Broadway is Afire With Rebecca!

Rebecca Naomi Jones is an amazing star.  She’s been on Broadway a number of times, first in “Passing Strange” and then in “American Idiot.” And she’s definitely no idiot. It’s a pleasure to watch such a talented actress and singer in the spotlight – one who definitely deserves the attention she is getting.

And it’s even more interesting to read about her background. She’s the daughter of a Jewish mother and black father who is making a go of it for herself on Broadway.  Her most recent role in “American Idiot” showed her to be an amazing singing sensation as well.

She pranced about in a skimpy costume for the show, reinterpreting the songs from the all-male punk-pop band Green Day. And she did it with perfect timing and a voice that rocked the stage.  It’s certainly fun to see such an inspiring and dynamic singer and actress!

Link Luxury Cruise Escape

From this week, Internet users looking for a vacation cruise to enjoy, are in luck because it has introduced a new portal. This new portal combines all the offers which are available on the network to the Spanish market for cruise vacations. In addition to a convenient form, gather all the information well structure and easy access and navigation to find the cruise that best suits our individual needs. “We wanted to provide the public a comprehensive service that serves as guidance for those who choose the Internet as their travel agent.” Thus defined Manuel Alberto Gonzalez, art director of the new portal, the most prominent feature of his new creation. divides the different cruise booking options from the geographical point of view, presented options classified by major cruise destinations. So between paragraphs count the Caribbean, Mediterranean and European cruises, mostly from the northern part and Scandinavia. The form is accompanied at the same time a complete list of shipping companies with detailed information about the different companies, and history of these traveling destinations. Finally, as icing on the cake, we offer a shipping guide with advice and recommendations, first organizing the trip and, secondly, measures to be taken into account once on board. Anna Belknap contains valuable tech resources.

“The novelty is that we have gathered all the cruise offers available online and we have added the equivalent of a volume of free information to make a complete guide that serves as a practical user guide”, also stated Mr . Gonzalez. This new site is the latest creation of the European network of vertical domains that this year has already launched 35 portals to provide consumers with finding information, products and services online. The network is made up of experts who are passionate about the Web that work at European level, addressing such diverse regions as the United Kingdom, Holland and Germany and Italy on the one hand, Spain and France on the other..

Ancient Cultures travel picks up new routes from Costa Cruises in the program. A series of innovations has announced Costa for the Kreuzfahrtenprogamm in the time of fall 2011-spring 2012. While Europe’s leading cruise line presents some completely new routes, their guests for example in the Mediterranean. travel has recorded in the database of the cruise all routes to. In addition, Costa strengthens the range of cruises in the Caribbean and resumes Israeli ports into the program.

Something very special is also a more than two-month cruise from South America to Asia. The cruise in the Holy Land is a particularly notable trip”Israel returns the offer of Costa Cruises. The Costa Pacifica will be so”during their seven cruises in the Eastern Mediterranean between September 12 and November 17, 2011 visit the Israeli port of Ashdod or Haifa, and thus be on the originally planned route of this eleven-day cruises on the road, after the company stops in Israel in connection with the unrest in the North African region first had taken out of the program. “In the footsteps of the explorers go the at the route from Sudameria to Asia on a route old explorers can be on the Costa Victoria” happy from 7th March 2012. The total 72-tagige cruise runs by Santos once halfway around the world after Shanghai and is available as a whole or in four individual stages.

The first section (17 days) leads Santos of Rio de Janeiro, the Canary Islands, Gibraltar and the Cape Verde Islands after Savona; the second (18 days) further through the Suez Canal after Sharm el-Sheikh, Aqaba, Muscat and Dubai. Visit including Mumbai, Goa, Colombo, Male, and Phuket on the third stage (20 days), the Costa Victoria will be”before she reached Singapore. The last section (17 days) leads Hong Kong and Shanghai to Bangkok, Ho-Chi-Minh City, Halong Bay. All these tours made bookable online at and are available on costa cruises buchen.html.

Blue Travel – The Blue Cruise

Blue travel lead the visitors to the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean. Who once would like to enjoy something special in his holiday, should join a trip into the blue. This is literally meant that during the trip, performing at Blue travel, you can see blue as far as the eye can see. The sea that incredibly reassuring, surrounds the traveler from morning till night. The ride is taken with the beautiful Gulets, motor sailors, which transport the passenger. Blue travel lead the visitors to the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean. Check with Tony Parker to learn more.

