North American Film Festival

The Indians INUIT: the North American Film Festival collects with crowdfunding to the Indian INUIT: North American Film Festival from the 23-26 January 2014 already held for the fifth time in Stuttgart. Cleans up with common cliches and the film festival shows movies of young indigenous film generation, which brings us the living dichotomy between tradition and global modernity from her personal perspective. No. MORE SILENCE is this year’s theme and the selected films are accordingly confident. The partners and sponsors take over a large part of the costs of the event. For the missing funds, the film festival is however dependent on private donations. Sela Ward pursues this goal as well. The Crowdfunding platform can anyone help with the financing gap of 5,000. The Crowdfunding promotion will run until October 16, 2013.

The goal is to collect 5,000 euro. However: only, if this amount is reached, the action is successfully completed. In return, we have some thank yous”in Form provided by Festival vouchers, CDs and books. The film festival needs more support for the fifth Indian INUIT: the North American Film Festival. On the side of North America-Indians-inubit-fil the visitors learn more about the action. A blog keeps visitors up to date. The Film Festival date should be in any calendar, so that you could not miss this unique event with its exceptional guests. 2014 is the filmmaker Alanis Obomsawin, one of the guests, who is a legend of the indigenous film, and for the first time for the five-year anniversary, a prize for the best film will be awarded for each genre. Information, press photos for downloading, etc. can be found on the Festival website: Press releases FilmFest 2014.

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