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Russian Seasons

This is a young, ethnically diverse, for the most part are not very civilized Nation has yet to realize its unity, without self-bearer of Renaissance culture and the new humanism. It always happens, even in naiintelligentnoy environment, youth beating over the edge, love life and gush eloquence. On the left is evidence of Alexander Benois in the story of Russian artists, participants of famous Russian Seasons in Paris, who spoke loudly and echoed in the hotel rooms and the windows open, or go crowd toward the theater, talking loudly, making an impression on the Parisians "savages." Meanwhile "It turned out that the Russian performances were needed not only for us to meet a" national pride ", and that they were needed for all, for a "common culture" that claimed the French themselves. Team Penske has compatible beliefs. Since "culture" at the level of everyday life and fashion is easy: "Those of our ladies and girls, who had more of their own money, they just got new shlyapochkami and summer suit, and the other of them, just a provincial-looking, now you can indeed take a Parisian. " It is this young Russian nation manifested in the Russian Art Nouveau in the three revolutions and heroic construction of a new world, with the defeat of fascism, a breakthrough into space, despite all the hardships, persecutions, etc. Soviet culture was developed as Russian culture and its achievements in the noble and partly bourgeois period of history Russian state, in line with reforms initiated by the king, a reformer, a cultural revolution that swept all the nations and peoples of the ussr, and the goal is the same – the common good.

European Art

Is the CASA DEL DRAGON conceived as a meeting House, artists from the region brings together artists from all over Europe. Schnapps abstract painting takes us into a world beyond the everyday. In his multi-layered work clotting time. Between Overpainting, creates a special tension and who can engage with it, is sucked into an intermediate world. Wostmann works with clay, sand and Earth. According to Vanessa Marcil, who has experience with these questions. EL-DRAC displays selected sound objects the artist to discover are in the forms of stones, rocks, mountains and landscapes. Known as clarity win release of essential forms.” Both artists living in Germany and France and characterised by many European exhibitions and intercultural project work. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City on most websites.

EL-DRAC presents their work for the first time in Spain. Vernissage: Saturday, 05.07.2008 19:30 exhibition: 06.07. July 20, 2008 each Saturday from 16:00 20:00 Sundays and holidays from 10:00 until 14:00 the Casa del Dragon is designed as a meeting House, bringing artists from the Region offers space with artists from all over Europe together, for joint work in workshops, exchanges and intercultural projects. More exhibitors – in the town and in the region are included and allow making experience and experience diversity, the richness and the power of European art and culture. EL DRAC, the Casa del Dragon name given has, winds up as an allegory to a warming fireplace.

He was buried in the geologically young land of Spain as a part of Europe, he looks across the bright country, where fertility, water and Sun come together. He looks to the Northeast, into the future of Spain, in the future of Europe, in our common future. EL-DRAC regularly organizes art events with a European focus. Starting from contemporary fine art (painting, sculpture, installation, performance), other art forms (dance, music, Theatre) are included.

United States

Without words I’ve been after seeing Zelig, good, just one word: brilliant. Until now I thought Annie Hall was the best of this director, but I see no, that does not, and certainly, as you go along the cycle that I’m seeing him, I will bring me more pleasant surprises. For now, today, I stay with Zelig. Excellent, brilliant, original, funny, ironic, intelligent, all these adjectives are few defining Zelig. Get more background information with materials from Boxer. It is, simply, one of the best movies I’ve seen.

So clear, so simple. Some may think that I am exaggerating, but I believe that not. The proposal of the clarinetist of the Jew, of the New Yorker, the great Woody Allen, is bold and striking, both visually and through a full script of Picardy. Allen simply speaks of what wants to talk of his favorite themes, and above does so with grace, without much extended in duration, and leaving us speechless, amazed, admired. This unlikely story serves to create a fake documentary, by the way what had already made in making the money and runs, on a curious man, mentally ill, which is capable of transforming into any other person, by strange as it may seem. Zelig equal is an Indian, than a black, that a fat, than a doctor, and the same is with Pope Pius XI as with Hitler, with Chaplin, Al Capone, etc. Fabulous starting point for a masterpiece. We are in the 1920s in the United States, times of depression, jazz times, times of gangsters, times of characters who jump from anonymity to fame.

