The Illumination

They had left the car with the maneuverer, who launched an appreciative look for figurinha esguia of Renata. It sketched a light smile. The elevator took them it the 37 played Eduardo. – It is the happiness, my love. It erases the fatigue, leaves the face without rugas, extends the skin, molds the expressions. She is not seeing? – I see, I see! I deserve the congratulations, for having chosen a so pretty young woman! – High there! You did not choose nobody! I was, that I chose you! – And you only say this to me now! – But he goes unaccustoming: our party goes to finish soon; we make thirty and two years the month that comes We are being old, Eduardo! What it will be of us? – Renata choramingou, continuing to play, while it asked for a little wine more than.

It felt it> will, Eduardo mimara very, in the last weeks. A light aperitif, a difficult cardpio to read, because of the illumination soft, and soon Eduardo invited it to dance. Two musics only, and had come back to the table, to initiate the supper. But the thoughts of Eduardo were not of a sossegada person, in peace with same it. In the second previous fair, Renata says, suddenly: – It knows, Eduardo: it would like to have a son! says with a smile candy so to it, with a so soft expression, as if it was waiting already it; without a doubt was ready for this. Eduardo trembles with this possibility, since that first moment. He is immovable, surprising the wife with an unexpected inertia, a reaction lack, indicating that it did not agree. It simply did not feel itself prepared. The subject was rank of side at that moment, but it would come back in the first favorable occasion.

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