Traditions require spouses to this day to wear leather clothing or accessories. A mandatory attribute of the holiday table is rye bread, from which the spouses at the beginning of the meal to break off a piece and eat it only after This starts a feast. But in a special way necessarily served the first dish, “bread soup”. This broth with slices of rye bread (or crackers).

It is served to emphasize the closeness between the spouses and had come the guests (friends and family). It is a three-year anniversary was the basis for the signs: dishes beats, be happiness. Husband and wife had to break some dishes and not just broken, and so to get as much fragments. The more they were and the smaller pieces, the greater wealth and happiness, they foreshadowed the family. As a wedding gift for the leather between husband and wife – of course, leather goods, such as gloves or belts.

A invited guests give gifts with meaning you want (something embodying the warmth and richness), from sneakers to skin a bear. So feel free to choose anything that helps to create a house cosiness and decorate the interior. It may also be a family album for your photos in a leather cover. Or here’s bags, talismans, which can be put, for example, a lock of hair loved one for good luck and take with you when necessary to go far from doma.Lnyanaya wedding (4 years) Only four years of living together we can speak of a strong and united family. Flax is a symbol of strength and durability, which is why the wedding called linen. On this day, to decorate the house linen products: napkins, tablecloths, for example. Guests showered the couple flax seed mixed with candy, to emphasize the strength of their connection. Obligatory gift is a bouquet of dried flax, or a sheaf of small size. Husband and wife exchange gifts: linen clothing. And the guests give any product made from flax, as a rule, linens, towels, tablecloths, napkins and more. Linen products with very nice embroidery, you can order of machine embroidery with a congratulatory inscription, and you can order the inscription “Julia + Kostya = Love for ever” or anything else like that, then the heroes of the day will always remember the reason for which was made this gift.

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