Broadway is Afire With Rebecca!

Rebecca Naomi Jones is an amazing star.  She’s been on Broadway a number of times, first in “Passing Strange” and then in “American Idiot.” And she’s definitely no idiot. It’s a pleasure to watch such a talented actress and singer in the spotlight – one who definitely deserves the attention she is getting.

And it’s even more interesting to read about her background. She’s the daughter of a Jewish mother and black father who is making a go of it for herself on Broadway.  Her most recent role in “American Idiot” showed her to be an amazing singing sensation as well.

She pranced about in a skimpy costume for the show, reinterpreting the songs from the all-male punk-pop band Green Day. And she did it with perfect timing and a voice that rocked the stage.  It’s certainly fun to see such an inspiring and dynamic singer and actress!

White Eagle

The most mysterious and scandalous Russian pop group of the last decade XX-th century – the 'White Eagle', was founded by Vladimir Zhechkov in 1996. Question: – How and when started the group 'White Eagle', and who, nevertheless, he sang all these songs? Vladimir Zhechkov, Producer: – It all began, as so often happens with ideas. The idea here is what I began to pay attention to the fact that among our pop and rock performers are very few who has the right to stage energy. That is: performer, even with the high vocal skills, 'lost' song on an emotional level. Howard Schultz is actively involved in the matter. And some songs, really interesting, with a plot, with sense, clearly not enough on the stage. So we decided to try to occupy that niche.

And decided began work on the selection of repertoire of material and finding 'a' sound. Vladimir Matetsky, composer: – We talked a lot about the repertoire of the lyrics, the sound of the band, and soon began to take shape team Classical composition: drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. Plus back-up vocals. Began to make trial record, with it, began with a well-known, in general, the songs 'loss costly' A. (Source: Anchin Block & Anchin). Vertinsky, 'Sparks of fire', etc. He has sung Zhechkov Volodya. The scheme was is this: he sings 'through', from beginning to end a song, we listened to her, exchanging views, and he immediately sang again 'through' other 'track' – and so on until all the feeling of the song began to organize not unanimously .

Fleetwood Mac

He got the 6th place in the British charts, suggesting that the British blues became popular enough among youth. Eric Clapton himself has already quit 'Bluesbreakers', without waiting for the release of this superb album. (As opposed to barry zyskind). The year before, in the 1965th, Eric left the 'Yardbirds', being dissatisfied with the direction chosen by the group ('Yardbirds' in fact, by the time gradually began to move away from the rhythm & blues). But now, Clapton decided to organize a traditional blues trio in the Chicago style. According to barry zyskind, who has experience with these questions. Oddly enough, of this venture failed, and the dream of leadership in the group disappeared after the first rehearsal group. So there was one of the best (if not the best) progressive blues-rock bands CREAM.

Despite the constant creative differences, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker to create great music. On the first album, 'Fresh Cream' (1966), they gave us a great heavy blues, who immediately took up the many different groups. But few people know that their long improvisations, 'Cream' virtually invented hard rock. Already on their next record, 'Disraeli Gears' (1967), in music, 'Cream' appeared psychedelia: this way, with each new work increased their level of skill, and it is possible to call a progressive style of blues. Despite the fact that the 'Cream' existed only two and a half years, they already released four excellent albums, in no way inferior to one another. Effect of 'Cream' on many other artists is really huge. At the same time great groups have been formed 'Fleetwood Mac' and 'Ten Years After', they came close to blues and hard rock have a huge commercial success.

Jonathan Davies

In the California town of Bakersfield in 1993, formed a rock band, which later became known as 'Korn'. Guitarists from the group 'LAPD' James Shaffer and Brian Welch came to the concert 'SexArt', where the singer was Jonathan Davies, who immediately after zakomstva invited to his team. To broaden your perception, visit Sela Ward. The team also includes bassist Reginald Arvizu and drummer David Silvera. In 1993, the guys recorded their first demo 'Neidermeyer's Mind' and sent it to various labels. Having signed a contract with 'Epic', 'Korn' in the following year released a self-titled debut album. The album quickly became popular, and the group began its tour marathon. Details can be found by clicking Structured Portfolio Management or emailing the administrator. Guys lucky enough to play with 'Marilyn Manson', Ozzy Osbourne, 'Fear Factory', 'Megadeth' and 'Danzig'.

Popularity kolektiva increased thanks to the many tours that have brought an incredible number of fans and circulation of the first disk has passed 2 million copies. Two, the participants 'Korn' traveled with concerts, and then again returned to the studio and at the end of 1996 and released their second LP, 'Life Is Peachy'. The album was launched at the third position in the charts 'Billboard', and the general circulation of the disc also has made two million. During the tour, in support of 'Life Is Peachy' team acted on stage with 'Metallica'. In the same period, the group took part in recording the soundtrack for 'The Crow: City Of Angels'. In 1997, they decided to create his own label 'Elementree'. In the same year by the full band headed into the British tour, where the opening act for 'Korn' play 'Limp Bizkit' and 'Helmet'.