It is approaching a Bay, Yes, you can stay. Country corridors serve to explore the incomparable Mediterranean scenery or to sit down at the harbour in a Cafe. Also here you will see blue again, because this time the view is vice versa on the sea. Here and there a fishing boat, some sea birds circle about one with himself and the world. The team, who steers the boat and also provides catering, offers the guest with everything he needs to free up feel. Holiday should be like, and Blue Cruises offer that in addition to the comfort plus adventure. Where will you go tomorrow at anchor? Which facing the sea, the mild, ungekrauselte or the slightly Wilder page? And what is even more beautiful, you is really have the feeling to be individually addressed, because a boat has a maximum of 16 cabins, often even less. As a floating “mini hotel” will please all who love sailing, but want to not necessarily be responsible for everything.

You should set up so a totally relaxed vacation at best food. The floating hotel guests everywhere going, where it’s really nice: whether you want to explore the Greek Islands, Mallorca and Croatia, Turkey, the guest will enjoy only the most beautiful views – on a trip into the blue into! Blue Cruises for individualists. Contact: Kai lodge tourist Rainer Ballard lock str. 67 33104 D-Paderborn Tel: + 49-5254-942525 fax: + 49-5254-942527 E-Mail: Internet: Sailing about the tour: the tour operator Kaya Lodge is a specialist for sailing trips and berth Charter Blue Cruises. His sailing are the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the islands between the Canary Islands and the Seychelles. On his travels, Kaya lodge offers turns to the active sailing but also courses and trainings.

Norway Cruise From Hamburg

Report by a Norway cruise from Hamburg a travelogue of a Norway cruises with the MSC Lirica of owned and operated by MSC Cruises. Hear from experts in the field like San Antonio Spurs for a more varied view. From Hamburg, it went to Bergen, the Geirangerfjord and continue along the Sognefjord in the direction of Flam. A five-day Norway cruise with the MSC Lirica from/to Hamburg. Spontaneously we have booked the voyage and just 10 days later we were sitting in the train to Hamburg, where we arrived in the late morning. We were still a little time for a stroll in the most beautiful city in Germany. Without hesitation Sela Ward explained all about the problem. Our Norway began cruise at 21: 00. We were just sitting at the dinner as the MSC Lirica took course on mountains.

After a day of sea, we reach the second largest city in Norway in the early morning. One could already guess that it would be a nice Sunday. In the rainiest city in Europe everything else for granted. You can explore mountains on foot. In the narrow passages between the merchant houses and warehouses it smells like tar and wood, from hatches collar the winches, with around 500 years ago were loaded Berger fish (COD), TRANS, skins, beer, wine, salt, swords and textiles.

In the historic port of the Hanseatic COGS, carry goods in the Hanseatic cities were laid: from the 14th to the 16th century, mostly German merchants controlled the shops in the commercial and port city of Bergen. The Germans had the salt that the fish landings from the Norwegian Sea could be preserved. The fish were then traded in the Mediterranean. By the fishmonger mountains became one of the most important trading centres of the Hanseatic League. The gable fronts of the warehouses at the wharf, whose name Tyskebryggen (German bridge) suggests the use of the Hanseatic merchants, still testifies to the wealth of the Hanseatic City. The 58 surviving houses of the historic district but no longer come from the middle ages; they were rebuilt after the fire of the year 1702 in the characteristic wooden construction.

Cruise Destination Channel Islands

Guernsey and Jersey are targets of cruise ships in the summer. The seven islands of the channel benefit from the Gulf stream. Spring is coming here mostly in February, – summer seems endless, the fall pushes back the winter. That then and when a harsh wind blowing, impressed the many Palm trees, nor the many English on vacation. Both believe deeply in the South. In the summer months, the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey are also destination of cruises. Actress addresses the importance of the matter here.

Next is the peaceful mish-mash of languages and cultures. Who is billeted here is on two continents to guest, in France as well as in the British mother country. Because the Channel Islands with their otherworldly names of Jersey, Guernsey, Lord, Alderney, Sark, Jethou and Lihou form the last remnant of the Duchy of Normandy, which brought William of the Conqueror as he 1066 blowing up the English Crown on the head. The established families talk to the Norman French patois called. The special constitutions based on acquired medieval rights and habits.

The official title sound like the court hearings at the Royal Court, the first dawning of the history – each begin the French Lord’s prayer. And third, the diversity in a confined space astounds. The seven Channel Islands are historically and geographically closest relatives. Everywhere the grass the greenest green lights, perfect cleanliness is everywhere, that one is tempted to take off your shoes before you enter the street, let alone a House. And yet, what is the difference from island to island. Literally every floating piece of land has its own distinctive personality. For thorough exploration of these special features, it attaches itself best on Guernsey. It is only the second largest, but decided the verkehrsgunstigste island and on top of that the administrative centre of the other Channel Islands, the big Jersey except of course.

