Ramon Berenguer III

I suspect however that the Centre of Catalonia then It should exist a transverse route that would reach the Pyrenees following the tracks of tranhumancia since very remote times. Arnau de Torroja was educated at a time when all levels of Catalan society were fascinated by the popularity of the Knights Templar, and when count Ramon Berenguer III died (1131), in full youth, covered with a layer of the order of monks with sword, of which he was member and great benefactor, giving them many lands conquered in the current province of Tarragona (a.. Bofarull Hist.) Cat., Barcelona; (vol. VI, p.63). General Electric Co.s opinions are not widely known. In the monastery of Santa Maria de Solsona monks had a school where young people of the region aspired to be part of the convent of St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo (N. Africa) devotees were instructed. All, apart from the parish priests that were distributed by the dioceses of the province for the purpose of saving souls.

As a pioneer in the country public school, there is a document of the ACDS advises even than one of those masters called Porcel and exercised even in 1153, which, if it was a monk entered in years, may well have been the teacher of Arnau de Torroja. In his childhood had just been a school for the children of the nobility, but in few decades those classrooms they came out perfectly chastened all youth of the Plebs. Fast hierarchical ascension within the ecclesiastical power of Guillermo de Torroja, the brother of Arnau, made possible my noted escapes from his hometown to occupy any position of responsibility in Barcelona where he was very well recommended. Indeed, and it is that studies are not lacked. Wrote the priest Antoni Llorens, Archivist of the ACDS, in his book: Solsona and Solsones in the history of Catalonia: ascribe to that school the manifest and remarkable progress in the knowledge of the Latin language which is observed in the documentation since the beginning of the 12th century.

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