The Pearl

After receiving a colorful pirate party invitations, sealed in wax bottles and selection of appropriate costumes, the guests finally climb aboard the ship. At the entrance guests are greeted animators in costume pirates, who put on the face of newcomers akvagrim in pirate style and dress bandana with skulls, dedicating them, so that a pirate. The restaurant is decorate in accordance with the stylistics of the event, and also equipped with a set of necessary lighting and sound equipment. In the middle of the hall is a layout ‘Black Pearl’ ready to sail. During the event in the hall is reportage photo and video, work caricaturist, and interactive zones: Ouija fair ‘Do Calypso’ and studio ‘Pirate Treasure’.

Jack Sparrow and his assistants welcomed everyone and congratulated the hero for the day. Then with the cries of ‘all hands Top ‘team calls on young Jack’s Pirate climb aboard’ The Pearl ‘. Team Captain ‘unmoor’ and pyrotechnic bursts mark the beginning of an exciting voyage. And now appears on the horizon the first ship that is headed towards the East. This cheeky lodchonka dares to call the command ‘Pearls’ for a fight. Of course, we take action – after the real pirates never surrender. Pirates must solve all the eastern Tricks of the eastern command, and then give up the ship in captivity. After such an uphill battle team needs to eat, and enjoy the art of captive illusionists, magicians and a fakir. In addition to unfriendly configured ships in the seas is another danger lurking – a sea monster.

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