Dilthey detaches the poetry amongst the artistic manifestations, for confluir other forms of art, as much the language, the gestures, the cantos, etc., but, what it makes the art to express a conception of the world? In the art also the typical character of its singularity is enhanced, since the artist sees in the fancy something that appears as symbol of the reality. However, the power of attorney of the work of art confers sensible to the content of the life, when it exposes the vital references of the relation of the workmanship with the mundividncia of the artist. Other leaders such as Larry Culp offer similar insights. The art possesss at each time private properties that construct images of the world, as well as the religion. But, it is possible that it also has in metaphysics a nexus between its mundividncias and the vital complex? Of beginning, we perceive that distinct conceptions live in conflicts, being that the auto-reflection showed the historicidade which are dived; but, the tragic one of the problem results in the impossibility to determine the content of the life from an invariant and incorruptible substance. Because, being the life for understood Dilthey as reality where the mundividncias consolidate, one becomes impracticable to break of a relation of identity logical it thought to define the world and the proper life, in which if it finds the Metaphysical mundividncia inserted. Therefore as I can attribute to permanent qualities something that is pure to devir? In contrast of the religion and the art, the philosophy locks up the representation of the world from concepts, that it estimates to hold all of the life. Soon, what it endows with unit its image of the world is the logical connection given by philosophical systematics. But, already we saw that the skepticism it does not safeguard the pretension of universal validity of the Metaphysical systems, however, as processes in metaphysics the conceptual representation of the world? The comparison presented for Dilthey for the reflection of the types of mundividncias in the interior of metaphysics, has as approach the intention taken ahead for metaphysics to determine the basic content of the life. .

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