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The Amazonian

The other next chestnut trees had agreed to the idea and had asked to the old friend: Lady of the trees, what we will make to control the ambition of these intruders being knocked down all the chestnut trees wanting to be rich? if does not worry, at the certain moment will appear an idea. Now they are alert. colonists knocked down the trees without mattering if they were wood to be industrialized or not. When they dried leves displayed fire destroying everything on the land alone sobravam leached ashes. At that time Rondnia it practically had security, the people lived as in the films of Faroestes, each one created its proper rule, walked armed in any place, killed the animals alone to have fun itself. The old immovable chestnut tree, with the roots cravadas in the ground, remained producing fruits with abundance feeding all that way passed.

The ambitious lumber already possua motion mountain ranges, trucks and carregadeiras etcs The poor chestnut trees trembled with terror when hearing the snore of the motion-mountain range and of the trucks in the forests, they only waited the moment to be knocked down and transformed into boards, palanques and houses. The old there immovable chestnut tree, heard a racket of human beings approaching, was worried. The man arrived well next at that enormous tree and said: Vejam! The biggest chestnut tree already seen in all the Amazonian forest, we go to rest a little in low of it and later we go to knock down it and to load the trucks for today. The chestnut tree hearing that soon thought about a form to stop with that destruction, whispering with the twigs the side of the colleagues next said: Children! The assassins of trees had arrived, go to prepare our fruits and when they to sleep, launch fruits on them. The other chestnut trees had heard its intently lady accepting the orders. When the men were sleeping a deep sleep to the chestnut trees had started to launch chestnuts on them. The terrified lumber were crawled, all hurt trying to run away from the chestnut shots, but little the lumber head advanced only saved itself being paralytic. This former, lumber one, a defender of the Amazonian forest became, counts to this history for all the people to its conviviality. Still he says that the chestnut tree exists ties today, nor a lumber obtains to come close itself wants of the place without being reached by fruits of chestnuts and onslaught of animals that if take refuge under of the shade of the old chestnut tree.

The Joy

River. why all suburban ones jumped in that point? Because the hard one was not to go, but it was to come back, tired, loaded of some surplus of the provisions, with the splintery coasts of the heat of that wonderful Sun, that it sly, did not leave itself to feel, because it wanted that suffered people, coexisted its Heat the possible maximum. a beautiful day I discovered. I discovered not. I started to feel something different and that it starts to justify that all more already did not interest me more. Not local it, but the things that made.

The Place, never it lost its importance, oh Copacabana loved of all and the world. In Copacabana it existed of everything, of that already I spoke, still more, cabarets, serious boites, others, not in such a way incredible that it seems, serious cinemas and others nor in such a way, famous theaters, hotels for the world it measures, espeluncas deplorable, many store, I pass through intense and enervante and as many things more, without being able to forget the celebrity and defamed Cheap Ribeiro-200, that of so badly famous, they had decided to give one is enough in that it made dirty world measures the prestige of the quarter. Solution: they had created a law where if that malignant address would implodiria and the Building, with much surprise and sadness of many, it started to be to call: Ribeiro cockroach, 196. in this wonderful Quarter, that could exist of, but of everything exactly and things that I did not tell here for esquecimento, could not only have Sadness, exactly because it did not have time and space for it. The Joy reigned. But, if somebody had time, in that one run-it runs, and of this one olhadinha for me, would see that I was very sad. But what he is one, or plus one, in that eager multitude for Copacabana, princesinha of the sea and its enchantments.