Willie Nelson

Expensive, only has pretty girls in this place. How paradise! expensive, I need to smoke one established one. I go to arrive in that one of blue dress. It was Gergia.Jonas it caught the established one with Michel and it was in direction to the bathroom passing, propositadamente, for Gergia and leaning in the shoulder. It estremeceu. Simply inexplicable! It is certain that Jonas never was one face to settle many women, therefore was introverted excessively, although not to be ugly. He was high and blond, he had a privileged physicist per the 10 years of swimming.

In that height, in the height of its 19 years, he had trepado with only seven women, having been two former-namoradas and the remain prostitutes. A thing was certain, this cold in the stomach, that ran for the spine, it never had felt. It was locked in the bathroom and it lit the established one. The fedia bathroom already the piss. It remembered a road. The strategy was to smoke that established possible faster o. It was what it made, although that, when was chapado hardly to obtain> Puta excrement, and if smells is feeling it? if are all in the door waiting I to leave to give the instant to me? if.

It left the bathroom and it was in the refrigerator to catch more beers. It did not want to join itself with the two friends, only wanted to be there, taking beer and creating courage to arrive in Gergia. Almost one hour and after having seen it to give outside in the half of the faces of the enclosure, Jonas decided to arrive. What it could receive? Not? The life already gives several to it and it was there, fort. Ol, wants a beer? Legal this sound, n? . In vitrola it twirled a Willie Nelson, probably there of the primrdios, that little knew although to be adorador of folk North American. Gergia, without leaving of if rummaging badly and looking at, said to it dry: Not. Jonas turned over and was to the meeting of the friends. even so personal Vamos, I find that this party finished I need the telephone of it, some contact, I thought. Scheming the dawn all, he remembered to ask for the Aldo, if it had the contact of the girl. He bound immediately. Aldo, for perhaps, you have the telephone of that girl, the Gergia? . Is similar to eat it, n? But it forgets, the entire city wants, but I find that it is frgida or machorra exactly. All the friends already had given and of it notice is not had. The last one that I remember is that expensive one decided to spread lies on having bolinado it and it>

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