Broadway is Afire With Rebecca!

Rebecca Naomi Jones is an amazing star.  She’s been on Broadway a number of times, first in “Passing Strange” and then in “American Idiot.” And she’s definitely no idiot. It’s a pleasure to watch such a talented actress and singer in the spotlight – one who definitely deserves the attention she is getting.

And it’s even more interesting to read about her background. She’s the daughter of a Jewish mother and black father who is making a go of it for herself on Broadway.  Her most recent role in “American Idiot” showed her to be an amazing singing sensation as well.

She pranced about in a skimpy costume for the show, reinterpreting the songs from the all-male punk-pop band Green Day. And she did it with perfect timing and a voice that rocked the stage.  It’s certainly fun to see such an inspiring and dynamic singer and actress!

Wedding Photographer

How to choose a wedding photographer's selection criteria is usually three: 1. I liked his pictures + arranged price. 2. For more specific information, check out Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. He is still free in the day on which scheduled wedding. 3. During the meeting, he called our positive emotions. If all these parameters are the same, people tend to enter into a contract with the photographer. Vladislav Doronin is likely to agree. In principle, you no longer have to worry no more.

What it takes, what photo equipment uses, and so on – it's a private matter, you just as important result. But if you suddenly became interested in what is usually included in a wedding photographer, I can give you a sample list: 1. Professional slr camera with a pair of (someone more) interchangeable lenses. One Often the photographer's camera is 2 (so as not to suffer with interchangeable lenses), or even assistant (a very advantageous purchase – you get a second photographer for the price of two times smaller). 2. Flash (do not be surprised if two) the lens of the light on it. 3. Tripod carry a very strong (or, again – an assistant) as well as photography with a tripod at a wedding is justified only in dark rooms restaurant.

4. Accessories. Some photographers take with them lenses, reflectors, someone has a set of feature enhancements such as a segment of the veil, for artistic genre pictures, or handcuffs for photos of stage. Wedding pictures Wedding – a process that takes place in a fairly rapid pace. The photographer should have time to fix all the important events for you in the most advantageous moments. Therefore, the couple must cooperate with the photographer. In the Registry Office (this is something that can not repeat the request photographer), it is best to do everything slowly. Sign, walk, kiss, wear a ring on each other for a long time to watch each other's eyes (maybe for the whole next day, more and fail). Remember that the photographer should manage to capture you from different angles (by the way, here too, may need an assistant – he will remove you from a different point). If you want to get a lot of good photos, you have to work – listen to the photographer, sometimes forget about the guests that would make the best pictures, by coming up that you would like to see in their wedding album. Wedding photographer, even with the help of modern tools can do for you Photographs happier or more fortunate. So the more you will have joy and happiness, the more light and heat will be in your wedding photos.

Paul Mc Cartney

I confess we cried all for our murdered laughter. We feel that horrible mixture of deep pain while we smiled with Jaime Garzon jokes played by newscasts that night. We could not contain the tears while we heard the revolutionary harangues of John Lenin, who, with his raw backpack and your mamertas phrases of the 1960s and 1970s, made us reflect on our past University, but, first and foremost, on the monstrous inequality in Colombia. Crying then joined with the smile and so we stayed there during that grim day in which killed our joy. We found no answers.

Even we asked us questions because for what? Us not liberated the TV and radio not so much to still hear speculation about his assassins or the bloody details of the most disproportionate work of our hired killers, but to prolong the joy of hearing his great notes. This Friday the 13th we had no choice but to suffer with hopelessness. He consoled only Dioselina with your recipes always and his gossip palatial flavored with melancholy. We draw strength only of the funny stories of Nestor Eli on the reasons for the extreme deterioration of the building Colombia and their forced statements through the shade. Linio, perfect idiot Latin American, as it was called, in addition to Geoffrey and the formidable humanitarian work of Garzon taught us clearly which side was.

