Federal Governments

It is important to review the age minimum to be a Council member, therefore 21 years it does not assure emotional experience and necessary experience for who wants to occupy a function of so high relevance, in the confrontation of delicate and complex problems. A flexibilizao how much to made use in article 54 interpolated proposition IV of the ECA is suggested that compels the State to offer to day-care center and daily pay-school to the zero children the six years of age. If to understand that the child just-born and throughout the first years necessary very of the presence of the mother, becomes essential that the Advice and Promoters make use of options to decide how much: ) If it is really necessary that the child is in the day-care center since just-born mother to work it or for another reason; b) If the child will be able to go for the day-care center as form of incentive to its development, considering itself it intellectual and social condition of the family, having then, alternatives how much gone and the permanence in the day-care center; c) Option how much to direct the child to a day-care center, considering itself that the familiar bonds do not have to be weakened, and the communitarian bonds need to be developed. The positions of Council members of Rights and To tutor must half be remunerated and in platforms and one and minimum wage not inferior; the resources for such remunerations and too much expenditures of the Advice will continue to be placed in the respective municipal budgets, being the resources repassed for the Governments Federal and State only for investments. The Advice of Rights and To tutor will be recriados by specific municipal laws and the city halls will assume obligation to adequately install them in proper headquarters, with all the indispensable furniture and equipment to its perfect functioning, also vehicle, telephone, device of fax and on computer to the Internet, with electronic address known and divulged. .

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