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Wish Come True

On New Year's in Svyatka, a birthday, or just dreaming, we thinks of himself all sorts of desires. Large and small. Realistic, and not "very very not." And, of course, we all want to see those desires fulfilled. Even the most … It appears unrealistic, and it is possible.

In fact … Well, the easiest way to make a wish for the new year under a chiming clock. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nigel Slater has to say. True, many of these moments do not make a, and drank a lot at this point are pretty. That's very true strange when you look at a sober head, desire. So, wants to exist to be true. We only need to correctly guessing. First – the general rule.

1.Nikogda in the formulation of the desire not to use the particle 'no'. For example: the desire to "I do not want to be full!" Is better stated as: "I want to be slender, flowering, attractive and charming !!!. Anything from this collection will come true! 2.Ochen important point – think about how this desire will be realized. For example: "I want to go round the world cruise" But it can be cleaner and to get an ocean liner! Therefore, the desire to better formulated as follows: "I want to go to a river cruise and relax …:. Complete the phrase other details. The more they have, the better! 3.Zagadav desire to be firmly and unequivocally believe that it will come true. No doubt this should not be! Just make a wish for a time turn away from him.

The Discussion

Step 5. Tell us about what you can see his / her needs. Acquaint a partner with the results of your research her / his needs. For even more analysis, hear from movie star. Every pleasure to be in the role of the star, which brought so much attention. Discuss with him / her the results – for sure you're in something wrong (las). In no way least do not insist on the truth of his conclusions. Step 6. Discuss with your partner the myths of society, hindering relationship building.

The payment and the myths with which we met in the 'mythology of love', tell about your thoughts on this and Offer to speak to your partner. Step 7. Discuss with your partner elements of destructive behavior. Discuss the destructive aspects of behavior, which we discussed in the fifth part of the article. Again, do their best to keep this conversation to flow into the discussion of who among you, which is characteristic of the discussion list. Step 8. Discuss with your partner constructive install.

Suggest to discuss constructive install contributing construction of the most harmonious and prosperous relationship. Step 9. Discuss with your partner the formula of harmonious relations. Remember, in the second part we're familiar with the formula of building relationships? It is able to give birth rather stormy discussion, if we consider it quite carefully. Step 10. Agree on the daily half-hour evening conversations in a relaxed atmosphere. This is an important final step of your long-term dialogue – proposal to make similar talks scheduled to continue to establish close emotional contact and understanding between you.