Skin Care

Description ham-mams normally consist of three interconnected rooms, like their Roman predecessors and at different temperatures: the first room is usually cool room, then move on to the warm room middle and, finally, you reach the hot room, equivalent to caldarium Roman, whose function is the absorption of steam and is where the massage takes place exfoliate. The warm room or warm water used to wash with soap and water, and cool room is to relax, get dressed, take a refreshing drink and sometimes even take a nap in private cubicles after the massage. In recent times, the hammams bloom throughout the West in the new culture of relaxation and body worship, as is the fashion for spas and health resorts of the capital city. Care The hammams and modern spas offering all kind of services and beauty treatments. The massage defoliator is undoubtedly one of the key elements of traditional treatment and is performed on the skin smeared with traditional black soap and aromatic, creamy product extracted from black olives cooked and cold pressed.

There are several types of massage defoliator from the vigorous scraping with a special glove called Kessa used to remove dead skin, to the softer and therapeutic massage, often made with oils and natural essences, such as sesame, orange or Argan. In any case, massaging the hammam are relaxing and invigorating, leaving the skin extremely soft and smooth. Among the services offered in the hammam are all kinds of beauty treatments and cosmetics, such as respirators cream, a clay mineral that softens the skin, reduces the secretion of fat, regenerates and balances the skin by tightening pores . The creams and cosmetics used in hammams often applied following rituals and traditional methods and using many essential extracts of olive, pink, argan, eucalyptus, marjoram, orange, seaweed, jasmine, etc. In addition, many hammams proposed extra care, including hair removal, henna tattoos and manicures and pedicures and even hair salon, gym, meditation and reflexology.

a So I highly recommend that during your vacation in Marrakech, visit a hammam and delight in its services and care. There are many types of hammams, from the most popular and traditional to the most luxurious and modern. Most have a hammam and a spa, and even many offer at least the most basic care.

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