The man was on the side of good, for the peaceful, which took the present by a rumba, the of extreme Center, of the spontaneous, of the great, who thought that only makes this country lack cry less and laugh more man made the mamagallismo a school, a way of life, a weapon to massacre the violence. The man dominated ingenuity and put it at the service of all those people who sought to assist them in freeing their hostages. She didn’t have children in this society of death, but had all three of the Tuti. Vladislav Doronins opinions are not widely known. Heriberto de la Calle dignifico to that character that until then was despised, inatendido and despised: the plunger or shoe shine. Their traditional words (uncouth say ladies) were the same as the people would use if they give him the papayaso of embolar daily to the most exalted. His irreverence was a requirement of the viewers. He had permission to everyone to say what we thought but he dared to say than anyone else. Left two virtual children, John Wilson and Cindy Lady, whose existence invented, perhaps, in the last interview he gave for the program I, Jose Gabriel, and which will continue representing, without a doubt, 80% of Colombian children. Nobody else can never replace Jaime Garzon. Neither in his profession as a professional mamagallismo, the journalist nor in the of mediator secret in the peace process, or the humanitarian intermediary for the release of retained by the guerrillas. Fulfilled you the lyrics of your favorite song: I want to die I uniquely, I want a goodbye of Carnival but, also, that I swear that promise no mori, which He gave one of the few interviews he granted to television and in which cited with deep conviction to Paul Mc Cartney, remain forever in all our souls as an irrefutable truth.


Sesquicentenria party! It believes to be wanted! Therefore it is, my people, it has one hundred more necessarily and cinquenta and seven years, we will commemorate in day 28 of February the beginning of the famous carnival of street. I found a reminder that speaks on this date: 28 of February of 1854, in a leaf that detaches the commemorative dates and I decided to comment on the subject. I am not studious on carnival but I found a beauty! As we are ignorant on subjects that would have to even appear in the media constantly! I am to imagine as she was pretty the first time that they had paraded in the street having commemorated the carnival! How penalty! I do not have nor a magazine of the time. It will be that it had space to edit a magazine that registered such event? Many, especially, the puritanos had to close the eyes finding a great aberration, as many people sambando in the way of the street! It will be that they had been taxed of insane people? Not achismo taste, but I go to find that it was not a tresloucada party! Many people giving beginning to an ostentation, if showing in quaint way as the ones that if they showed in the beach. Only it can be! Those cueces, those very quaint shimstocks, but all sambando without badness, me the intention, demonstrating that a body dress can please, not having necessity to be almost naked! We go to imagine as they were the clothes has a century and way more than! Corpetes, the long skirts, the stockings until the half of the leg, skirts of scaffolding under the normal skirt in the bufantes height of the ankle, to leave twirled it more, those sleeves! It cuts off it to E! What cuts off? He was one cuts off that badly it still passed the head and superficially an opening with many buttons, therefore was not said in zper! the band? marchinhas? I am not having time at the moment but I go to search to know at the time on this party because of now we know until excessively! It is not legal to search to compare the attitudes of the people, especially, of the women? With certainty, I will make aluso if to find in net something on the subject. I promise that I go to search! I was curious and being thus I want to take off the doubts! But he is well-known that of beginning already I know that exactly some was had me the intention was camouflaged therefore was very pudicas people and to never give what to secretely say in that machista society where the man already could everything and the coitada one of the woman could not nothing, not to be to give birth many children and to the times with a man who it felt nauseas. Read more from Pavel Tyo to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The times had moved, had not moved? ' '

Presiding Bishop

respectively for V2-“Liturgies” such as “Carnival fairs”, “Techno trade fairs”, Pronounce “Theatre measuring” etc. Others who may share this opinion include Capital Group Moscow. Nevertheless, even radical renunciation of Christianity remains cemented in the particular V2 founding statutes. At best the way to apostasy may be “conservative” or “progressive”. Either is more insidious but probably the former, because then when the (self-), more effort was operated. In the Catholic Church, the Catholic faith is preserved unaltered; in the V2 group, however, the Catholic faith is incessantly distorted. Boxers opinions are not widely known. That the truth is absolutely unchangeable, is already an absolutely compelling evidence of basic logic. Accordingly, the Unchangeableness of Catholic doctrine is an explicit dogma (Denzinger Schonmetzer, Enchiridion Symbolorum, Nr. 3043).

