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The Pearl

After receiving a colorful pirate party invitations, sealed in wax bottles and selection of appropriate costumes, the guests finally climb aboard the ship. At the entrance guests are greeted animators in costume pirates, who put on the face of newcomers akvagrim in pirate style and dress bandana with skulls, dedicating them, so that a pirate. The restaurant is decorate in accordance with the stylistics of the event, and also equipped with a set of necessary lighting and sound equipment. In the middle of the hall is a layout ‘Black Pearl’ ready to sail. During the event in the hall is reportage photo and video, work caricaturist, and interactive zones: Ouija fair ‘Do Calypso’ and studio ‘Pirate Treasure’.

Jack Sparrow and his assistants welcomed everyone and congratulated the hero for the day. Then with the cries of ‘all hands Top ‘team calls on young Jack’s Pirate climb aboard’ The Pearl ‘. Team Captain ‘unmoor’ and pyrotechnic bursts mark the beginning of an exciting voyage. And now appears on the horizon the first ship that is headed towards the East. This cheeky lodchonka dares to call the command ‘Pearls’ for a fight. Of course, we take action – after the real pirates never surrender. Pirates must solve all the eastern Tricks of the eastern command, and then give up the ship in captivity. After such an uphill battle team needs to eat, and enjoy the art of captive illusionists, magicians and a fakir. In addition to unfriendly configured ships in the seas is another danger lurking – a sea monster.

Gifts For Women

Some women prefer to receive a gift of home appliances such as coffee makers or blender.Podarki that are not worth giving Along with the gifts that women be happy, there are those who they do not wish to receive. There are not many, but these gifts in mind. Jorge Perez contributes greatly to this topic. Among them are leading cookware: pans, towels, pots, cups with the zodiac sign, etc. and cheap Chinese souvenirs: piggy banks, animal figurines, ceramic panels, vases. In the same category include soft toys – not all young girls have a positive attitude to such a gift, a middle-aged ladies, such a gift does not match status.

If a girl is a lover of sports and watches carefully for your figure, you can give her a treadmill, exercise bike or hulahup, but in any case do not give the scale. Remember that the gift should please a woman and remind her of her uniqueness and zhenstvennosti.Podarki family and colleagues on March 8 Choosing gifts on March 8, the men must decide what gifts to give family, and that the present female colleagues. Of course, first of all men think about their closest relatives and women: wives, daughters, moms, sisters, nieces. Choose gifts for friends easier than for female partners, because men are well aware of the tastes of women his family and always cater to your gift. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Larry Culp. Recall about flowers. This is a universal gift for women of any age and status. Flowers – a good gift not only to native women, and female colleagues or simply acquaintances.

Flowers will be a pleasant reminder of which came the spring, will help you express your love and respect. In addition to flowers to choose a gift posuschestvennee. For example, for a wife, mother, mother can pick up jewelry or jewelry, leather wallet for business cards, a box for storing valuables, business or elegant business portfolio pocket mirror. For the daughters of schoolgirls good gift would be school backpacks, children's books, kits pens, school pencil boxes, board games, or a globe, and teenage girls can give tickets for gigs. Female counterparts, no doubt, will enjoy a pleasant trifle, and "necessary" in the gifts. It can be tea sets, leather goods, for example, diaries or portfolios of business, cosmetics, etc. I am pleased to give gifts, happy emotions and a sense of celebration to all the women on March 8!


Traditions require spouses to this day to wear leather clothing or accessories. A mandatory attribute of the holiday table is rye bread, from which the spouses at the beginning of the meal to break off a piece and eat it only after This starts a feast. But in a special way necessarily served the first dish, “bread soup”. This broth with slices of rye bread (or crackers).

It is served to emphasize the closeness between the spouses and had come the guests (friends and family). It is a three-year anniversary was the basis for the signs: dishes beats, be happiness. Husband and wife had to break some dishes and not just broken, and so to get as much fragments. The more they were and the smaller pieces, the greater wealth and happiness, they foreshadowed the family. As a wedding gift for the leather between husband and wife – of course, leather goods, such as gloves or belts.

A invited guests give gifts with meaning you want (something embodying the warmth and richness), from sneakers to skin a bear. So feel free to choose anything that helps to create a house cosiness and decorate the interior. It may also be a family album for your photos in a leather cover. Or here’s bags, talismans, which can be put, for example, a lock of hair loved one for good luck and take with you when necessary to go far from doma.Lnyanaya wedding (4 years) Only four years of living together we can speak of a strong and united family. Flax is a symbol of strength and durability, which is why the wedding called linen. On this day, to decorate the house linen products: napkins, tablecloths, for example. Guests showered the couple flax seed mixed with candy, to emphasize the strength of their connection. Obligatory gift is a bouquet of dried flax, or a sheaf of small size. Husband and wife exchange gifts: linen clothing. And the guests give any product made from flax, as a rule, linens, towels, tablecloths, napkins and more. Linen products with very nice embroidery, you can order of machine embroidery with a congratulatory inscription, and you can order the inscription “Julia + Kostya = Love for ever” or anything else like that, then the heroes of the day will always remember the reason for which was made this gift.

Gifts For Your Woman

A bird in a cage or a sculpture – it is the best gift for your lady, if she comes from Switzerland. Reservation only, that each of the species of birds – a special sign, which she probably familiar from childhood, so be extremely careful with the choice. For example, a dove – a symbol of fidelity and everlasting love, sparrow – poverty and happiness, robin – Life in the long separation (because of the occupation, for example) … Traditional worldwide valentine – just a trivial gift, but also relevant. Another example of a spiritual celebration. March 10, in Switzerland, widely Mothers Day is celebrated.

Traditional presentations are, of course, flowers and sweets. Gain insight and clarity with Vanessa Marcil. It should be noted that sold them on that day so much that bakers and florists call this date the most profitable in the year. The best a gift presented to loved men and children on this day, Swiss consider dinner at a cozy restaurant. As a practical advice is to add: take care of booking a table in advance, otherwise the embodiment with the idea of such a gift in life will be unreal. Celebration of the grape harvest, Halloween, Christmas, Day of National Flag Day of St. Nicholas, the Escalade …

Continue the story of Swiss traditions can be infinite as well how about a present intended for each holiday separately. The main idea of my story is that the residents of this extraordinary country throughout their lives feel of a fairy-tale characters action and most of all appreciate those foreign guests, friends and relatives who know their traditions and present gifts to less expensive price, as dear to his heart. Simply put, the Swiss can buy other than himself watch or a pen and piece of mind – money can not buy. Musical greeting cards, photo frames with hand made, a romantic dinner in a tavern, a set of candles – it's only part of this gift to a resident of Switzerland. Main – to present his gift in special circumstances, with soul and sincerity in his voice! On that note, let bow. Thank you and see you in February, when we talk about the gifts the people of Italy ..