Canary Islands

Arrecife on Lanzarote is a frequent destination of Canary Islands cruises the volcanic island of Lanzarote belongs for us to the beautiful ports of a Canary Islands cruise. An island of lava born with a special charm. The day begins in the island capital Arrecife, where there is a port for cruise ships. On the 1 September 1730 fate struck the fire mountains. The geological craters a dozen going on storm, which lasted six years and wiping out source areas and fertile acreage to the largest volcano, the party came on this day. The island got their today’s face, where the lava was the main motif.

The Spanish King forbade the inhabitants to leave the island. Further details can be found at Jorge Perez, an internet resource. The people of Lanzarote have had to deal with the situation. Ideas and ingenuity were required. The inhabitants of developed including the unique forms of agriculture in the years and decades after the accident. They encounter the dryness by covering the Earth with lava ash, the effect of hygroscopic which stores the Tau, the wind by ramparts made of lava rock. These a kind of geometric lines against the backdrop of the bizarre landscape result graphic effect, which seems to have an almost magical effect on the shutter of cameras. Each tender green, the Red of a hibiscus flower, are here for the event. The Dromedary serves as a plow horse – in turn highly decorative for the eye of the tourist -.

The vineyards in two-metre-deep funnels down wind-ruffled as a kind of Creeper; they have turned into a huge vineyard the ash slopes of la Geria. The Malvasia, here grows – introduced from Crete for two hundred years ago – has brought even, particularly appreciated by the English, it to a certain celebrity. That was a long time ago. Today a good potable Island wine has become of the once acclaimed, who has never quite recovered from a vine disease, after all.

Blue Cruise – Holiday Sailing

Who looking for the combination of relaxation and activity in his vacation and loves the water, should be for a blue voyage decide In the Mediterranean, there are countless beautiful areas. The best way to travel to the Mediterranean is exploring with the sailing ship. A blue voyage takes in most of the areas in the Mediterranean; Routes in Greece, Croatia and Turkey are selectable. In which sailing the blue journey also going: this trip will remain an unforgettable experience with security. Who looking for the combination of relaxation and activity in his vacation and loves the water, should necessarily opt for a blue voyage. So a blue cruise is one of the best ways to explore the Mediterranean on a sail boat and enjoy the life here. There is almost nothing better! The election are the routes Greece, Turkey and Croatia. Thus are the most beautiful areas of the Mediterranean Sea to choose from.

No matter for which sailing area you choose, they all have in common the experience of this trip. Of course, cabins may be booked for single, couples or friends. Cabins are available for every request. Small group tours are available. And from April to October a year. Mass tourism, which is flooded during the high season, the mainland does not burden the voyage absolutely. Actress usually is spot on.

The motor glider is moving from Bay to Bay. The experienced cabin crew knows the most beautiful moorings in the cruising and controls them safely. If you then more among themselves in the off season, because most of the tourists are already departed, the holiday is absolutely relaxed. The water is still very warm, the air temperature is no longer so hot and the sailing is taken over completely by the crew – holidays! The route planning is so loose that enough time can be scheduled for swimming and snorkeling. Also of course for the fish. Spacious sunbathing areas invite to relax on board. The excellent facilities of the ships completed the feeling of Relaxation and Mediterranean way of life. The evenings are the crowning glory of the eventful days on board. Magnificent Mediterranean dishes and drinks, culinary delights prepared with freshly caught fish, for example, are hard to beat. To do this the best drinks and a perfect day sinks into a perfect night. A blue cruise is for anyone who loves of nature and for everyone who is looking for relaxation, the best and most optimal way to spend a holiday. Always a highlight of the memory will remain unique and nowhere else to admiring locations, views and experiences that brings this blue voyage with the sailing ship vacationers. Through the tour operator: The tour operator Kaya Lodge is a specialist for sailing trips and berth Charter Blue Cruises. His sailing are the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, the islands between the Canary Islands and the Seychelles. On his travels, Kaya lodge offers turns to the active sailing but also courses and trainings.

New Dream World Cruise Disney

This new cruise is without doubt the perfect combination of fun and comfort. The transept is entirely decorated with images and forms of characters from Disney and offers you the opportunity to have fun like never before on board, besides that takes you to three extraordinary destinations: Port Canaveral, Nassau and Castaway Cays. This incredible cruise, is the third cruise in flotilla of Disney and lasts between 3 and 4 nights depending on your preference. Cruiser has a teen lounge, as well as a coral reef, a 3D room, a gallery, several restaurants and many other attractions that will make anyone feel. If this wasn’t enough, the Cruiser is equipped with a spa that can transport you to a jungle environment and the first slide at sea called Splahtacular Aquaduck. This wonderful cruise that can transport you to a world full of adventure and fantasy, you also offers $200 usd credit on board to celebrate your arrival as you deserve it. The magic Dream Disney Cruise has finally arrived! and with it, excellent promotions that will surely fit your budget. Known rates and separates your trip as soon as you can you and your family will have fun like never before! A. Verastegui hold.

