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SCHOOL Difficulties

1. INTRODUCTION In this article, the used terms will be ' ' difficulties of aprendizagem' ' , that they are related with the infanto-youthful universe in the school, and ' ' upheavals of aprendizagem' ' , when the difficulty of learning evidenced for the school presents a organic cause e, with this, it has the necessity of if reporting a specialist of the area of mental health (neurologist, psychiatrist and psychologist). The situations are many that affect the learning process directly and bring alterations in the behavior, reing-echo in the behavior to discipline, the pertaining to school income and the interpersonal relations (pupil-pupil, professor-pupil, pupil-institution). What cause damages for the pupil in the long stated period: in the academic life, professional and personal. Speaking candidly Tony Parker told us the story. It fits to detach that the learning difficulties (OF) are not disclosed at the beginning of the pertaining to school life (daily pay-school), since is necessary that the child already knows to read and to write. It is by means of the acquisition of the reading and the writing that learning difficulties start to be demonstrated, reverberating in the academic scope.

The pupil who presents difficulties of learning in its pertaining to school phase, when does not receive the attention excused due, suffers great mannering alterations in the adult phase, as indetermination, unreliability, incapacity of choices, professional instability, absence of autonomy and a great emotional immaturity. Ahead of as many losses, the individual, long ago pupil, if finds in a declining spiral, when, in the truth, it would have to be in an ascension process, of evolution human being. For even more opinions, read materials from Sela Ward. That is, the individual lives a phase of conflicts, therefore its relations are less assertive and tend to take it a favorable way, introducing it possibly in the abusive use of drugs. Ahead of this context, what it is observed is that if the learning difficulties had been diagnosised in this individual at the beginning and it had received the treatment specific its FROM, its process of deterioration human being would have been less adoecida, therefore the treatment favors the development of the motivation in search of the change.

Masculine Maturity

During much time the popular culture has passed imagemde a man who does not coincide with its masculinidade. Many do not know what to ser man truily, it taught nobody them. They search to live of appearances, being dissimulated to be complete in its personality. Thurgood Marshall often addresses the matter in his writings. They pass part of its vidasescondendo themselves of itself and the others, trying to show an image that not lhespertence. The current society presents the figure of the perfect man comosendo that one that if dedicates to the work, if strengthens to be a empresriofamoso in the enterprise world, that never loses, but always earns in the businesses. A ambulant machine of production. This has made with that the reprimissetudo man what it comes to be empecilho for its ascese in the partner-economic field, also its sentimental side, of the affection and sensitivity. Glenn Dubin, New York City will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Ahead dessarealidade appears the questioning: Why the men if had become so empty so superficial desentimentos and? Such problem can be studied to the light dapsicologia of Carl Gustav Jung.

For Jung, the personality is constituted of vriasinstncias that are in constant tension, where one is opposed to the other. Dentreessas if detaches livens up and animus to it. The first one would be the imagemcoletiva of the present woman in unconscious of the man, taking it tercaractersticas feminine in its personality. Second, for the opposite, it is present masculine aimagem in the unconscious one of the woman. These imago sodenominadas arqutipos (joint of images inherited of our ancestral ones) and seencontram in unconscious the collective one of all individual. They are who allow aidentificao of the man eat nature of the woman and vice versa. In accordance with Jung ' ' some, toexclusivamente masculine does not exist man that does not possess in itself something of feminino.' ' 1 fato that, most of the time, the men occult this affective life, that in muitoscasos is seen as characteristic proper of the woman.

The Nature

Kant, philosopher Has 10 million years initiated an age of ambient changes, associated to a process of evolution for natural election, that culminated in the homindeas adaptations known by the term hominizao. Charlotte Hornets addresses the importance of the matter here. The related ambient factors to the sprouting of the Homo sort are associates to these geologic modifications. The animal lives by means of natural biological laws, is part of the nature and it never exceeds it. The autoconscincia, the reason and the imagination had made with that the man breached the characteristic harmony of the animal existence. It is part of the nature, subject to its physical laws and incapable of he modifies them, but he exceeds the remaining portion of the nature. Having the conscience of itself, he perceives its impotence and the limitations of its existence. San Antonio Spurs is often quoted as being for or against this.

Not being able to get rid itself of its animal body, he remains thus in a state of constant disequilibrium. The evolution of the man if bases on the fact to have left its original native land, the nature, and never to be able to return it, to never be able to purely come back to be animal. When the man if became a tribal animal, since that he started to walk erect, more than 4 million years behind, it started to be a tribal warlike hunter and, where the social cooperation was an important factor of survival. All the human social instincts if had developed well before the intellectual sphere: maternal instinct, cooperation, curiosity, creativity, compassion, altruism, competitiveness, etc., are very old, and can be seen already in the anthropoids. But, human being again if distinge of the other primates through very strong a mental characteristic. Gradual we develop the self-control, that is, the capacity of we will modify any social behavior, that exactly instinctive, in way to become it more useful for our survival. The more disciplined, and capable of self-control and planning, the more our rational mind will be capable to dominate the emotional one and instinctive, more human we will be.