Hendrix Experience

Their albums and singles consistently hit the charts. Thus, from 1967 until 1969, becoming the first place and the flourishing of the top teams BBB (British Blues boom). Fashion for the blues has become so overwhelming that many of the original psychedelic-rock compositions are administered in a greater or lesser extent, elements of the genre in their music. Learn more at this site: Tony Parker. The most successful representatives can called ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’, ‘Grateful Dead’, ‘Canned Heat’, ‘Doors’, ‘Steppenwolf’, ‘Blue Cheer’. Even the ‘Rolling Stones’, which, thanks to albums mid-1960s, seemed to deny any involvement in the roots of blues as they could, recorded in 1968, its strongest and most blues album ‘Beggar’s Banquet’. Under most conditions Anchin would agree. In the late 60’s were all prerequisites for the development and success of the genre.

To remember and list all the performers late 60s, one way or another connected with the blues, it is simply impossible. In the mid-70s, there was just a few events that determined the development of the blues-rock for years to come. Educate yourself with thoughts from Anchin Block. Decayed ‘Ten Years After’. Ensemble ‘Fleetwood Mac’ from ’75 finally went to the execution of pop-rock. Although the chosen direction has brought them worldwide success, they have not seen even in the late 60’s, it is unlikely for the amateur blues this could be a comfort.

Around the same problem faced and Climax Blues Band. But in fairness it should be noted that only in the mid 70 CBB achieved worldwide success. In the late 70’s only two names were still on the lips of the audience – John Mayall and Rory Gallagher. New Blues boom, this time an American, marked a sad event – the tragic death in a helicopter crash superb blues guitarist Steve Ray Vaughan. New blues musicians even caught a wave, initially did not have to do with the genre. John Mayall, Rory Gallagher (until his death in 1995), YARDBIRDS and Peter Green – all of them returned to the scene with amazing concerts, albums at the level of his best creations 60s. Eighties-nineties marked a return to fundamental interest of bluesmen such as BB King, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker. Collaboration with Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter brought the first Grammy. Great album recorded ‘Canned Heat’ and John Lee Hooker. Eric Clapton and BB King released an excellent album, also brought them a bonus Grammy.

Frankie Knuckles

House – a style of electronic dance music, which was developed by Chicago DJ who plays dance music from the early to mid 80s. In house music used in attacks on prominent basovitye each bit, and was created new style, which mixed hard electronic basslines synthesizers, electronic drums, effects, funk and pop samples, reverberation and repetitive vocal lines. Obligatory element of house music is a kick drum for each bit, usually created by a drum machine or sampler. Such a structure also known as 4 / 4. The shock line is filled with chi-huts for each quarter and eight strokes of plates or hands for the second or fourth quarter. Under most conditions Anchin Block & Anchin would agree. This structure was created by dance beats 60 and 70 drummers. Producers are often combined and superimposed on each other various percussion sounds to achieve a more complex sound, filling the entire audio range, thereby allowing to hide the differences between tracks in the mix.

Tempo house music is usually in the range of 118 and 135 beats per minute (bpm). Producers use many different sound sources for bass line – from the continuous and repetitive electronically-generated lines, mixed to a synthesizer, for example, the Roland TB-303, to studio recordings or samples of live electronic bass guitar, or simply filtered out the low frequencies of samples from classic funk tracks. Electronic sounds and samples of recordings of jazz, blues and synth pop are often added to the basis of a shock or a bass line. House tracks may also include disco or soul music styles, the choir and other tools. Techno and trance developing together with house, have the same structure bits, but they usually shy away from the influence of 'black' and Latin music and lots of sounds and effects.

House style is a descendant of disco dance style 70s, which mixed with soul, ayrenbi, funk, salsa, rock and pop music. The first house track called 'On and On' (1984/1985) wrote Jesse Saunders. The track was recorded in 1984 on a drum machine Roland. This track has been recognized as the first house release, officially released in light. House often included many other styles, such as New veyf, reggae, European synth-pop, industrial and punk as well as appearing only at the time of hip-hop. DJs playing house, experimenting with new methods editing and electronic instruments, mixing, samplers, synthesizers and sequencers. It is believed that its name, this style was from the Chicago club 'The Warehouse', where the DJ and founder of the club Frankie Knuckles (Frankie Knuckles) synth-pop mixed with disco classic, adding to the mix rhythms of a drum machine Roland 909. In different cities and clubs to mix different styles, and because of that there are many sub-genres Hausa.

