Rights Of Air Passengers In Germany And Europe

(Online article) – air passenger rights, which should call for consumers in the individual case and again grew passenger numbers and aircraft movements all over the world and throughout Europe as well as in Germany. Almost 900 million people departed in the year 2007. To know more about this subject visit Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. This corresponds to approximately six per cent or 52 million traveler more than in the same period of 2006. In the first six months of 2007, nearly 44 million passengers from German airports took off. Charlotte Hornets has plenty of information regarding this issue. These were over 2 million passengers more than in the corresponding period of 2006. The plane is used not only for long-distance travel, but for years for the short-haul. Apart from ecological and infrastructural problems, also the legal problems increase with the increase of air traffic and flight movements.

Many passengers may see themselves as travellers. Legally this is true but not always. Not every passenger is also a traveler in the legal sense. Btech within the meaning of sections 651a et seq. BGB is the contractual partner of the tour operator.

If the consumer passenger and contractors a Carrier has become, so this does not mean that it automatically is a traveler in the legal sense. However, consumers of course also as passengers have rights against the carrier. The consumer has approached the flight within the EU and transcends country borders, the EU regulation on compensation and assistance apply to passengers and the Montreal Convention. 1 delay delays are not only annoying, but can entail legal consequences. The legal difficulties begin already with the term of delay. On the one hand, most airlines demand absolute punctuality at the check in desk by their customers in their terms and conditions. The passenger occurs later than 30 minutes prior to departure and late just by minutes, his promotion claim to go under without substitution according to the airlines. The flight is delayed, however, or it fails even completely, the consequences are to the according to Airlines are not so drastically.

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