Justin Timberlake

I am absolutely certain that you’ve already heard one of the news of the year in musical themes. The most famous Irish indie-rock group, U2 has been the band in the world of music that has more raised last year thanks to the sale of their albums and the assistance of his fans to direct powerful offering. You would expect that artists like Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, the Rolling Stones, or even Justin Timberlake, which moreover is not that they have entered a few benefits, they were most likely to appear in no. 1 of performers than more income have had thanks to his work in this universe. However, it has been the group the green Ireland, U2, which, thanks to the quality of its good music and their great live concerts, has benefited most from his work. Since then, something bad. For many years they have been demonstrating that they are good at what they do, so do not hesitate and do not miss the opportunity of seeing them directly in concert playing his most famous pieces. You can now purchase tickets via the Internet.

U2 doesn’t disappoint in his concerts. Other large groups that raise passions are precisely, neighbors of U2. The English band Coldplay increasingly harvest more successes, and that they also carry a few years at the top of the music world. It is clear that when a band makes good music, it is not surprising that it remains today in the music scene. You can not stay without entries. Coldplay is characterized by the full in his concerts, so he already knows the dates of the concerts that will take place in Spain during their upcoming tour. You will have them to live only by clicking with the mouse.

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