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Postpartum Bandage Tie

Postpartum After childbirth bandage skin, muscle, abdominal and pelvic floor, which supported the uterus in the right state, usually badly stretched, they need time to recover the original tone. Because of muscle weakness abdomen in some cases perhaps the omission of the internal organs, the appearance of postpartum hernia. Physical exercise is not possible for a long time after birth, but this does not mean that the abdominal muscles do not need support. The use of postnatal ties beneficial effect on reducing the load on the spine, reduces pain in the back (spine tired of the constant stress during pregnancy and is responsible aches and fatigue), used for rapid recovery in the postpartum period and leads to a normalization of pressure within the abdomen, helps accelerate the process of uterine contractions, and prevents the development of hernias and their increase. Especially women need a bandage after second and subsequent births. Using postnatal tie obstetrician gynecologist appointed for flow of labor and individual characteristics of the female organism. Size of postpartum the tie shall be the size of your clothes before pregnancy.

If nurturing a child you have recovered more than 12 kilograms, then you should choose a bandage for 1-2 sizes bigger. Wear postpartum belt should lie in this position the abdominal muscles are relaxed and easier to fix in the correct position. There is also a form of bandages, as a universal bandage for pregnant women, it can be used both before and after childbirth. Such a bandage 2 in 1 is good primarily by its practicality, the acquisition of such a tie gives the opportunity to save considerably, because in place of the two tires (prenatal and postnatal), you buy only one purpose. Contraindications maternity wear tie: – inflammation seams after caesarean section – diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, accompanied by pain and abdominal distention – swelling on a background of renal diseases – skin diseases (Especially pustular) ties that we offer in our store exclusively of high quality material. The products are manufactured using cotton, which is a hypoallergenic material. He also allows your skin to breathe, it provides you with maximum comfort. In our products we do not use synthetic materials and latex.