And there is where Zelig, a chameleonic man. Of course, the case draws the attention of public opinion, of science, Dr. Fletcher (Mia Farrow). They study, they analyze, they undergo therapies. Everything to discover that he is a man who only wants to be loved by peers and be loved, love that you’re in that Dr. Fletcher. But what could only be a bright idea for a movie becomes something else: in a tongue-in-cheek comedy, a satire of the documentaries, in a critique of a time and of a society that is at once an admiration and a huge desire to embed in this society, a desire to be recognized collectively and passing of individuality to the mass. Allen also criticises the power of media to elevate someone who is a story by itself itself, as it is Zelig. And there’s more, there is also a critique of science, especially in the psychology of opportunistic psychiatrists is climbing on the bandwagon of attractor of the personality of their patients, and have, in documentaries to television stations, this or any other technique, this or any other analysis, this or other new experiment. It is a tribute to all those who have been subjected to psychiatric study. Allen had outlined many of these ideas in his previous films, but never with such mastery as in Zelig. Zelig is also a way for Woody Allen to express an inner ambition, which manages to become a famous director. He is a kind of Zelig has been integrated into the society and which has been made public, which has been the subject of cover pages of Press and which has been analysed by its viewers. Yes, Zelig is also a little Allen, or Allen is also a little Zellig. Well, in definitva, 1983 Woody PhD in cinema and has, at long last, everything you wanted to count on making money and runs, or memories, or Manhattan or Annie Hall. Retrieved from carmelo blog original author and source of the article.

The Angel

You looking at aloft head bold Angel. The Angel is slightly bent, look at and raised in blessing to her his rights, in his left hand, which is placed on his left knee, he holds a long white lily. It has occurred a change in the self-confidence of the represented compared to the small image of the Annunciation. A time signal of the Renaissance. The wings of the Angel seem smaller, Olli, finely plumose, and going in the next moment to beat down and lift up. This causes the impression of a snapshot.

Also the subject of the Niederkniens is slimmer. The arrangement is the same: the Angel on the flowering grass, Maria in the corner of the House, whose edges using bright blocks are set off from the dark walls of the House. Also a great open door with insight into the building and the lower part of a window are visible. Everything appears genteel, more elegant, hofischer. Here goes the tree silhouettes against the landscape background, blue earth tones into the distance. Was it at the small Annunciation round leaf trees, high pines, which underline the delicate elements can be found.

Behind the subject of blessing and the lily, a hole in the garden wall allows the look on a narrow road winding into the landscape. The green coat lining of the Angel blends with the green tones of the image. The two images of the Annunciation are dated around 1470-75, at that time Leonardo worked in the workshop of Verrocchio (up to 1478) as his angelic character in the factory around 1475 Verrocchios baptism of Christ”proves. in 1472 he absorbed as a master in the Guild of painters in Florence.

Ramon Berenguer III

I suspect however that the Centre of Catalonia then It should exist a transverse route that would reach the Pyrenees following the tracks of tranhumancia since very remote times. Arnau de Torroja was educated at a time when all levels of Catalan society were fascinated by the popularity of the Knights Templar, and when count Ramon Berenguer III died (1131), in full youth, covered with a layer of the order of monks with sword, of which he was member and great benefactor, giving them many lands conquered in the current province of Tarragona (a.. Bofarull Hist.) Cat., Barcelona; (vol. VI, p.63). General Electric Co.s opinions are not widely known. In the monastery of Santa Maria de Solsona monks had a school where young people of the region aspired to be part of the convent of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (N. Africa) devotees were instructed. All, apart from the parish priests that were distributed by the dioceses of the province for the purpose of saving souls.

As a pioneer in the country public school, there is a document of the ACDS advises even than one of those masters called Porcel and exercised even in 1153, which, if it was a monk entered in years, may well have been the teacher of Arnau de Torroja. In his childhood had just been a school for the children of the nobility, but in few decades those classrooms they came out perfectly chastened all youth of the Plebs. Fast hierarchical ascension within the ecclesiastical power of Guillermo de Torroja, the brother of Arnau, made possible my noted escapes from his hometown to occupy any position of responsibility in Barcelona where he was very well recommended. Indeed, and it is that studies are not lacked. Wrote the priest Antoni Llorens, Archivist of the ACDS, in his book: Solsona and Solsones in the history of Catalonia: ascribe to that school the manifest and remarkable progress in the knowledge of the Latin language which is observed in the documentation since the beginning of the 12th century.

