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Tourist Planning

In this direction, in the Areas of Ambient Protection, it is understood that the use of the space for the leisure, including the tourist activities, will have to follow the current law, the planning will have to occur of responsible form and aiming at to guarantee the ambient and economic support. 2,2 Tourism and sustainable development the tourism is an activity that modifies the landscape and uses the space as product, then, is .causing of impacts, mainly negative in relation to the natural environment, but at the same time it can be important ally in the ambient conservation since that planned well, therefore the tourism in certain regions can be considered degradante little of what other activities, as the appearance of the industry and agriculture on a large scale. Hall (2004), in its book Tourist Planning, affirms that the tourism in its productive chain, is capable to cause negative impacts, mainly ambient impacts for the improper use of the space and it inadequate planning of the activity in regions of excellent ambient importance. in the same book the author affirms that the tourism has contributed for the degradation of the environment by means of the infrastructure development, as it occurs in many coastal regions, where the value of the real estate enterprises is more important that the preservation of the natural resources and paisagsticos. But data the 8 size of the sector, the tourism contribute and at the same time, it presents answers to some of these problems. Being thus, the appearance of the tourism in natural environments, since that planned well, it can be important ally to the ambient conservation and the economic development, therefore he is inserted in a segment of the tourism that leads as main rule, the support of the actions carried through in one determined destination for the preservation and conservation of the natural resources and the efficiency in the economic and social development.

The Tourist Area

And then recently in specific magazines of the tourist area, as the Turismlogo magazine in focco (2004, P. 16), had evidenced that the area of rendering of services has grown excessively in recent years; amongst the sectors that englobam such segment, what more has gained prominence in the world, currently, is the entertainment tourism. This, because, had verified that although the sped up style of life that the modern society today faces and of a work rhythm each estressante time, some people already had started if to give account whom they need to use to advantage its free time better. Being thus, he is well-known that, one of the areas of bigger reach of the industry of entertainment in So Lus are its attractive natural and cultural ones, since these aspects are factors of extreme relevance in city and one of main the attractive ones of this. From there the importance of this study, a time that it will show that the cited city is much more rich of what many people think. After all, these diversities natural, cultural gastronmica, so peculiar that They are Jose de Ribamar and So Lus possesss, can be basic to still more alavancar the tourism of the capital of the State.

Moreover, the brought up to date information will serve as foundation for the next entailed works to this subject. Ahead of what it was displayed, valley to also stand out, that one is about a research that has as objective main to show the reality that surrounds the sector of entertainment of So Lus and the importance to improve the same. Therefore although the local society to know that the maranhense capital has uneven a tourist scene, this presents many problems, and it is not only about social political questions, but of absence of basic infrastructure and qualified man power; creation of projects, aiming at to increase the time of permanence of the maranhense tourists in ground; mainly, of strategical actions, so that the visitors all have more options of entertainment during the year and not only in the period of high station.