People Principles

Soon the equity of the original position does not become related with the inherent competition to the species, does not have as to interlace the two sources without assuming the inaquality. Therefore to trace goals in a rational plan (the well general one) does not guarantee that posterior misunderstandings if originate antagonistically to the proper ones principles and the justice notion would not derive from the primordial principles and yes of the proper conditions of life. 2,2 Problems in the support of the two principles after its application will have made sure to all the possibility to raise it an available position independently endows of them natural, that one that not atingiz it will recognize its mediocrity and will accept this situation calm? It will observe that it does not have as to reach such level in none another moment of its life, then would be satisfied alone for agreeing to 2 principle and the liberal interpretation? However he himself would not obtain to evolve its natural abilities? making use of half for this? had the hormonais disfunes and of learning retention. Would be happy an individual that observes the other people’s conquests being that in the deep one also it longs for such results? It will be able to become desaffected of a basic freedom to try to sublimar this frustration, but he will not be felt carried through total. expectations of the other that is in better situation? in accordance with the beginning of difference? they will bring comfort to an unhappy spirit, but which improvement this would go to feel, only usufructing of basic goods that the proper original position already would guarantee? The well general social one cogitated in the assent of the parts, in the original position, would have to be of emotional order and not mere formal. To assume that the people do not feel envy, disgust is to find that they would live as ants and bees jointly in sincronia, in a estagnada society (invariant) and each one in its place.

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