System Of Exercises

Children to become ability to identify the middle cell, middle side of the cell, it is proposed a system of exercises: – Put a point in the middle of the cell. – Place a point in the middle of each side of the cell and connect the segments. – Place a point in one cell in the middle, the other – in the middle of the left and right sides of the cell, are joined by a segment. In the notebook on the board and given a sample (pattern, which alternates with a point line). Put the point in the lower left and upper right corners of the cells and connect them to segment (obtained by the diagonal). – Place a point at the upper left corner and lower right and connect them to a segment. – Place a point at the vertices of the angles of the cells and connect the segments of the top of the upper-left angle with the top of the lower right and lower left vertex to the vertex of the upper right corner (two diagonals).

Introduction to the notebook in a cage can be turned into a game. Children just love when adults play with them. "Once upon a time there was cell – start writing the story. – She loved to dress up. Here she is wearing a red dress (draw out her cell and paint in red) … And her friend liked the blue suit (you can circle the cage and blue shade color) …

"In these tales, even toddlers can participate four years. Every day, work in a notebook and a little more complicated to six years it can be quite complicated geometric or floral patterns, and even plot picture drawn by a cell. Currently in bookstores you can buy a lot of literature on this topic, as well as the method of dictation on the graphic cell. And finally, another useful exercise to prepare the hand to the letter. It's no secret that a child under school age is difficult to follow the pattern, and the arm still is not sufficiently developed well. So they hurry hurry, reluctantly prescribe squiggles in the notebook. But if to offer the baby for a while to be sure your copy and repeat your actions, right down to the smallest detail, he immediately interested. Preparing to hand the letter

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