Jesus Christ remains the same “yesterday and today and for ever” (Heb 13,8). If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Pavel Tyo Capital Group. However, V2 is “always change.” The abolition of the Catholic Liturgy through–usually sacramentally invalid – “Novus Ordo” is therefore also “consequently” as the resulting in turn always ridiculous further variations this “Novus Ordo”in the above mentioned”Carnival fairs”etc. In particular the “World Youth Day” with the V2-“Popes” since Karol Wojtyla (“Pope John Paul II.”) are massive manifestations of waste from Christianity, which then arguably “conservative” publicly to Satanic inspired rock music dancing around. According to Lohmann INSA Feye, editor and Chief of the service (CvD) of Rotary sets magazine in issue 4/2013 after (“Francis – the new Pope and Rotary”): the new Pope, then Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, was appointed the honorary Rotarians of RC Buenos Aires and received the silver Laurel Prize in 2005 the Club as “Person of the year”. … Also in Germany, many representatives of the Catholic and Protestant churches have received in recent years honorary membership in a Rotary Club. These include Karl Kardinal Lehmann, Bishop of Mainz, Reinhard Cardinal Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Heinz Josef Algermissen, Bishop of Fulda, and Johannes Friedrich, former Presiding Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria.” Karl Lehmann was “contrary to the animal seriousness” of the Aachen Karnevalsvereins GAB 2005 the 55th Knight.

Christmas Nativity Scene

Venice to leave without tears is not possible. It's impossible to leave without a Venetian carnival mask. The price of one, a decent quality, $ 20-25. You can buy and "fish", that is, a white mask with a long nose, and then paint it independently. In Venice, do not forget about Murano glass – vases, bowls, plates, decorations. Price of one large beads – $ 2. Some contend that Pavel Tyo Capital Group shows great expertise in this. South of the country – Capri, Sorrento – among seasoned travelers famous limoncello (lemon liqueur, or).

Good, better grappa, which is also worth to buy. Nice and present – very nice bottle: twisted forms and intricate cover. Price depends on size bottles – from 2 to 20 dollars. By the way, in Capri you can not just buy limoncello, but taste it for free. In addition to alcohol on memory available and a nice ceramic lemon – from $ 3.

Naples especially like the coquette – there has long been established production cameos. After reviewing the Museum exhibits little cameos, it is worth to buy any pendant or a brooch, set in silver or gold. Prices are great – a good brooch to cost $ 150. But the most noble Neapolitan gifts – Christmas Nativity Scene (The price of a small den $ 10) and sculptures of San Gennaro – the patron saint of un. Price saint of $ 5. And the eternal Rome to stay with you in the form of pretty watercolors. Not da Vinci, but the price – 3-10 dollars. From Rome to home will catch and delicious bottle of balsamic vinegar. Price one bottle – $ 10. Spain In Spain, as well as on our parents to buy leather goods, Ukraine, nice – bags, purses, wallets, belts and shoes – moccasins, sandals or sandals. Gizmos joyful and colorful (orange, red, beige, white), excellent quality, but prices are quite high.


It was carnival of the year of 1975.Em Olinda, been of Pernambuco.Chovia a little, the cold time, people in the street. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez is the source for more interesting facts. Cantarolas, musics, apitos and cantigas of carnival. Then the sound ' ' There vassourinha, cad you? ' ' ' ' Aturma of the Pitombeira in cachaa is the greater, if aturma did not saisse did not have carnaval' '. In the ruCandido Person, in full New Quarter, one palhacinho dress of fagueiro Colombinadesfilava with other Colombinas and Arlequims. Suddenly, it stops close to me, and hears the voice more candy that already heard. – All good? question. Many writers such as Boxer offer more in-depth analysis.