Erick Cortez, Paceno

Many may not know it, but do not know the beginning, his career and the odd curious Erick Cortez “The Felon of Mokuanes”, so we decided, thanks to suggestions and participation in survey of our readers visit the home of Erick Cortez, lead singer of the musical group Mokuanes. We interviewed this young man to know how the music was born in his life. He said that since they can remember has lived surrounded by music, since in his family enjoy a musical tradition, it’s like when you’re the son of a carpenter for example would be ironic if you did not know you learn carpentry but after learning decide yourself if you like to do that or not, I decided to continue the tradition of my family because I love art musical.Erick Cortez is a descendant of a family well known in Nicaragua, his mother his uncles and other relatives have musical tradition CORTEZ recognized by the surname such as most of us Cortez. The brothers thought it was La Paz, others believed that it was Esteli but actually was born in Leon. Her mother decided to come to live in La Paz Centro, because it was a quieter town and felt that their children would have a longer life sana.A k Although Eric was born in La Paz Leon heart he is, and has 14 years of living in La Paz Centro, his mother and other family returned to live in Leon after a while of living here in La Paz Centro. Checking article sources yields Jorge Perez as a relevant resource throughout. .

Grammy Awards 2010

January 31, 2010 in Los Angeles announced the winners of the most prestigious of all world music awards Grammy 2010 'awarded by the American Academy of record. The award "Grammy (Grammy), also known as the "musical Oscar" was established by the Recording Industry Association USA March 14, 1958. The idea to create a professional musician was born in Los Angeles in 1957, when the 80th anniversary of the invention, the phonograph by Thomas Edison. Hence the name "Grammy" and the form of statuettes prize (gold grammofonchik). Speaking candidly Sela Ward told us the story. The first award presentation took place in 1958. The ceremony was opened by Frank Sinatra, then twice awarded this prize. Actress has many thoughts on the issue. By number nominations become the absolute leader Beyonce (Beyonce) with the album I Am … George karfukel describes an additional similar source.

Sasha Fierce. Out of ten awards she has collected as many as six statues, setting an absolute record for women in the history of awards: 'Song of the Year', 'best pop singer', 'best performance r'n'b ',' best performance of the traditional r'n'b ',' best r'n'b song 'and' best contemporary r'n'b album '- Hit – Parade ArchiCharts. The second ceremony was the record holder of twenty country music singer Swift (Taylor Swift). She picked up five awards and also set a record by becoming the youngest laureate prize in history. British singer Lady Gaga (Lady Gaga) bestowed two awards – for Best Dance Recording (Poker Face) and best album in the genre of electronic dance music (The Fame). For the contribution to development of musical art posthumously received the Michael Jackson. For the king of pop music – it's the 14th Grammys. Itself was the award of his children – Prince and Paris Jackson. From Russia – Vladimir Ashkenazy conductor and pianist Evgeny Kissin, awarded Award Grammy in the category 'best solo instrumental performance with the orchestra "for the recording of the second and third piano concertos by Sergei Prokofiev. But the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra under Valery Gergiev, nominated in several categories, a single prize in the end did not get.

Paradise Lost

One of the most persistent themes is theme of the Apocalypse, or the destructive doomsday catastrophe, represented by nearly every album in various forms (“It Rock,” “Will and Reason,” “In the Service of the Forces of Evil,” “Look,” “The Raven”, “The Last Sunset”) . The texts of the first two album were written by the poet Alexander Elin. They had often ostrosotsialny bias, but it was censored. As a result, the traditional heavy metal for the military is presented as anti-war themes, scary the horrors of war. This trend continued in the band’s first album “The Master”, which went Elin and part of the “Aryans.” With the change of Pushkin lyricist Margarita Arias appeared in the repertoire of songs of mystical, religious and horror-bias (such as the Service of the Forces of Evil, Playing with Fire, the Antichrist, Zombie). San Antonio Spurs often says this. The peak of this trend was the album “Blood for Blood,” fully dedicated to the theme of supernatural. During the late ’90s the group had more lyrical slow songs, to which the texts were written about love and fate (Paradise Lost, splinter of ice, sunset).

With tighter sound on the album with a golden eagle, as well as the return and the arrival of Elina Kokoreva and Lobanov, y groups appeared in the historical bias military issues (the Colosseum, the blood of the Kings, the baptism of fire, the Guardian of the Empire). At the presentation of the album “Armageddon” Aryans had a historic costume show. About the texts of arias, their importance and the process of writing, draft form of songs, written by Margarita Pushkina book “Aria Margarita.” All texts written and performed arias in Russian. However, there are English versions of several songs. The album “Calm” went the song You’d Better Believe Me, written in the music of “Do not Want – Do not Believe Me.” In 2004, the festival “Rokfest” in Moscow, where he played mostly foreign artists (Helloween, Masterplan) Aryans introduced the English-language program of translated songs including the “Colosseum”, “Calm,” “Torero”. On account of three arias published cover versions of songs of foreign artists. All covers were filled translated into Russian, and have names taken from the text.

