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Ron Jenson

This ensures stability, meaning and lasting success. Now to identify and adopt universal principles of effectiveness, we need to change many of our maps and current paradigms. Dr. Ron Jenson proposes the following scheme for this purpose: V erifique their personal values.To rticule his own philosophical and ethical matrix for life.L ogre learn the correct perspective of affairs.Or rdene their values with the correct actions.R irect and assess your growth.To lcance each other with these truths (the principles). 5 I will March firmly to run my mission. I understand and follow the Mission of my life passionately? I have set goals for my life? I have a feedback system to check my progress? Do I put in writing the values that are important to my? How do I want to be remembered? A mission statement is like a lighthouse that guides you along the way. It is also a source of motivation and enthusiasm to initiate and continue the action.

In addition, having a mission helps to keep your focused life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Micheal Richardson. But the mission should be structured into goals that allow operacionalizarla. Without dreams goals are simple activities and dreams without goals are chimeras, mere illusions. A goal is a dream with a deadline. The goal is a goal, purpose or sense of direction towards which directed all their energies, hopes and efforts. They are the targets toward which focuses on his life. A goal involves the organized and planned effort of what he wants to be and achieve in life. A person with goals has direction in his life, sets priorities, brimming with energy and mood, is more creative and search results with more persistence.

But establishing goals is a rigorous exercise. The goals are not vague or ambiguous purposes. While better defined our goals are more chances of success will be how to define appropriate goals? For this purpose we will use the goals acrostic: Medibles in their results.Specific in its details.Drawn in black and white (written).Achievable in their aspiration.Supremely personal.