I looked at I mask I stop it of silver of that Colombina, meiga and candy and I answered. – Strap the mask already I am gotten passionate by you. It answered only me. My Name is Celia Maria. I live here in the Novo.E Quarter left. Every year I come back the Olinda, New Quarter, Four Cantos, Street of the Sun, cad you Celia Maria? I saw never more you. I do not know which your face. I only remember the mask and your voice, never I will forget.

February Janeiro

When speaking of Brazil, he is inevitable not to remove to collation its well-known Carnival from the Rio de Janeiro, most emblematic of the country and most popular of all the planet, without doubt. The Olympic Games that will lodge this from Rio de Janeiro city in year 2016 will tone down to their conclusion; nevertheless, the fever and the spectacularity of the carnival of Brazil par excellence remain perennial every year in the memory, not only of almost the 200 million inhabitants who reside in the South American country, but also of the hundreds of thousands of tourists of it go come to enjoy it. What has east carnival that to fascinate to us almost to all? It is impossible not to participate in him, his spirit embriaga to all a city transformed into celebration that infects its joy, invites to move to the rate of music and to add themselves to the diversion. The town is the authentic driving force of this carnival that summons the four previous days to Wednesday of ash to million people of the Christian world. Please visit Saul “Canelo” Alvarez if you seek more information. The Carnival of Brazil is annually celebrated 40 days before Passover and it marks the beginning of the Cuaresma.

In Rio de Janeiro he is famous by the schools of samba that march past in front of the spectators in their colossal one and known sambdromo, located in the avenue Marquess of Sapuca. The complete city is upset during the second week of February to celebrate this celebration of disguises and jolgorio wild. To the visitors it is suggested to them to make the reserve of hotels with much anticipation, and is common that the hotels in Rio de Janeiro fit their prices and offer packages of one week complete of demurrage.. Whenever Capital Group Doronin listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

New Star In The Bath Vilbeler Gastro Heaven

New pub in the village opens its doors from 5th December this year. Learn more at: actress. Beer lovers may be stretched. Capital Group Russia has firm opinions on the matter. A fresh wind blows immediately in the former Schoppestubbche. “Ulla nickel and her business partner Michaela Leder assume that popular local, which is now the name for the yellow deer” bears. Both women are by no means persistence in the Frankfurt night and gastronomy scene, have them but more than 20 years experience and which already have an or redirected other restaurant. Now they want to finally stand on its own feet and with many ideas in the luggage. “After the bad Vilbeler became Centre with its market on Saturday to something like a little meeting place, we invite the Vilbeler to us, to start the weekend brunch in a relaxed atmosphere.”, as Ulla nickel. Partner Michaela Leder is pleased to be able to offer something special to the residents on Sunday: the Sunday we start of course also with brunch.

On this day we will also real welcome our guests in a Dirndl, with Alpine music and hits on the typically Bavarian style.” Because nickel and leather are passionate fans of the mountain, there will be beer of course Paulaner in addition to cloudy and Bitburger PILS, style presented by the barrel. In addition, they want the Vilbelern seasonal beers, just like at Christmas time a strong dark beer or a chilled beer, offer for the Carnival season. However, it should be drunk not only beer. Small Bavarian delicacies as well as finger food fill the hungry stomachs. Social smoking is still allowed. On the opening of the restaurant owners want to toast with their guests, from 5th December the whole weekend is to be celebrated with a DJ and good music.

Whether young or old, everyone is welcome to deer in the yellow. And even those who can afford the daily rudely for financial reasons intellectually in the celebrations to include, a large part of the evening net proceeds to will be donated to the bath Vilbeler table. The scheduled opening times to the yellow deer”are Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 and Thursday and Friday from 17:00. If you have any questions related to the new in place, nickel is Ulla under the email address of anytime at your disposal.