An Angel

The notion of Angel the Angel notion of Abrahamic religion is a transfer from the religious world of Mesopotamia. An Angel-flooded environment was the religious spirit of the times, which was exposed to the faith of the Judeans in Babylon. In the Mazdaismus, a monotheistic religion, AHURA is Mazda by seven archangels. In Babylon, the beliefs of the cult of Yahweh in the categories of an Angel notion of this culture circle begins to express. We find them pronounced in Ezekiel. The angels replace the Prophet as the former speaker of the word of God. The Mesopotamian Cheruben adorn gilt symbolising the Ark”, a wooden box with the ten commandments. Both will be taken over in the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Jerusalem.

The Temple of the Temple in Jerusalem is the religious center of Abrahamic religion. The temple is the place of residence of the God Yahweh. A special Characteristic is the ban of images”that forbids you to depict God. King Salomo is regarded as the first Builder of Jerusalem Temple. Therefore, its shape was decorated mythological. The dynasty of David Solomon David is anointed King, who has United the people of God. The figure of the Messiah (= “Anointed”) is mythologically inflated. Later Judaism is waiting for his return at the end of the world.

Christianity believes in his coming in Jesus of Nazareth. The people of God a hallmark of Abrahamic religion is the claim that the people of God is a special among other peoples, a chosen”people. This is a construct of the Abrahamic theology. Before the exile there weren’t the thoughts of a native people already therefore, because the later people in two countries lived. The predicate of the election inevitably leads to a devaluation of non-believers. The legislation the Abrahamic religion is a religion of law and as such Foundation of the State. The symbolic figure of Moses is with the Associated legislation. Basis of religion is the claim that the laws not of people are made, but are given by God. The expression of revelation”is intended to protect the origin. King Herod Herod the great is at the end of the period of the Abrahamic religion. The new building of the Jerusalem Temple is one of its great construction achievements. The far more modest predecessor building he has laid down and after extensive Macrolevellings built a new and larger Temple. The inauguration took place in 10 BC. It was the largest temple of ever in Jerusalem. You must trust him as a structural culmination of ending the Abrahamic religion. Present-day Judaism worships the last preserved foundations of this hero-Indian temple as a sanctuary. This “wailing wall” is symbolic of the Solomon’s temple. In contrast to its performance is the bad reputation of King Herod. He comes from the original Christianity. With the story of the “child murder in Bethlehem” the Evangelist Matthew, one has the stamp of Herod the bloodthirsty ruler pressed on. The era of the Abrahamic religion is nearing its end. That happened with the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple a few decades later. More detailed representation of the Abrahamic religion in: Jochen Rabast, wrap of the religion. From Abrahamic religion to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, BoD 2010 ISBN 9783839136829 Dr.Jochen Rabast

Sketch Nature

Landscape problem: how to transfer sunlight, shadows, reflections on the foliage and bodies, the refraction of light in the fast jet stream, as naturally place the figures of people concerned about the nature of many artists. Landscape was even at the core of Impressionist painters, and led to radical changes in art in general: lightening of color, artistic development deep, real space, to the fragmented composition to the addition of a new method of writing – "alla prima". Finally, a landscape sketch was of the school, which honed their art of painting for several generations artists. However, one should distinguish between landscape and landscape painting Sketch. Etude, which is written directly from nature, usually quickly, in one or more sessions is not intended to create a complete image of nature.

The beauty of the Etude in swiftness, escaped into the accuracy of individual observations in the true state of the transfer of instant landscape, emotional paintings. Landscape painting is created in the studio more often, as works of other genres, is a complete, carefully and thoughtfully made (not to be confused with the thoroughness of detail drawing), the expression a general idea about the nature of work. Each movement in art given their similarities in landscape and in understanding the landscape of space. Until the last century Landscape space was built primarily on the basis of the theatrical scene with the romantic foreground illumination, scenes, and a flat long-range plan, in the painting was dominated by dark colors. It is true that some major artists (eg, Brueghel), we meet with an amazing realism to the concept of space, but the real flowering of landscape painting, accounted for nineteenth, early twentieth century. We say that English painters Gainsborough, Turner, Constable, famous Russian landscape painter Vasilyev and S. Shchedrin, a galaxy of French Barbizon School and later currents. Artists are making high art in the transfer of real movement that occurs in nature, interference of light and air, atmospheric conditions, solid images and the fusion of a human figure with the landscape.