as an open source system and a large number of pre-installed applications already available in the free trial – access available.

Registered users get own space, the possibility of data exchange with your local computer and can put their data online with the help of this platform. Because it is this WEB 3.0 – platform to a virtual machine, the possibilities that arise for the user are virtually unlimited. A constraint is only for the printing of the documents and the use of multimedia – content available online, but easily using Data exchange functions are zuganglch to the local computer. The highlight of the matter is the independence of the computer model and operating system of the computer used for access. It requires only a Java – enabled browser, which exists today almost on every system. Using the adjustment features, which are available on the virtual platform, the user can customize his desktop, as well as its file system its individual requirements. This individual platform is the user and everyone he granted access in the same manner around the world available, where I would be also on the subject of security. It encrypts data transmitted from the input from the user to the virtual platform online, according to the latest standard.

The user sees on his screen the graphical image of his online – workplace. These data are transmitted as graphical content and not in the form of readable content, such as text or other code and are encrypted. For the application of the WEB 3.0 – workplace under a wide spectrum arises due to its flexibility. Office – applications, graphics software, DTP, CAD, school and tutorials, online – applications, on which more specifically let me, communication extends the spectrum to tools for the programming and testing of applications. As regards the online – applications, to offer a security against viruses and other malicious programs from the fact out that the data transmitted on the local computer of the user as a purely graphical content, so images may contain malicious code no. Browsing with virtual platform installed browser is as well as retrieving emails with potentially dangerous attachments, safe. The system, WEB 3.0 to reason is, prevents infection, also the virtual work environment, since most will affect users in almost all cases of WINDOWS – malicious programs that are transmitted through careless Internet use on individual computer.

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