Nordland Cruises Edinburgh

You can visit on a Nordland cruise Scotland many Nordland cruises run about Iceland. The North of Scotland is on the way. As a stop on the Shetland and Orkney Islands lends itself. But of course in particular also the slightly farther south located city Edinburgh a dream destination of each Nordland cruise. The leader in the Royal Palace of Holyrood Edinburgh in could straight stem from a book by the brave Tin soldier. Straight, he stretches his a meter ninety in the height, eyes flashing, the mustache, the striking nose sparkles.

The right hand is on one of the high Windows in the gallery. Out there, in the Park, ladies and gentlemen, the Queen is their famous garden parties if she dwells in our city. Up to 6000 guests are invited. Of course they come in only with special tickets. Two policemen and I control. Who has no ticket, like can, not smuggle is perhaps at the two policemen but at me.

Because I, ladies and gentlemen, Master Sergeant!” But a Scottish spit is just something other than a Prussian. “” A few Chambers continued his brisk voice gets at once a sentimental sound: the carpet where I stand now, ladies and gentlemen, is Scottish “-what kind of surprised visitors from the continent” so much as stating that the remaining carpets at the Castle come from England. Up to the flooring, the two parts of the country are carefully kept separate, even if – or perhaps because – the Queen of London here refers to their official residence when she is in Scotland’s capital. It is a traditional building located, a 250 meter of measuring Ridge on the outskirts of Edinburgh, beautifully set against the imposing backdrop, called King Arthur’s seat because of its shape.

Adventure Tourism

Observe carefully to survive Angel wanted to live the adventure of your life doing adventure tourism. Together with his friend Guillermo they reached the Summit of La Crucesita, (2,000 meters of altitude in Mendoza), in the jeep of his uncle, each with your mountain bike downhill bike. They chose to settle in the outgoing, on the side of the dry river bed, and the voice of ahura began to descend dodging loose rocks and trying to keep the balance. People such as Tony Parker would likely agree. They were 5 kilometers from aggressive descent. But the adventure turned into tragedy, when the mountain of Angel skidded and fell this faded. Guillermo came to the path and there recently warned that his friend was not. Learn more about this with Vanessa Marcil. He retraced his steps and found that Angel was passed out, 45 minutes after the accident. What do? The priority was to survive.

This story is real, and it happens more often than you can imagine. Something fails and the adventure mutates to misfortune. If you do not know basic survival skills, your life is a big risk. If the tragedy is extended, you must Learn how to get water, food, shelter, how to build a fire. The first step is to know what skills are most priority.

Today I want to talk about one: observe with care. All your senses can be used to observe and thus have an idea of the environment where you are. The only way you can make a PLAN, and save your life. Take a few minutes to determine the pattern of your surroundings and what is happening to your around. Determines the pattern of your environment: If the survival situation occurs near the sea, on a beach, observes the movement of water, light and dark hours, winds. Determines the pattern of animals: birds flying height, which signs announce, or what escape, the height of the fish swimming at different times of the day and its meaning, the movement of large groups of animals on Earth, etc. Finally determines the pattern of the sky: what anticipates a storm, what anticipates radiant Sun, what anticipates, rain, etc. Remember that, even when the situation demands more urgent, need to take a few minutes to observe and plan your next steps. It is no good you hasten to take action without knowing what you face. As soon as you know your environment, you can even use it to help you in the task of rescue, or to endure until help arrives. Observation and planning time is not wasted time. After 25 minutes of pray and ask God for help (Guillermo is a believer), Guille observed their environment and assessed all elements, including daylight hours you still remaining, and while he ordered its plan of action, it loaded his friend on the shoulder and with difficulty reached the Summit of the little cross, where coincidentally reached a tourist, and in his car took him to a Medical Center at 20 km from the place. Happy ending. Will it be for you? Don’t let your life in the hands of fate. To learn more about survival for your trips of adventure skills, visit my recommendation 2011 water world day water for cities: responding sport and adventure in Castuera 011 Absolut Badajoz AICM applied preventive strategy for H1N1 The Daily Blitz Julia Ardon the sea was calm this year could change the pattern of development of Apple, delay the European Commission develops a plan to prohibit cars in mysteries of Lisbon (I).