An Angel

The notion of Angel the Angel notion of Abrahamic religion is a transfer from the religious world of Mesopotamia. An Angel-flooded environment was the religious spirit of the times, which was exposed to the faith of the Judeans in Babylon. In the Mazdaismus, a monotheistic religion, AHURA is Mazda by seven archangels. In Babylon, the beliefs of the cult of Yahweh in the categories of an Angel notion of this culture circle begins to express. We find them pronounced in Ezekiel. The angels replace the Prophet as the former speaker of the word of God. The Mesopotamian Cheruben adorn gilt symbolising the Ark”, a wooden box with the ten commandments. Both will be taken over in the Holy of Holies of the Temple of Jerusalem.

The Temple of the Temple in Jerusalem is the religious center of Abrahamic religion. The temple is the place of residence of the God Yahweh. A special Characteristic is the ban of images”that forbids you to depict God. King Salomo is regarded as the first Builder of Jerusalem Temple. Therefore, its shape was decorated mythological. The dynasty of David Solomon David is anointed King, who has United the people of God. The figure of the Messiah (= “Anointed”) is mythologically inflated. Later Judaism is waiting for his return at the end of the world.

Christianity believes in his coming in Jesus of Nazareth. The people of God a hallmark of Abrahamic religion is the claim that the people of God is a special among other peoples, a chosen”people. This is a construct of the Abrahamic theology. Before the exile there weren’t the thoughts of a native people already therefore, because the later people in two countries lived. The predicate of the election inevitably leads to a devaluation of non-believers. The legislation the Abrahamic religion is a religion of law and as such Foundation of the State. The symbolic figure of Moses is with the Associated legislation. Basis of religion is the claim that the laws not of people are made, but are given by God. The expression of revelation”is intended to protect the origin. King Herod Herod the great is at the end of the period of the Abrahamic religion. The new building of the Jerusalem Temple is one of its great construction achievements. The far more modest predecessor building he has laid down and after extensive Macrolevellings built a new and larger Temple. The inauguration took place in 10 BC. It was the largest temple of ever in Jerusalem. You must trust him as a structural culmination of ending the Abrahamic religion. Present-day Judaism worships the last preserved foundations of this hero-Indian temple as a sanctuary. This “wailing wall” is symbolic of the Solomon’s temple. In contrast to its performance is the bad reputation of King Herod. He comes from the original Christianity. With the story of the “child murder in Bethlehem” the Evangelist Matthew, one has the stamp of Herod the bloodthirsty ruler pressed on. The era of the Abrahamic religion is nearing its end. That happened with the destruction of the Jerusalem Temple a few decades later. More detailed representation of the Abrahamic religion in: Jochen Rabast, wrap of the religion. From Abrahamic religion to Judaism, Christianity, Islam, BoD 2010 ISBN 9783839136829 Dr.Jochen Rabast

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