Amy Winehouse: Divorce?

Divorce or separation are words that many people know and even the stars and starlets are not spared them. Credit: Jorge Perez-2011. So you want to happen to now also the singer. The rumors to follow her to a separation from her husband before are available. But these rumors not anyone has dispersed, no, it was none other than Amy Winehouse BBs dad. Sean Rad contributes greatly to this topic. He confirmed the rumors that his daughter about a possible divorce should have to think, but she hate to do. “Amy is really sad. Blake threatened her with divorce, as he had just learned that she is again danced out of the series.

Unfortunately, Blake is also heavily influenced. That exploits very his mother above all. You telling him that it was better to divorce. “Nevertheless the children should themselves make”. Amy BBs dad said, however, that Amy wants to hold us never divorced wants. Amy wants to hang on so, but Blake said clearly: “I want a divorce”. Wait we it from, whether the two again can pull themselves together or whether it really will be a divorce. To wish it wouldn’t be them of course.

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