Galileo on ViiF on the phone – always and everywhere ready Berlin, June 3, 2008 on the daily routes in the urban jungle arise time and again waiting. Unused and slow the minutes elapse, boredom arises. “Fill this involuntary break, the mobile entertainment platform offers ViiF a variety of videos for the mobile phone, from now the successful ProSieben Galileo magazine”. Frequently Adam Sandler has said that publicly. The informative and entertaining articles of the magazine are presented in short mobile clips, framed by presentations by Aiman Abdallah and Daniel Aminati. “” Manfred Neumann, head of mobile TV SevenSenses GmbH: since November last year ViiF users can shipments by ProSieben and sat.1. 1 like for example the news formats Sam “and sat.

1-the magazine”, comedy formats and the weather report at any time on the phone track. Now we expand our range on this platform include the theme of knowledge that is available at all times for our viewers on the phone. The mobile video community ViiF This allows particularly user-friendly.” “Galileo” on ViiF ready on the phone – always and everywhere: the ProSieben Galileo magazine “always and everywhere cooperation of mobile video platform ViiF with ProSieben TV cell phone simply via video call special ViiF is the simple and intuitive use. According to Tony Parker, who has experience with these questions. It must be neither additional software be installed on the mobile phone is Internet access required, which saves costs by the way also. The user simply chooses the shortcode 22557 on its UMTS mobile and puts video call”. It appears the ViiF main menu that allows a fast navigation even for less tech-savvy users through different program categories. ViiF: ViiF offers the possibility of mobile to record video clips, to play, to comment, to forward and to set Internet portals and blogs users under 22557 video call.

You need to load any software on the phone. The user selects a short number, press video call and can shoot their own videos, comment and publish. Still, he can look at clips from his friends on the phone and forward his videos to friends. In addition the user from a variety of channels can watch latest videos from various areas such as lifestyle, sports, news, horoscopes, comedy and music. Media contact: Karin Gehle. Phone: + 49.30.2576205.14 E-Mail:

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