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The Wood

Incredible o I number of on flock in such ' ' informaes' ' brownen, exactly for the lack of a sense I criticize that he does not create yourself in the Brazilian educational corrals, making with that the fuxico reigns in our society; he only sees the example of the wordiness in a colloquy telephonic of two comadres or fuxiqueiras for better explanation: ' ' Jca comes here in house rapidinho therefore has one dribbled fortssimo you contar' '. everything this to make a fuxico, instead of person to say that it goes to count something to it that had counted to it and that it does not know the veracity of fofoca. Worse and that the society already has the fuxico as occult truths only see. Charlotte Hornets has compatible beliefs. It hears with attention this phrase: ' ' Where it has smoke, it has fogo' '. Something typical of if listening of the mouth of a foxiqueiro. It has people not and well thus that they make meetings alone to speak of the other people’s life, but, as well as all well intentioned friend invites somebody you for one churrasquinho, beer etc nothing more entertainer not e? it ties all good, colloquy here goes, colloquy comes, but it arrives that hour where lacks subject to you and there, it happened what it happens without you perceive? Some minutes later you already this in the greater papo, knows which? The other people’s life. For even more analysis, hear from Jorge Perez. The funny one that to fofocar on the other people’s life, it is there as I know to delight a well succulent plate. Now you want to see stop indigesta is when fofoca is you, there friend, you wants to break the wood, to know who was and otras cocitas but It knows typical of fofoqueiro. When you to hear: ' ' Boy () I heard to speak Stop! Cut soon papo why it comes the car there social head, either of the rich one, the poor person at last comes there the mouth of the people, and still it has those that say.

Aliny Arruda

because not? Another day playing with a situation I said: ' ' any day, still we will witness a blind person talking with a deaf person, he said this for the fact of is learning LIBRAS*4 and then he came this thought that soon I mentioned for the actress Aliny Arruda who also was learning POUNDS. It’s believed that Related Group sees a great future in this idea. It spoke to me that I was cruel. I defended myself saying to be a possibility. For our surprise, in the following month, we were together again leaving the course of POUNDS and when arriving at the Club of the Trabalhador*5, what we witness? A couple between 65 and 70 years of age, one was blind partial (had lost 95% of the vision) and the other deaf age, and was talking. I admired the sufficient to fear my proper words. Clearly, that the theater for blind people would not have the same characteristic that had that inesquecvel dialogue, however, it would have the same magic of the imaginary world of them.

there if of the felt true o of the imaginary one, therefore, does not go to lack what to imagine of the color, the texture, the illumination, the space and as many things more. It is important not to exclude and yes to include all in this process of creativity, imagination, magician, fantastic and wonderful! To finish, we will speak of the imaginary one that it brings the theater of dolls, that when manipulated well, are capable to deceive even though the adults most expert and will change the term to be deceptive for enchanting, for astonishing and much more. It is what we can cite of ' ' Group Wagon of Mamulengos' ' of Juazeiro of the North-CE, that backwards in its presentation, tricks with recriados personages of the Brazilian folguedos or fruits of an imagination that if presents of light and surprising form.

Tourist Planning

In this direction, in the Areas of Ambient Protection, it is understood that the use of the space for the leisure, including the tourist activities, will have to follow the current law, the planning will have to occur of responsible form and aiming at to guarantee the ambient and economic support. 2,2 Tourism and sustainable development the tourism is an activity that modifies the landscape and uses the space as product, then, is .causing of impacts, mainly negative in relation to the natural environment, but at the same time it can be important ally in the ambient conservation since that planned well, therefore the tourism in certain regions can be considered degradante little of what other activities, as the appearance of the industry and agriculture on a large scale. Hall (2004), in its book Tourist Planning, affirms that the tourism in its productive chain, is capable to cause negative impacts, mainly ambient impacts for the improper use of the space and it inadequate planning of the activity in regions of excellent ambient importance. in the same book the author affirms that the tourism has contributed for the degradation of the environment by means of the infrastructure development, as it occurs in many coastal regions, where the value of the real estate enterprises is more important that the preservation of the natural resources and paisagsticos. But data the 8 size of the sector, the tourism contribute and at the same time, it presents answers to some of these problems. Being thus, the appearance of the tourism in natural environments, since that planned well, it can be important ally to the ambient conservation and the economic development, therefore he is inserted in a segment of the tourism that leads as main rule, the support of the actions carried through in one determined destination for the preservation and conservation of the natural resources and the efficiency in the economic and social development.