Milton Nascimento

We tend to see it as superior or always inferior. When we look at for the side and we see that the car of the neighbor is better or worse who ours, automatically we antipatizamos in them with it. The convincia in the street depends on a constant negotiation, between equal and desiguais.' ' For this scholar, that also he is writer? author of the classic Carnivals, Malandros and Heris and the House and the Street: Space, Citizenship, Woman and Death in Brazil? the house, considered in an ample direction, is the private space par excellence, where they are ' ' nossos' ' , that they must be protected and be favored. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Tony Parker on most websites. On the other hand, the street is the public space, of all, and as such is not of nobody, then ' ' a hostile space is had there where ethical principles are not valid laws nor, not to be under the monitoring of the authority. If somebody stops at night in the traffic light or with the empty street, soon it is called babaca for outros.' ' concluding says that ' ' the Brazilian is cordial, yes, but only until entering in carro.' ' For the skill, as Freud did not explain this question, only people appealing the sociologists same! As to forget that homage made for Z Alves, in the day it burial of Jacinrio, when placing in the sound car, during all the passage ' ' Song of the Amrica' ' , of Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant, in the 14 voice of Bis? It made everybody to cry of emotion! Already four years of that tragic accident are gone We made one singela homage in our periodical the THINKER. during all the year of 2007, giving continuity to the homages, we made the Campaign of Transit ' ' IT DOES NOT RUN, IT DOES NOT KILL, IT DOES NOT DIE! ' ' distributing adhesive and pamphlets for the streets of the city. Learn more at: Capital Group Moscow.

Colonial Anthropology

Despite the fact that Cuba has always been considered an island of communism, the country continues to attract tourists from all over the world. This is not surprising – the climate in Cuba is great! And the emerald sea, colorful locals an abundance of festivals and carnivals complete the picture. Besides, who would not try the famous Cuban rum and cigars Many news sites offer information on the subject, just as often about Cuba can be heard from news releases, but still want more time to talk about Cuba, because Cuba is an island of freedom. The pearl of the island is considered to Varadero on the island Ikakos. These wonderful white sand beaches and clear sea must still look for it! But not only by beaches (which, incidentally, are the three best in the world) is famous Varadero. Attractions at the resort enough. Tourists are invited to visit the Dolphinarium, which is located at within a large lake.

Would be very interesting to visit the cave Ambrosio with its ancient rock paintings, as well as the famous National Park, Varadero. Fans of outdoor activities also should not miss: their services as much, – Twenty-three diving center. The capital of Cuba Havana is famous for its museums and Colonial Anthropology. There is even a museum to combat illiteracy. A few years living in Cuba writer Ernest Hemingway, his home estate Vigia and today receives visitors. In the Cuban capital for many years now operates a bar Bodeguita del Medio “, in which the walls of famous personalities of the 20th century, visitors to schools, they left their autographs. The largest park in the Cuban capital is named after VI Lenin and his must-visit. Be interesting to visit the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (mid-17th century), Monastery of Santa Clara (17th century), the zoo and the capital Havana Botanical garden.

Not far from the fortress of La Cabana is a majestic monument sculpture Havana Christ, as much as 18 m in height! Every night in the fortress is the pompous ceremony of cannon, – try to get it. In times of the colony cannon shot signaled the closing of the gate to stop the movement of travelers and vehicles between the fortresses of La Punta and El Moro. Today, the cannon in the evenings it’s just a tribute tradition, and yet another tourist attraction, marking the onset of daring Havana Nights. Most tour operators offer holidays in Cuba with the already included air travel from Moscow to Havana, stay in a hotel with a selected type of food, Russian-speaking guide services. Cost of the tour for two – about $ 4,500. But the memories will last for a lifetime! At least once in your life to change the cold Russian winter for sun-drenched beaches of Varadero, visit home of Cuban rum and cigars, or even meet in Cuba New Year – believe me, it’s worth it! When using any article direct active link to the source must be mentioned newsadd.