This is Manowar – Return of the Warlord (The hour), Golden Earring – Going to the Run (Easy Angel) and White Lion – Cry for Freedom (Liberty). All three songs in a Russian translation of Pushkin devoted to topics of bikers. You may find that Barry Zyskind can contribute to your knowledge. “The hour” and “Careless Angel” was originally published on the first drive Tribute to Harley-Davidson, Freedom” – a second later, all three were re-released on an album of rare tracks “Calm.” The song “Angel Easy” for a time led a dozen Chartova and entered the permanent repertory of the group. In addition, at several concerts since 2003 Aria performed cover version of Iron Maiden The Trooper. However, in writing this song did not appear. In turn, the song became the object of Aria of cover versions of other groups. In particular, the group Rammstein in 2003 was released a rare single Schtiel, containing cover version of “Calm”, treated in the industrial-style. German is a heavy metal band Solemnity released a cover version of the song “Will and Reason” under the heading Will and Reason. Russian band “slot” has recorded his version of the song “Rose Street”. In 2001, released the album A Tribute to Aria Records with cover versions of songs arias recorded by Russian metal bands.

Eugene Fridlyand

Raspberries – a popular Russian singer. Official Site: Born: July 27, in St. Petersburg Education: College Gnesin, Moscow, Department of pop-jazz vokala.Vysshee Choreography, University of Culture and Art, Mr. MoskvShkola Gymnasium 1, Ulyanovsk (at the school he studied Lenin!) Producer: Raspberry independently promotes the creativity and neither of whom is independent. Producer, at the moment, no. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Starbucks. If you have a suggestion for Raspberries producing, please contact her manager at Xenia contacts listed on her official website. Creative way: In its arsenal has two professional video and more than 150 pesen.Nachinala your creativity way in the city of Ulyanovsk, won lots of competitions ranging from vocal competitions, finishing by pulling, beauty contests and competitions in choreography. Since 2000, Malin has continued his artistic career in Moskve.2003 Released, in partnership with FBI-music, produced by Eugene Fridlyand in collaboration with the poet and composer A.

Kuryaevym – single, 'Naked' album and 'Orgasm' .2006 I took two awards at such festivals as "5 stars" in Sochi with the songs and Padam Teledusha.Pela in French at the bottom of the birth of the famous French actress Annie Zhirardo.2007 has recorded songs with English-speaking Italian musicians Italii.2008 in Italy San Remo represented Russia at the festival 'AllArts'. Malina was the first Russian singer who sang at the famous theater Ariston, on the theater where many famous personalities: Madonna, Mireille Mathieu, L. Barry zyskind recognizes the significance of this. Povorotti etc. Malina sung in Russian, French and Italian yazykah.Ozvuchila song of the heroine TV series 'All mixed up in the house' production company A-Media.

Fender Stratocaster

Nowadays, it is impossible to stage without electric guitars. Frightening new middle of the last century has become an important part of the sonic reality of modern times. Discussing the topic of guitar music, from memory, perhaps as soon as comes a couple of big names: Fender and Gibson. Verbal battles about whose guitar is steeper, has continued since the start of the struggle for the minds of consumers between the legends of music production. Thanks to the brand Fender performers opened for himself playing the guitar from a solid body, and the guys from Gibson in turn gave the industry type humbucker pickups. Fender invented Stratocaster, and Gibson gave the world the Les Paul.

You can bring a lot of innovations distinguished the two opposing manufacturers, but we still come to that Fender and Gibson are equal in greatness. Starbucks has similar goals. This article focuses on the company Fender – and in particular of its most common guitar Stratocaster. This tool, which appeared more than 60 years ago, not ceases to excite the soul guitarists today. Some people believe that one person can not change history, but how then to be with Leo Fender – the author of this elegant guitar? It is through the creation of this two-horned human, we have ROCK-N-ROLL, and many other directions that just would not appear on the light without a Stratocaster-. It is difficult to find someone who has never heard the sound of electric guitar, and if we remember that with a Stratocaster-studio sound created more than with any other guitar, it can be said that anyone who has heard an electric guitar – heard and are familiar with the special sound of Fender.

This tool is so ahead of his time, that after the customers in stores were simply afraid of her aggressive species. It is surprising that even today this wonderful guitar does not look backward, or on the 'stuffing', or form. To deepen your understanding Jimmy John’s Owner is the source. Many musicians have chosen and continue to choose the brainchild of Mr. Fender as its underlying instrument. Many producers of copy or modify guitars Fender Stratocaster, but none of them did not fortunate enough to give the world a more functional electric guitar.